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  • krcreddy
    07-16 10:15 AM posted the news saying that

    Wall Street ( Journal reports this morning that the USCIS is poised to announce its change of initial decision to reject all the July 2007 EB-485 new cases. The report indicates that they intend to accept and process some early July filing cases. Please stay tuned. Hmm...................................

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  • Ramba
    07-27 05:29 PM

    The answer should be "yes". The job should be offered to foreign national for processing his/her PERM or GC. However, the job can be accepted by FN, only after USCIS authorization. That authorization can be either H1 or EAD or GC itself. In other words, you can accept the job even after getting GC; however, in order to process your GC, there should be always a job offer for you from sponser right from begining(PERM LC).

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  • It?s just not my ody type.

  • andy garcia
    11-19 11:59 AM
    Does anyone know if there would be some kind of record about
    when and how many times we have spoken to the IIO.

    Like will a IIO be able to look at one's receipt# and say if they have spoken to an IIO earlier that day or whenever that is?

    Thank you.

    Every time that they talk to you, they log the date of that conversation.

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  • cagedcactus
    08-24 04:14 PM
    This must be the worst immigrant experience I have heard.
    I am sorry to hear that you have to go through this. You must approach social workers' group in your local area. They will help you get proper treatment from reliable sources, and they will also appoint you a lawyer if you cant afford one.
    Dont let that loser off the hook. Despite of all emotions involved in this case, go after him hard and square. Make him pay for what he did to your daughter.
    I dont know about your GC process, for which consulting an immigration lawyer is the best thing to do, right now you have a much important issue at hand than just a green card.


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  • ramhs
    02-25 09:53 AM
    I graduated in MS (I'm on H4 currently) recently.My previous degree is from India (passed out BCOM in 1999). I dont have any IT experience.

    I'm talking with couple of companies about getting a H1. What documents I need to show for H1 for USCIS? Do I need to show any experience to USCIS?
    Please reply
    You need to have a job offer, a LCA for the job, educational evaluation, I-129 and copies of your passport/i94 and degree. A supporting letter from the employer is also needed. No experience letter is needed to apply for H1, but to get it stamped you may need it.

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  • It#39;s just not my ody type.

  • aadimanav
    04-02 12:57 PM
    yep, i saw that on immigration-law too...wanted to email all the reporters with this PDF. but alas yahoo says too many email ids /receivers for the mail.

    can somebody tell me how to send email to 500 ids (approx) thru yahoo?

    send in multiple instalments


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  • Anders �stberg
    October 18th, 2005, 01:26 AM
    I don't know much about flower pictures but this looks very professional to me!

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  • mattresscoil
    10-18 01:38 PM
    I have applied for my H1 extension in July 2010 and still waiting for the approval. My in-laws are visiting the US in dec and i am sponsoring their visit. Should my H1B be approved before they appear for the Visa interview or should the H1 receipt notice be enough? Please let me know.

    There is no such rule that you should have an approved H1B in hand. However you never know the kind of immigration officer your in-laws/parents see at the embassy. If it is not too urgent wait till your H1B is approved. If it is urgent just write a letter stating the facts accompanied by a copy of your old H1b, new H1B receipt notice and a letter of continued employment from your employer. Yes include other documents like paystubs, past tax returns and etc.

    Best Wishes!!

    Thanks, Mattresscoil!!


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  • nihar
    11-27 11:48 PM
    :mad:I have another query and thats is i have a a far related cousin and her husband is on l1 visa . now my query is what visa is she on and what visa is her daughter on who was born here few months bak . also how shud she apply for a passport for this kid . is this kid an american citizen and also how to go about passport for the kid and also is it required to apply for visa for the kid to travel to India . Another serious issue she is been illtreated by her husband and how should she report this matter to the local police here .

