Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • factoryman
    05-24 06:44 PM
    and amendments and see what we can do about them here. I am doing just that.

    He was reading some immigration article that was published today and quoted immigrationvoice from that article. He is against immigration legal or illegal.

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  • yestogc
    04-06 06:12 PM
    I totally agree, you should first have an RFE in hand and the decide if it is urgent or a simple one which one can handle.......... if URGENT then do search threads to see what solutions are stated, if none match your criteria then you are welcome to post on a new thread.

    Without RFE in hand, you will only get unrelated answers, instead of giving you solace it will worry you more. Like people might suggest, your old employer may have revoked your petition or you might have done something wrong in filing for AC21 (IF you have done that)............... so let it just come and then decide.

    Since this was your first RFE , do not worry. I believe all of us pass through this stage of RFE , now it may be at any stage. I too got mine on 140, but gotaway with it.

    Relax you will be fine.

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  • sugaur
    07-13 07:54 PM
    When you join a medical residency on J1 visa, you are subject to 2 years home residency requirement (HRR) before you can apply for green card. What that means i s you have to go back tou your country for 2 years BEFORE you are eligible for any other kind of visa or change in status. You wont be be able to apply for i-485/EAD/ green card even if your husband gets his in the meantime if HRR is not satisfied
    The ONLY way to get around the HRR is to sign a contract to work in an medically underserved area for 3 years (on H1b). Once your 3 years are over, you can then apply for GC by what ever means, work or family.
    Overall doing residency on J1 is easier as you dont need to clear USMLE step 3, there are more opprtunities as more programs offer J1 positions. Also, if you want to do fellowship, there are more programs in all specialities which will offer J1, not H1. Also, you dont pay medicare or social security tax on J1 which means more money. On the other hand after completing your residency/fellowship you will have less job opportunitis as you will have to find an employer who falls in a geographically underserved area. PM me if you need any more info.

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  • GCBy3000
    12-25 11:16 AM
    3000 seems to be an average number.

    I have been on H1B for 3000 days so far and I am still waiting for GC, (filed for 140/485 in November) and I thought I have been waiting for too long, but it looks like one of these people might actually qualify for Guinness Book.


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  • saro28
    12-11 03:10 PM
    Thanks. My lawyer was worried to file I485 as derivative due to the fact my primary application is considered withdrawn. So he made a request in letter to adjudicate together instead of filing another 485. I guess i have to wait.

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  • unitednations
    04-23 04:44 PM
    I think we are confusing multiple issues here. Once the 6 month period is over where the I-140 is approved and the I-485 is pending for 180 days it does NOT matter if the employer revokes the I-140 or not. You are good to go! (Unless ur a classified terrorist or a criminal).

    The only question is, Can you still get a 3 year extention based on a I-140 that is revoked? I am thinking that may be an issue. In that scenario, you would be forced to play the EAD card.

    Refer to my previous posting: if employer revokes even after 180 days; eventually everyone has been ok. However there are has been many straight denials by uscis even if person invoked ac21. Then person has problems renewing ead/ap, etc. Eventually person should be ok but in between there are some problems one needs to face. One needs to be ready to face these problems/issues.


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  • lsuk
    07-15 02:30 PM
    We should put end to Lou's lies. Let's be creative. We thought of the flower campaign, we all have higher degrees. There should be a way how to stop this guy. I think we are the only ones who can do it.
    By the way, Lou's ancestors came to USA also legally like us. What is the difference then? Really the only people who have the right to criticize the legal immigration to USA are the native Americans. I know that this argument would never success with the general public here but I believe it's true.

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  • chanduv23
    01-09 02:23 PM

    Well - these people get VIP treatment in prison - believe me - they get good food, drinks, entertainment, cell phones, cable tv, reading room and other things. They wont keep VIPs along with pickpockets and robbers.

    Most of the VIP frauds actually continue their business operations or start new ventures when in jail and sometimes form new partnerships with like minded VIP frauds who are also in the same prison.

    It is a haven for them.

    After all the heat goes down and after few years they are released, no one cares - they may either settle in a beach house or continue with another fraud company or maybe enter politics.


