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  • simikishore
    08-02 11:04 AM
    I am in the same boat. Attorneys, Gurus and Experts...please advice on this.

    Hi Attorneys and Experts,

    My GC finally recently got approved and wanted to know what is the minimum time by law, I can stay with my current employer that will not cause any issues during the application of citizenship later.

    I have following questions:

    � if I don�t work for my current employer for at least six months, What kind of issues comes up when applying for citizenship. What is the law.

    � How do the USCIS knows I worked for the current employer for atleast 6 months. Do we have to show six months paystubs or yearly W2s.

    All I am just trying to get a knowledge of what is the law.

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  • kirupa
    05-09 08:15 PM
    Looks really nice sharif ;) Reminds me of your grunge days on the forums last year!

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  • addsf345
    04-14 03:23 PM
    Report: Mahindra to set U.S. Pik-Up launch date in next few weeks — Autoblog (

    Hi h1techSlave,

    You might like below thread on IV. Please check it out. This is already delayed by few months now. God knows when it will happen.

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    08-01 10:24 AM
    The G325A form contain the below text.

    Applicant: Be sure to put your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined by heavy border below.

    My lawyer mentioned that it is A# number. At present we dont need to fill anything.
    Is it true?


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  • avi101
    06-21 05:18 AM
    One more :(

    House Plan May Delay Immigration Overhaul

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  • lostinbeta
    10-02 02:26 AM
    Why do you tease us so much edwin:evil:

    That is some excellent work though. Very well done:) (as is everything you do)


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  • admin
    01-31 10:06 PM
    A lot of positives for us in this address.


    Immigration Reform Must Be A Priority. America needs an immigration system that upholds our laws, reflects our values, and serves the interests of our economy. Our nation needs orderly and secure borders. To meet this goal, we must have stronger immigration enforcement and border protection. And we must have a rational, humane guest worker program that rejects amnesty, allows temporary jobs for people who seek them legally, and reduces smuggling and crime at the border.


    Also the American Competitiveness Initiative commits $5.9 billion in FY 2007, and more than $136 billion over 10 years, to increase investments in research and development (R&D), strengthen education, and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. The President's comprehensive strategy to strengthen America's competitiveness includes: Attracting and retaining the best and brightest to enhance entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and job creation in America by supporting comprehensive immigration reform;

    Enabling The World's Most Talented Individuals To Put Their Skills To Work For America Will Increase Our Productivity, Improve Our International Competitiveness, And Create Many High-Paying Jobs For Americans. The President supports attracting and retaining the best and the brightest high-skilled workers from around the world by reforming the Nation's immigration system, while maintaining national security priorities. The President's comprehensive plan for immigration reform meets the needs of a growing economy, allows workers to provide for their families while respecting the law, and enhances homeland security by relieving pressure on the borders.

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  • Ann Ruben
    02-14 11:34 AM
    An H-1 petition filed by a new employer should have no direct impact on your AC-21 GC process. Because you are not currently in a valid non-immigrant status, you are not eligible for a change of status in the US. In any event, the petition would not be valid before 10/1/2010 assuming the employer is not cap exempt. So, you would have to travel out of the US to apply for the H-1 visa to be stamped in your passport. To be safe, you should make sure you have a valid AP with you before travelling just in case there is a problem ofr delay at the consul.



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  • moonrah
    12-26 05:10 PM

    My company prepared for my PERM filing in EB2 category. They did all recruitement efforts. But at the time of filing, company annouced some lay-offs as "restructuring". Now my lawyer says, it is their policy not to file for PERM before six months of any lay -offs since some lay -offs involve same job title as my labor supposed to be filed. Since this is my lawyer's policy, My question is, is it safe to file PERM right now? What if I use different job title then the one my lawyer used before for recruitement efforts. (I understand he has to do new recruitement efforts for this ne job title, but is it safe?). What choices do I have, I do not want to delay my PERM filing. Please help...


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    06-16 08:35 PM
    Use I-134 instead which is used for EB petitions.

    InThemoment is right. I got I-134 from my attorney for 485 filing..


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  • denver
    07-25 11:42 AM
    Friend of mine, asked me the below question, any one can Help?

    I got my H1-B visa stamped in the month of Feb 2007 from US consulate in chennai. I have not yet travelled on that visa, so I am wondering whether the same visa is still valid, as someone told me that if you don't travel on a visa for 6 months after stamping, it gets expired.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 1st, 2003, 01:18 PM
    Here's the press release for the new Leica Digilux two.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-27 09:32 PM
    nice man! If those are of New York city that makes it all the more cooler + makes the captions make sense. I really like them!

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  • ashrock11
    06-17 10:04 AM

    Where do I find the A#?

    Should I take the I-94# from the H1B approval notice or the actual I-94 given at the port of entry?



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  • jonty_11
    07-25 04:26 PM



    Sorry if this is a repost.

    USCIS is all about balancing work...they are being forced to accept butt-load of AOS application, and they shift the balance this way....

    Also they will take months or even years to send back receipts EADs etc...wait n watch....we made them swallow the tought pill, and they will make the same pill stuck in our throat for eternity now.....

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  • langagadu
    10-01 06:56 PM
    GC Baba :D:D


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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 11:48 AM
    I am using my EAD and working for the company which filed by PERM/I-140/I-485. Currently I am being paid a lot more than the prevailing wage on the PERM so my company has suggested me that they will give the amount listed on the PERM as a salary and the remaining as a check to the company that I own. I have a business in my name but all I did was register the company name; never actively ran the business.

    Please share your concerns/opinions about the possibility of above scenario. Do you think taking the salary and B2B expense would cause a problem with the green card process?


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  • samuel5028
    05-23 05:15 AM
    How much is the maximum duration of H1B visa? Its been to stamped 2 years for me...But my work will take 2 more years to get completed? what should i do?

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  • H1B-GC
    08-07 02:30 PM
    Take an Inpass Appointment and Meet local USCIS officer and ask for help... Letter or Duplicate EAD. If you have a Job Offer letter they Might expedite the EAD Request..

    06-03 05:32 PM
    WHITE LIES! Atleast they should feel some shame defending lies

    09-23 10:53 AM
    I've filed for I129 but I don't yet have my I-797C, Notice of Action form with me. I do have my receipt number and I was wondering if it was possible to find out the service center based on that.

    When I check the status of my case online, it does not include any information regarding which service is processing my application.

    If your receipt numbers begins with

    WAC - CSC service center
    EAC - VSC service center
    LIN - NSC service center
    SRC - TSC service center

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