Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • swamy
    01-12 04:30 PM
    I dont understand the ugly urgency in turning off access - especially since this site is run by volunteer staff who have other things to do and cant keep on top of things continuosly! And its plainly insulting to someone who has contributed continuously for more than 2 years

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  • jayleno
    09-05 07:19 PM
    Came in July 2000

    GC sponserer is my 4th employer.
    Other info in signature, definitely not even close to longest.

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  • Raj2006
    06-13 07:08 PM
    Please do reply
    I filed my GC from a different employer than my current employer. I got labor approved and 140 is pending. Can i file 485 also under future employment, without changing my H1? please reply.

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  • sunny1000
    07-03 10:23 PM
    Another help from your favorite administration in screwing your life.. Obama clearly wants to reduce the influence of indian community but our people are idiots....

    Well, I would not go out that far to think he is against Indian community - he may just be against EB immigrants. The Dems sure do want to put Family based immigration ahead of EB immigration and they won't hesitate to use us as sacrificial goats to get FB immigration the advantage.


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  • kodak57
    06-17 06:30 PM
    I am not a lawyer. However, I believe you should be fine if you send the receipt for the new H1 appl along with the 485 appl.
    You can also consider filing your H1 in premium processing.

    Dear Kodak,

    My H1-B status will expire on June 28th, My attorney has been taking her sweet time in filing for the extension. As of today it seems all paperwork will be sent on june 17th, the earliest.

    My PD is 9/11/2006. Does this means that I cannot apply before July 1st for my change of status?

    If I wait till july to file my change of status application, before having my H1-B extension, is it going to be rejected? Does this really matters?

    Thank you.

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  • kumarc123
    11-22 09:12 AM
    That's the spirit. Yes, We can. Thanks for RSVPing. We need more members stepping forward, and show the same enthusiasm.

    Either we convince the lawmakers that thousands are impacted by Retrogression by actually getting these thousands to where the lawmakers can see them ( in DC where else?). Or we wait for the next CIR which may very likely be a repeat of CIR 2007. For those you unfamiliar with the last CIR. Here was the "reform" it had for EB immigration.

    a) Reduction of EB quota from 140,000 to 90,000
    b) End of EB immigration within 6 years with visa decrease to 90,000
    c) New Point based system where the remaining EB immigrants have to reapply paying the full fees, no exceptions ( Employer won't pay a dime as it's your personal application)
    d) Point based System gave more points to an Agriculture worker who has worked in the field for 2 year than a Software Engineer/Doctor etc. with 10 years of experience.
    e) Country quotas of 7% to be carried over so that Indians and Chinese would have to wait for decades eligible in the points system both at the time of applying as well as approval ( keep in mind that with increasing age your age-based points keep going down! )

    Don't expect the next CIR will solve your problems automagically without you having to do anything. It may actually make the problems several times worser than it is now. That is, unless we act and make our voices heard in DC.

    So what's it gonna be? Fight now or Regret Later?

    I am in for a DC rally and DC lobby. I don't want to be labeled as a lazy Desi or the one who take favor of getting information from IV, but does not act to address at vital times.

    GUYS Rise Up, no one will help us, until we help each other. We saw what happened with recapture visa bill.Politics killed it, and because there was not a lot of rally's for it. Lets involve media, contact different senators.


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  • vin
    09-25 11:46 PM
    Cannot say, In my opinion, the original Dream act was worth passing. Cornyn dragged the SKIL bill into it prompting Durbin to propose his anti fraud amendments to counteract cornyn's amendments. I'm not sure how the senate is going to react to these amendments which contrasts the agenda of the DREAM act. Now it has become a cocktail of policies. I'm not sure why cornyn thought of pursuing the SKIL bill with this DREAM act in the first place as it looks totally out of place in this bill.

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  • gsc999
    09-21 01:04 PM
    Also, what is all this fuss about? I didn't log in for a day, and I see a long thread with everyone apparently excited about nothing! The thread was started by this same individual.

    If money is needed, say so; there is no need to raise false hopes.

    Beginning to smell a rat.

    I am sure it was unintentional. Excitement from members in understandable. In the end, he is putting his personal time for us and the funds are for our cause.