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  • otro+
    06-14 10:38 PM
    I got my house loan 4 years ago.

    Everybody at that time recomended Credit Unions. after talking to lender and telling them about the rate of credit unions, they were never able to desqualify Credit union, beside credit unions will probably never sell your mortgage to third parties. you will actually talk to the real lender no brokers.

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  • gc_chahiye
    12-04 12:59 AM
    Optimist, thanks for the clarification. Do you get a 3 year extention if?

    a) I140 is aproved
    b) I140 filed but pending


    To get a 3 year extension:
    * I-140 needs to be approved, AND
    * your PD in the current months VB needs to be retrogressed.

    If I-140 is still pending, either it needs to be pending >365 days, or your LC itself should have been filed >365 days ago.


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  • thescadaman
    09-20 09:40 PM
    Hi Pankaj,

    You sang the National Anthem very well. I have been here in US for about 5 years now and for the first time; I felt that I was part of America and this could be my country. I felt goose bumps when I heard you sing the Anthem.

    Thank You. And yes, you did sing it from your heart and only then can it have such a magical effect on everyone who was listening.


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  • test101
    10-05 01:18 PM
    how do you know if your name is in name check? or stuck in name check ?
    is there a phone number to check if a person has been cleared or not?



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  • LCtank
    05-24 12:46 PM
    The admin would get an error report if there is a problem. the webfax is sent by a third party vendor who provides service to us. Last time, when we sent this webfax, we did get staff of senate office saying that "Those webfaxes kept on coming". That means that EVERYTHING we send, goes there. Numbers are important.

    If 1000 members send it, each office will get 1000 faxes(although not all of them will make it in one day), but a few hundred faxes will make it in next few hours.

    Please send this webfax and voice support for Sen. Brownback's Amendment.
    done my share.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 09:00 PM
    Fingers crossed :D


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  • svn
    06-25 12:41 PM
    But...I'm not comfortable with subject, that is starting with a question.. ( reply to svn's post)

    IMO, it might backfire as...'What da xxxx is in it for legal immigrants?'( depending upon ones mood at that time)

    I'm more for a lowered tone...request, that is.

    Thanks hsingh82! for the post and validating the site.

    Leo, that was just a suggestion - as I said, feel free to modify as you deem appropriate! The important thing is to send the faxes so we can draw attention to our plight!

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  • belmontboy
    09-18 08:18 PM
    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.



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  • santa123
    08-13 07:49 PM
    Dear IVans,
    Now that the SEP VB is out, what does this indicate in terms of
    - future VBs
    - visa availability in the coming months
    - awareness about visa wastage
    - dates becoming current for most EB categories
    - light at the end of tunnel for most of us
    - USCIS efficiencies

    Pls share your thoughts. Thanks!

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  • logiclife
    07-01 03:12 PM

    You can hear it here.

    At 4:20 EST, Immigration Voice will be covered.


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  • amsgc
    12-11 01:10 AM
    EAD document - at least that's how it is in GA. The license will be valid till your EAD expiration date.
    Also, in GA, if you are not a Citizen or a Permanent resident, you cannot renew our license online.

    What if you are working on EAD on pending 485? What would be the acceptable document?

    02-28 02:24 PM
    IV have given enough information to everyone. IV have proved that they can do it if they get our support.

    What else do we want, when we have people willing and taking efforts to go to DC sacrificing their personel time, family and spending their own money. Time has come for everyone to come forward and contribute money. They along with QGA are meeting the senators.

    For those who have contributed more than once, thanks a lot to you guys. For those who have not contributed so far, please come forward and please contribute money. Contributing money to IV is not going to make you rich or poor. By contributing money to IV you are doing a favor to yourself.


    02-23 12:30 PM
    I filed I-765 in January and got 1-year EAD last week. I called USCIS today and explained the error. It took a while to explain this to agent but he got it that this is a renewal application on the basis of pending I-485 without available visa number.

    He filed service request for the error. As far as he knew, USCIS will send another EAD and send further instruction about 1-year EAD.

    I filed EAD/AP together but the EAD I got is not a "Combo Card" (USCIS Term for combined EAD/AP)

    I shall keep you posted.

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