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  • bidme_786
    01-18 11:21 AM
    Hello There,

    I want to apply for my 3 yrs H extension using preminum processing. Can i do that by just using the email confirmation from USCIS that I-140 petition was approved? My 1-140 petition was approved in Dec,2006 and still have not recived my approval notice.



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  • julsun
    07-31 01:58 PM

    We had been to Canada in Sep, 2003 for our Canadian residency stamping. While on our way back to San Francisco, US immigration did not stamp our passports or take back our I-94's. Prior to this trip we had been to India in March, 2003.

    Now I am confused as to what should be our last date/port of entry to US? I-94's/passport stamp still indicates our March, 2003 trip and Our Canadian PR stamp does indicate date PR was stamped in Canada. But there's not other stamp/proof on passport for our entry to San Francisco.

    Any pointers/suggestions?


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  • minimalist
    05-27 01:24 AM
    1) what will happen if I dont spend the required time in the US next yr ?
    I am not aware of any required time while in adjustment of status. There is on GC but not in AOS pending
    2) Can i apply for AP from outside US next yr
    3) Will i loose my EAD?
    There is nothing like losing. If it expires, you will have to renew it.
    4) What is the process to re-apply if i will loose it?

    good luck


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  • jax999
    01-29 05:43 PM
    My nationality is Indian. Presently i am residing in USA . I have " Advance Payrole Document " . I am planning to travel in this February 2011 from " Atlanta -> Frankfurt -> India(Hyderabad) " and return is in May 2011 from " India(Hyderabad) -> Frankfurt -> Atlanta " in lufthansa airways.

    So shall i go for this round trip with a valid " Advance Payrole Document " only ? or i need to have " Air Transit Visa ? If i need Air transit Visa could you please let me know how to apply and what documents i need to submit .

    please help already buyed tickets from lufthansa website. non refundable ticket. before that one time i cancelled ticket. airport transit visa shall we apply by post/mail ? in person cant go because very far totally 30 hors drive that too with infant driving not possible . please help ?

    Anybody Travelled with only Advance Payrole through Frankfurt recently please post ?

    where they will check for transit visa in usa while boarding or in frankfurt or in india while return ?

    While pending i-485 if i applied for German airport transit visa is there any negative concerns because of that ?

    Please reply soon . I really appriciate you . Thank You.

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  • Green_Always
    10-18 11:00 PM
    If Indian Govt asks for more PR / GC numbers make sense. with current economic status rather asking for more H1B numbers.

    India to ask US for more H-1B visas- Visa Power-Travel-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times (

    Guess more pressure from Big guys like Wipro / Infosys / TCS for this on Indian govt.


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  • skp71
    05-10 11:49 PM
    My friend and his wife 485, EAD and AP applications are pending. Do they need to send 1 AR-11 for each pending forms (totally 6 AR-11s)? There is no place to put all pending LIN number in the AR-11. We can put only A#. How does it work? Please reply.

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  • h_shaik
    10-25 01:48 PM


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  • MrWaitingGC
    05-19 11:29 AM
    If your company pays for there own lawyer then go ahead and change it to new one. As the response from lawyers will be fast. And you can avoid big expenses if you retain earlier law firm. Keep in mind Lawyers charge for each and every thing they do.

    I did this and recently gave G28 for new lawyers. (But when my H1 was transfered new company lawyers goofed up the office address and I have not yet received I797 any how this is a different story. Planning to apply for a copy)

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  • lfwf
    12-10 11:51 PM
    i would start by calling....

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  • gparr
    December 8th, 2005, 03:48 PM
    What Don said.

    PEOPLE in MIDWEST [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : PEOPLE in MIDWEST

    10-16 12:15 PM
    Come on folks, kindle the fire in you, start getting active, spread the message of IV, we cannot afford to sit and hatch eggs... right??????

    Nothing will change out fate unless we stand up for ourselves

    Come on folks join your State chapters - this is the time

    10-17 11:13 AM
    Hehe, no problem :P

    There are many ways of achieving stuff in Photoshop.. :)

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