    Please be nice and put your wallet where you mouth is :)


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  • she81
    07-03 02:32 PM
    Instead let us send truck full of flowers to WHITE HOUSE

    I am of the same opinion. Sending them to the white house house will be more effective and will generate more curiosity in the media then sending to USCIS/DOS. Any takers for that?

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  • USCISSucks
    07-15 10:35 PM
    $240 each for medical exam @SouthHill Medical centre Puyullup,WA
    I got the shots(MMR, tetnus) at Interlake, which might be covered by my insurance


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  • bowbow
    09-17 01:27 PM
    did any one get official mail from IRS? if not, how do you know to declare the Overseas accounts?

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  • sam2006
    09-26 12:52 PM
    I guess your resource learned to talk BS from YOU

    LIBRA is one of the most Respected memebrs in the forum
    you have just joined the forums and please do not make such comments

    Last i seen you active was when you were bashing the super moderators for requesting the members to contribute in the tracking forum


    I saw your 800 posts, 90% of them are just thank you and if any one is having some useful discussion you will come in the middle and pass some sarcastic comment and try to cut it.Understand you don't have any knowledge of the entire H1B and GC laws, don't waste your time just posting useless shit, try to educate people and support IV, don't piss them off.
    I hate people talking about some subject where they don't have any understanding.You look like one of my ex.resource who used to talk BS.


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  • GCAmigo
    11-13 12:33 PM

    as always, hope for a better tomorrow!

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  • Chelo
    07-15 03:20 AM
    Why 4 pages of G-325 ?
    Where does it say about it ?
    I knew just a page.

    Please advise...

    The own form has the four pages. You only need to fill in the first one, the other three are autocopied. They are exactly the same, and ready to be spreaded all around uscis


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  • gjoe
    11-24 04:29 PM
    To whomsoever who gave me the red dot with the brave comment "-"

    A curse has been cast on you and you shall never see green in you life.

    :) Hope this one works like the ones our saint and seers have cast before :)

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  • diptam
    06-13 07:01 PM
    Yes you can. As long as labor is approved you can file for 485
    good luck.


    You are like a GOD in front of me - So can i ask my employer tomorrow morning to file for my 485 ??

    Please say something --- Thanks again ---

    I can't hide my excitement


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  • agc2005
    10-25 10:39 AM
    July 2nd

    JULY 3RD

    JULY 5th

    JULY 9th

    JULY 11

    JULY 13

    JULY 16

    JULY 17th

    JULY 19th
    July 20th

    JULY 23rd

    JULY 27th
    NYC- Circuit

    JULY 30th

    AUGUST 2nd

    AUGUST 3rd

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  • Desi Unlucky
    05-12 04:36 PM

    Not sure if you have seen this link,property=Daten.pd f
    One of teh pre-requisites for getting ATV is Visa to the destination country i.e US in your case and my case. So how would you get that if you are on AP (unless you have a H1/H4 in your hand, in which case u r probably better of getting teh US visa)?

    why does Air India have Newark to Mumbai requiring ATV?. Mumbai to Newark is understandable, but if you are going to India, why do you need an ATV.

    Then on the last line they say that passengers will not be allowed in Mumbai, which means that they are talking only about Mumbai to Newark. What nonsense, they don't even know what they are writing.

    I am just making sure that I DO NOT need an ATV to go from here, since I do not have time to apply. I will get the ATV from India before I travel.

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  • days_go_by
    08-01 07:04 PM
    Does the Backlog center send notification when they already received the response to the 45-day letter with requested additional documents?
    nope, i haven't heard of any such notification.
    They will notify when they have taken a decision or if they need more documents.

    05-10 01:03 PM
    Thanks for posting the regulation link. These are the exact wordings in the letter I got from my university. May be you can forward this link to your attorney and tell them that your university awarded 1 year of academic credit for your Engineering diploma, and you were able to complete the 4 year degree within 3 years.

    Hi Sravani,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I am also planning to contact my university, would you mind sharing the letter(or template) which you got from Univeristy. Does it in a general format or did they mentioned any thing specifically applicable to you.

    10-31 10:04 AM

    Option 1-2-6-1

    I don't know if this is NSC, but they will check if your case is in the system, be extremely patient and let them know that you have submitted 485 and 90 days have past. They will check in the system and if it is not there will forward you to an officer. The officer will take all your information and notify that NSC will contact you via email in 2 weeks.
    This is what happened during my call

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