Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • walking_dude
    08-15 05:49 PM
    Created a poll here.

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  • smaram1
    08-15 11:55 AM
    Q6: What happens if an application is filed at the wrong Service Center?

    A6. Forms I-485 should be filed at either the Texas or Nebraska Service Centers. However, through August 17, 2007 only, employment-based adjustment applications filed at the California and Vermont Service Centers will not be rejected and will be relocated to the appropriate Service Center. Filing at the wrong location could result in processing delays.

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  • inetuser
    01-04 01:59 PM
    I applied for 485 under july-07 bulletin and received my AP and EAD though I have not used it yet.

    Now I got married and my wife is USC. I would like to apply for 485 based on marriage.

    So before applying for marriage based 485, do I need to revoke employment based 485 application or I can have two 485 applications (from two different categories) at the same time? Do I need to revoke AP and EAD also received from employment based?

    Also I assume that I need to maintain same A# (got from emploment based application) for marriage based 485 application also.

    If I don't need to revoke employment based AP and EAD, then can I use these while my family based 485 application is pending?

    I appreciate your help

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  • rpulipati
    11-02 09:18 PM
    It has to be receipt date FIFO, but can never say how USCIS will processes.

    With my experience from Backlog Elimination Center's, USCIS works using a pure random function that gets seeded randomly from congress.

    Please let me know if 140 processing times is based on receipt date or notice date?

    I'm a concurrent 140-485 filer, filed on July 2 2007. My notice date on I-140 says August 16, 2007, where as my friend who filed only140 on july 2 has Notice date of july 12. Does that mean his will be processed first?


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  • Sharnjit07
    07-14 05:38 PM
    I filed my I-485 and I-140 together in July 2007 using substitute labor (priority date) in Eb3 category.
    I have Master degree, so can I change my category from EB3 to EB2 and keep the same priority date?
    Thanks in advance and any help would be great.

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  • chidurala
    07-16 09:45 PM
    Hi all,

    my EAD card expires soon.
    I have no clue regarding its procedure to renewal it.
    plz kindly let me know the documents that i need to submit and how much does it cost??
    I dont have a drivers licence so what shd be my proof of address??

    Thank you in advance


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  • lazycis
    01-09 11:59 AM
    There is no special form to apply for AC21. It's a free form letter informing the USCIS that you would like to port your I-140 to a different employer.

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  • Robert Kumar
    02-01 08:19 AM


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  • Greatdesi
    08-11 01:40 PM
    Where to send the communication for AC21 to Texas Service Center? Has anybody used the email pilot?
    Also, it has been 4 months since I changed my job. Should I file AC21 now?

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  • mahesh2k
    06-17 04:10 AM
    first stamp located here ..

    hope ya like it...


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  • kirupa
    05-19 08:48 AM
    Hey johnnnnnyboy,
    I don't know if Swift allows already animated files into its design environment. I am guessing it would be a "no" but I really am not sure.

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  • reshma
    01-27 05:15 PM
    could any body please let me know which time is the best time for checking/taking interview appointment from VFS site as from 3 to 4 days onwards i am checking for the availabity dstes in VFS site for scheduling appointment but there is no dates available for our language.

    I read somewhere regarding the partiicular time(as soon as after updating the available dates in that site) , at that time if we check the VFS site if any appointments are available for that day it will show else no dates in that full day. thank you for all .


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  • gc_73
    07-10 02:05 AM
    I have applied for COS from L1-B to L1-A and received an RFE which we have responded to.
    The application is still pending with USCIS, while my I-94 is expiring on 07/31

    What will happen if I do not receive decision before expiry of my I-94? Will I be out of status after the I-94 expiry date.
    I have my I-485 pending as well (I-140 approved) and have EAD but not used.


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  • same_old_guy
    10-10 02:48 AM
    Visa Bulletin November 2009 (

    All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIP-PINES

    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01APR05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 01JUN02 01JUN02 22APR01 01JUN02 01JUN02
    Other Workers 01JUN01 01JUN01 22APR01 01JUN01 01JUN01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers U U U U U
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/ Regional Centers C C C C C
    5th Pilot Programs U U U U U


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  • gc_wannabe
    07-11 08:31 PM
    My cousin got a H1B petition approved (via the lottery system) last year. One consultant in the US had filed his H1B, and my cousin was asked to pay for the entire process, which he did. But, nothing happened last year after that, because the job market turned worse. My cousin did not appear for the visa interview.
    Now, when he is trying to get in touch with the consultant, he is not getting any response. What are my cousin's options now?


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  • loku
    08-07 05:21 PM

    Please advice me on below:-
    1)I am on H1b visa and currently i am on bench. My 140 is approved and my H1b is expiring on sep30 ,2009. I got rfe for h1b extension asking for client letter.
    Should i convert to h4 or do h1b transfer if i could be able to get someone to transfer it.

    2) Also if I go to h4 visa will my green card processing with priority date remain same if i go back to same employer and ask them to file my h1b again after i get a project. Or they again have to start the process again even with same employer. Also what if i go with different employer.

    3. If I apply for H4 visa now and in mean time i get a project before sep 30 2009, then what do I need to do. can i just ask my employer to again file h1b extension.

    4) SO if I do h1b transfer or go on h4 what are the pros and cons.

    Please let me know ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • dhesha
    01-07 02:21 PM

    I do. what is the context?

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  • srikondoji
    09-08 10:12 AM
    All along we have worked with MA chapter and now we are making all out efforts and starting a new group for NH members.
    Please join this group as soon as you can

    Best regards

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  • sam_hoosier
    07-19 02:14 PM
    No issues, since her H1B is independent of your I-485. As long as she was in her old job/the job mentioned on her G-325 on the day you filed your app. you should be okay.

    09-12 03:57 PM
    The NSC Liaison Committee issued a clarification from NCS on their stance on singular degree requirements for EB2. It was posted on the AILA site at the following URL.

    Did any one have this document by any chance ?

    04-10 05:38 PM
    Can some one please give me phone number and fax number for Texas Service center.

    It would be great if some one can create directory thread of phone and fax numbers of all service centers.

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