Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • ganguteli
    02-10 01:30 PM
    I just want to know why people think like that. Whoever I talk to thinks that after getting EAD everything is good and greencard is not that important. Is that true.

    Let us discuss pros and cons of EAD.

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  • cygent
    07-28 02:08 PM
    mean NOTHING.
    of course NOT! It's still stuck on April 16th.
    The dates are a joke.

    Seems like they are just a diversion. to keep our minds occupied so we don't bother them with the real issue at hand. I can only say that whoever devised this system is a genius, albeit an wicked one.

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  • rb_248
    02-05 06:59 AM
    I had my I140 approved too and had mentioned it in my application. They dont bother you. They however gave me 221g to verify student status and delayed my visa for two weeks. Interview was less than 2 mins and the vo said she had to verify student status thats it.

    What is that? Never heard of that before. Do I have to take anymore documants with me for this?

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  • optimist
    06-22 01:34 PM
    ...The idea is to have atleast a few solid evidences and then add in the rest but dont clutter the whole thing in a way that they miss the most important ones...

    I agree with what thomachan72 says. You are better off sending only the necessary documents to keep your case crisp, instead of confusing the adjudicator with reams of paperwork. I don't think you need to write a letter explaining non-availability of experience letter. I certainly DO NOT recommend bringing up the bond and other disputes with your previous employer.

    Like you discovered yourself, your case got an RFE because of the missing document. With all the affidavits, paystubs and offer letter you have a clean case. Don't mess it up by giving too many unncessary documents.

    Good luck to you, my friend.


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  • isedkeem
    01-31 07:01 PM
    Based on what you believe that "BC has a much higher standard of living than Boston?". I hope that is not one of those silly annual surveys in which they interview low income and beggars on the streets and rate mainly based on health care and welfare for them.

    Regarding raising kids, if you believe that doing that around prostitutes, lesbians and drugs is a good thing, so go ahead and live in BC.

    Read the below for some truth about the Socialist Canada. I lived there and I know how it is.

    I have lived in both BC and Boston, moron.

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  • skd
    08-22 11:40 AM
    It seems like except for one or two people here, individuals who have applied directly at TSC on 2nd July are getting their checks cashed/receipts this week.

    It would be helpful to know if they are done with the transfer of 2nd July cases from NSC to TSC; if so, when and based on that, we can make some educated estimates.

    Mine was applied directly to TSC and I am still, waiting


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  • grimus
    10-03 07:11 PM
    What's the telephone number for FBI helpdesk ?

    Could someone please post the contact numbers here please?


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  • manojp4
    07-19 09:34 PM
    Not to belittle your suffering in any way, but when I saw this thread I thought it was someone being funny -- Asking that IV should fix the system, get everyone greencards AND start a service while they are at it! :D

    lol.. i didn't have that intention, but I see the thread sure got some notice :)


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  • rani77
    02-07 11:52 AM
    My employer applied in PP and it was approved. details are give below.

    Date of mailing -1/23( i presume must have used Fedex overnight)
    Date of recipt/acknowledgement- 1/24
    Date of approval- 2/4( online)
    Date of approval email sent - 2/4

    The only hitch was that they applied for 3 years extension based on 140 approval and even thougt 485 is filed the PD is not current,but got approval for 1 year only . The problem here i think is that i am completing 5 years oh H1B in feb 2008 so they extended only for 1 year till feb 2009 . Anyway that what you get when u ask your HR to file rather than have an attorney file ot handle the case. I had requested them to have an attorney handle the case but they gave me assurances that they will handle it and will do it in PP. Now i am sure they are repenting as i dont expect my GC approval for next 2 ot 3 years and now they got to shell out 1500 buck for extension every year or atleast for the next year when they retry for a 3 year extension in feb 2009.i had a word with my HR she said she is going to inquire with USCIS and discuss the case with attorney on what ground they offered one year extension and not 3 year

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  • rajuram
    02-06 12:04 AM
    Got a response from John Mcain few days back. But when will words actually change into actions?

    IV is our only hope, no one else cares.


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  • kode
    12-30 12:59 PM
    lost .. yours isn't bad either

    but yes .. soul's entry is simply awesome. all those details .. the colors ... you gotta love it!!

