Monday, February 28, 2011

Just In From the Desert

Travis Buck is 4-for-5 with a homer over the first two spring games.  Although, my gut reaction is "this dude sucks, why is he in camp," I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he stops hitting.  With the injuries to Grady Sizemore and Trevor Crowe (right rotator cuff), either Buck or prospect Ezequiel Carrera (Russell Branyan trade) is likely to be the 4th outfielder come opening day.

Fausto Carmona has been named the Tribe's opening day starter.  I'll be there and so will you.

Anthony Reyes, coming off of Tommy John surgery, has a sore right elbow.  Although this is not uncommon, Reyes is shut down for the time being.  Let's hope he stays that way.

Jared Goedert is 0-for-4 in the first two.  I'm not worried yet.  Also, he played 1B on Monday and will likely be the starter there if he lands in Cow Town.

Scheduled pitchers for tomorrow... today... 03.02: Carlos Carrasco (starting), Kelvin De La Cruz, David Huff, Doug Mathis, Zach McAllister and Chris Perez.

Pretty Girl 03.01.11 - Sophia Bush

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Now we take Jenna Bush's lack of inhibition and pump it into this one and then, then we have a party.

More Like DongHorns

Texas is simply the best of the best.  They have so much skill, so much talent at every position, that they blow my mind.  Unbelievable, baby!  6 losses?  Meaningless, they're too good!  They've got shooting.  They've got rebounding.  They've got youth and experience.  Their ball handling is beyond reproach.  Back-to-back stinkers?  You're making my point for me.  They're awesome!  They are so freakin' good that the team has already been elected to the hall of fame.  If they do not get a #1 seed, it will be crime against humanity!  If they are not unanimously selected as the overall #1 then I'm sure that Hitler has made a deal with Judas to steal it from them.  I become fully engorged watching them inbound the ball.  My idea of heaven is being the guy that washes Jordan Hamilton's jock.  If somehow their throne as basketball's kings is unjustly usurped, it will convince me absolutely that there is no god.  In fact, if they are not given a 1st round bye in the tournament, we should take up in armed rebellion.  We should tear down the hypocrisy that this country has become.  Texas is the best.  Nothing that happens, no number of "losses" by no amount of "points" can change that.  Stop the madness and believe it.

I think oompa-loompas are sexy because their skin is Texas orange!

Ooooh, New Video from Stunt Training at Bella's House for Breaking Dawn :D

Following up from last Friday's pics of stunt practice at the Swan's house in Vancouver, here's a video making the whole OCD thing so much easier :) enjoy!

- Lorabell

Suicide Squeeze - Jim Palmer '91 Comeback ('92 Upper Deck)

Yaaaay, Gil Arrives in Vancouver for Breaking Dawn - The Wuff Pack is Complete :D

I'm stoked about this - I heart Gil "I want muscles" Birmingham :)

Via source

- Lorabell

More New Pics of Rob Filming Breaking Dawn (up in Alaska with Eleazar?)

Following one pic from last Wednesday we now have a couple more shots of Rob filming up in Pemberton, up in the mountains outside of Vancouver.

The shots seem to show a mysterious third vampire party... could it be Denali clan member, Eleazar?! Certainly looks like it could be Christian Camargo to me :)

Via source

- Lorabell

New Moon Director, Chris Weitz Joins Twitter!

Follow @ChrisWeitz for what I'm sure will be a very funny feed - his interviews and commentary for New Moon crack me up :)

- Lorabell

If Only You Had Told Me...

I don't even like Blueberry pie. ;-j

Twilight Cast at Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2011 - Anna & Bryce Looking Lovely

See more pics at source

- Lorabell

Cullens Heading to Couve? Ashley Green Spotted at LAX...

I actually really like this sweater

With Jackson's 100 Monkey's show in Vancouver this Friday could the Cullen's be heading back to Vancouver?