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  • krishnam70
    10-02 02:15 PM
    Thank you Hermione (Granger?)

    What about salary requirements? would it be okay if I get 20-30% lower
    salary? Do I have to be getting paychecks every month?

    1. Get a job with same description
    2. Get at least the salary mentioned in your LCA

    Please check with attorney's before you make that decision.

    - goodluck


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  • abhijitp
    08-20 01:43 PM
    Nice of you abhijitp, I amd northwest part of country won't be able to make it , But I am telling my friends in Tri-State and VA to attend that

    Not to single you out, but why aren't people from the West willing to attend the rally?

    1. Too much workload (cannot afford to take even 1 day off)
    2. Cannot afford flying into DC, accomodation, etc.
    3. I didn't attend the SJ rally, what will they say if I attend the DC rally;)
    4. DC Rally is a waste of time, I do not support it
    5. I don't have to have a green card, I can live without it, for the next 10 years!
    6. I am happy to eat the fruit of someone else's hardwork, I don't want to put in any hardwork myself

    1. Oh come on, how do you then keep browsing IV for so many hours?
    2. We may be able to help you... go here:
    3. Don't worry, as soon as you attend the DC rally, you will have washed all your sins in the past:)
    4. Thank you... but why are you even reading this?
    5. Great... maybe you should ask your spouse and children too... how long do you want them to go through all that they go through... because of your temporary status
    6. I envy you... for I cannot even imagine thinking like you! But please at least thank IV when you receive the fruit of its hardwork!

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  • pappu
    02-22 04:03 PM
    Responded to the article (wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the skew of the piece)

    Author was Charles Hurt with no direct email
    Thanks a lot. Pls. tell them about immigrationVoice and ask them to cover our issues.


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  • grupak
    03-06 07:14 PM
    Yep. Paid Time Off (PTO) - This will allow me to get regular checks until PTO is exhausted.

    Actually, my question is it LEGAL to work for the New employer (After filing H1B Transfer and getting the receipt) when on PTO (Paid Time Off) with current employer?

    There was discussions in this forum on working multiple jobs on H1B. Murthy claims you can as long as you have an H1B petition for each job.

    But, if you already have the receipt for the H1B transfer for the new job, why bother too much. Ask your employer if they would just pay your vacation time, and start the new job.

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  • snathan
    02-15 11:26 AM
    I came to know about it On 12 Feb. I am not sure what it is?
    I am expecting common RFE? or let me know what your thoughts.


    They might want to know if you are maintaining your status. for that they might ask the latest pay stub. It happened to me. Once I sent my pay stubs, it was approved. If you dont have the paystub, then you are in trouble.

    Wait and see whats it for.


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  • hoolahoous
    03-01 12:43 AM
    though I agree there is no grace period however practically USCIS has not been rigid about the dates. MOST of the employers do not inform USCIS about firing of H1b. During dot com bust, USCIS has 'unofficially' said that 15-20 days are good enough (again not as a policy decision but informally). It should be avoided, however it may not be always possible, and having few days gap should not be something on which you make life or death decision.

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  • gc??
    11-12 12:35 PM
    If you were a donor member you could have asked IV to help you. They helped people with EAD delays by talking to USCIS.

    If you read my post, I did say I got mine in time. I do appreciate what IV does.

    I donate when I can, thanks for letting me know that I have to donate.

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  • gc_chahiye
    02-17 09:33 PM
    Thanks for your reply. My main question is, if I do the H1B transfer (to a company other than the one that filed my labor, 140, 485), who has to submit the application for my spouse's 485 (when the priority date becomes current), my new employer or the old one that originally filed my 485?


    your wife's petition is based off yours, you dont need any LC/I-140 filing documents for that. Your I-485 receipt and/or I-140 approval notice copy is what you will need to include in her application. Other than that there is nothing needed from either X or Y. So it does not matter whether the petition is filed by an attorney from X, from Y, or from your own independent attorney. You can even file it yourself without involving attorneys...

    10-03 03:08 PM

    no you dont see anything abt FP on 485 status. If you haven't called USCIS, you can call once and see, it may help.

    05-08 12:48 PM
    some one suggest me options please .
    I'm on 4th year of H1b .I140 denied and didnt get denail notice yet .if MTR fails what should i do .Change employer ?

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