Ashley seems to be on her way for Breaking Dawn filming - let's hope for Nikki, Kellan, Liz and Peter soon to follow :)

See more pics via source

- Lorabell

NB: I'd put a warning on these pics but I can't pretend like Ashley doesn't like it ;)

EwEwEw - What The Hale Is Bronson Tweeting?!

Um... did I wake up on Mars?

I know the wolfpack generally have their shirt off (did anyone miss the Oscars?!) but Tweeting a pic of yourself posing shirtless adds more than a little creep factor.

However, when it was meant to explain/replace a previous photo that he previously Tweet by mistake, things make more sense... if burned in my retina forever!


Thanks Shraddha via @SonOfBrown

- Lorabell

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just In From the Desert

Orlando Cabrera debuts
Josh Tomlin started and threw 2 scoreless frames.

Pretty Girl 02.28.11 - Tea Leoni


Oscar Surprise That Did Not "Blow Peoples' Minds"

Prior to this year's Oscars, Summit confirmed that no Twilight cast were attending the event but fans could look forward to a very special surprise...

As mildly amusing as this snipet was, exciting it is not *hmfp*

- Lorabell - I want me some vampire Bella!

New Pics - Kristen's Back in Vancouver... Again?

*Warning - pap pics*

Pretty :)

Click for HQ

What you talkin' about?
More pics via KStewartNews

Pretty Girl 02.27.11 - Virginia Williams

Good thing Ginny and Sarah Shahi look so damn fine, cuz Fairly Legal is kinda dumb.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New/Old Rob, Kristen & TomStu Pics

*Warning - private pics*
Wine, Rob? Really?

Via source

- Lorabell

What Were You Doing In 8th Grade? Redux

6'8", size 17 feet.  He must wear big shoes.

Ooooh, New Vancouver Set Found - Cullen Back Yard/Training Field?!

Click for HQ

Bloggy bud, MandysMind found another potential Breaking Dawn set here in Vancouver!

It looks to be the back of the Cullen's house - the most we've ever seen is out to the pool (who knew?!) at the end of New Moon or when Rosalie's out on the balcony in Eclipse (which is more to the side) overlooking the forest and river that the Cullen garden backs onto.

In the Breaking Dawn book a lot of vampire battle prep goes on in their yard - including Bella's arm wrestle with Emmett :)

Go vampire Bella!

See more pics of at MandysMind

- Lorabel

Confirmed No Twilight Cast At Oscars BUT we do get a very exciting surprise!!!

Word on the Twi-web is that Summit have confirmed NO Twilight cast will be appearing at this Sundays Oscars.

So if Rob and Kristen are in LA, we won't we seeing them on the red carpet *siiigh*

HOWEVER, as previously post, we can look forward to a super massive Twilight surprise that will (quote) "blow people's minds"...

OMG, I hope it's vampire Bella!!!

Thanks Jade514 :)

- Lorabell

Robsten Back in LA! Could they be heading to the Oscars?!?!

Oh Rob, you sneaky monkey!

From the looks of things, Rob and Kristen headed out of Vancouver today and headed back to LA!

The ninja duo were apparently spotted at Vancouver YVR International airport and then up at the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood hills.

Could it be they're headed to the Oscars on Sunday?! Rumour is that Rob may be present for Water for Elephants reasons... I always thought the Academy Awards would be the perfect opportunity for "Robsten" to walk the red carpet together, given that buzz of the event would shadow the news.

Keep your eyes open, TwiCrackers!

- Lorabell

P.s. Since Mama and Papa Pattz have been rumoured to be in Vancouver, I wonder if they will be joining... perhaps even meeting up with Mama and Papa Stew!

Bronson, Kiowa & BooBoo Out in Vancouver Friday

In Canada we call this a toque

It's a good thing those wolf boys are warm with how fricking cold it is in Vancouver right now.

Kiowa and Bronson headed out in downtown on Friday with BooBoo keeping toatsy in the nearby grocery store.

See more pics at source

- Lorabell *Team Clearwater*