Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • psvk
    03-15 11:41 AM
    I have monthly contribution on for quite some time, Till 3/12/10 I was able to access Donor forum Threads , but not today. My Id shows up as member rather than Donor.

    Pls rectify

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-26 01:00 PM
    Something for IV core to look into and comment!

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  • FinalGC
    09-08 10:43 AM
    Came in Aug 1998 on F1 - MBA
    1st Labor applied in EB3 by company - 1999....quit to jump to EB2
    2nd labor applied in EB2 - 2000....laid off.after 1.5 years due to economy...labor stuck in BEC.....
    3rd Labor applied in EB2 - 10/2003....laid off after 2.5 years greedy desi company....labor stuck in BEC...
    4th Labor applied EB2 - 12/2005.....got PERM approved in 9 days...140 approved....waiting for 485 approval

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  • Suva
    04-29 11:31 AM
    It says "Recapture of immigrant visas". That means both employment and family based.
    It doesn't say that all will be applied to family based. I think employment lost visas would be applied to EB visas and same would be the case with FB visas.

    Reading the whole proposal, I got the same feeling.

    2 sections of the legal immigrants are going to be benefitted ,
    EB2 with advance degree from US
    Family Based immigrants.

    I don't see any provision or relief for EB3 .. guess we gonna left out in cold just like that.

    I have seen many asking IV or Pappu to clarify on this , and none has replied on this one, so I believe eb3 gonna be left out in the whole process..
    okie guys time for me to fill EAD renewal, by the time I am done with that, my AP renewal will come up.. enjoy.


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  • catch22
    03-20 10:59 AM
    ragz4u -

    Your comments are appreciated. BTW, the 'Dell' Dude remark was just a reference, in lighter vein, to a Dell 'Dude' Ad that ran in recent times in the media. No offence to any folks working or associated with Dell :).

    Stucklabor, catch22,

    I think that this is truly a learning experience for folks like me who do not have much knowledge about these issues. Please keep it going.

    At the same time, lets not get personal here. No one has any personal grudges here and hopefully everyone realizes that everyone is stressed out with the going ons.

    Catch22, I am sure that stucklabor did not mean to denigrate you when he called you dude, just as I am sure you did not mean to belittle Dell employees by claiming that you are not a average Dell Dude....trust me, I know atleast one very active member who is on this forum who has worked for Dell and is also a mensa member.

    So lets stick to the topic and not make this a personal battle

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  • jungalee43
    09-20 11:31 AM
    I would advise to keep the announcement secret till as long as possible. It should be posted only when it is tabled in Senate or House or where ever. Several agencies are working against our interests and we should not caution them.
    I have patience and other members should also be patient leaving everyting to core team with full trust.


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  • gimme Green!!
    07-19 08:03 AM
    Even I received a screen shot a few months ago. That did not have:
    Processing Type, Case Source and Data Entry assigned to

    Today I received the screen shot from my employer and found out that following informations are missing:

    Processing Type, Case Source and Data Entry assigned to

    I would like to know the significance of the above missing informations and does it affect the labor approval process?

    In the screen shot, case received date is 01/10/2005 and Case Status is Data Review.

    Please let me know if these missing info can have any negative affect my case? And if answer is YES then what should I do?

    Thanks for your help in advance..


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  • LostInGCProcess
    08-22 01:08 PM
    I think its better to clear up if there is H1 denial, before you start using EAD. Cause it may come back and bite your back when the time comes to adjudicate your i-485 application.


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  • surabhi
    10-24 05:35 PM
    I was really afraid to ask this question as people here don't like different type of question, then also i thought to take a chance.
    If you are a working couple with kids, you know the value of having a maid here.
    So I am planning to get a maid from india.
    Can she apply for b1 visa (with sponsorship letter from me).
    Can I specify the actual reason(help with child care) for visa or I just have to mention "visiting purpose"??
    I am fine with her traveling to india every 6 months.
    I came here on H1 and working on EAD(dependent with 485 pending).
    Thanks in advance.

    Since no one actually provided the answer, I will attempt.

    What you are looking for is Au Pair from India. This is the program available to get nannys for a period of 12 months, extensible up to 24 months. This may or may not be practical to you since there are several conditions to be met.

    Ofcourse I am not talking from experience. Just read about this in past and remembered.

    Google for Au pair India and look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Au_pair

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  • kchakrav
    08-01 09:06 AM
    My spouse returned to the US with AP with expired H4 stamping through Frankfurt. Did not get any Transit visa. No issues at all..


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  • NYC-circuit
    01-03 09:26 AM

    The IO asked me to request my attorney to Fax a letter stating that the application was send on so and so date along with the FedEx copy of the signature verification.

    You originally sent your 485 package to NSC?

    Yes my whole package including I-140 was send to NSC

    This is the same number the IO gave me, I will call today afternoon and find out if they have any other number

    As mentioned before in the forum I have submitted DHS Form 7001 on 12/03/2007

    I think it is just a few of us who are unfortunate to be in this situation. I really hope that they will find all our applications and start processing it. I was counting on this so my wife could start working, but looks like nothing is predictable with USCIS

    All other members please post if you have any updates


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  • Jaime
    06-13 07:02 PM
    You didn't read my post clearly. This happiness is only good for couple of months and it will be back to retrogression again especially for India & China as stated by alterego at above post. By that time, it will take longer time to get for GC as it is now because there will be tons of pending I-485 with only limited visa number.

    Thanks, I get it now. Well, let's all pray that dates stay current at least for a few months. If it is just July then that is great news for a lot of us who can file in July! I will keep praying it's more than just one month though! :)


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  • Winner
    09-26 10:44 AM
    Thanks to IV core, fearless leader of IV Texas group (NeedHelp!), volunteers and donors for making this happen.

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  • hiralal
    07-02 10:42 PM
    I have not read all the posts but I guess we can come to 2-3 points
    1) it is meant to make legal immigration more difficult
    2) it means more money for USCIS
    3) maybe AILA is behind this ;) ..because this means more business for lawyer
    4) the lawyer on whose website this first came ..is trying to get more business
    my lawyer had told me that there is no need to renew both H1 and apply for EAD


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  • gc_maine2
    06-20 10:52 AM
    I did'nt get it factoryman.. Do you mean shall i ask the doctor whether they have filled that I-693 and sealed it??

    and give you copies of all reports.

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  • drirshad
    08-01 06:39 PM
    PD March 2006



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  • geevikram
    11-22 11:48 AM
    Guys, I might have something up in march..(don't know the dates yet). If the dates do not clash, i will be in too. Either way, I'll have some friends living in DC show up.

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  • malaGCPahije
    07-15 03:38 PM
    I understand. I'm also in similar situation. Filing another case in EB2 is no doubt best thing to do. Money is not the main factor. But I'm afraid new labor approval (considering PERM delay), I-140 approval and refile (with older PD) may take close to two years (considering current processing time). Also if many of us are doing this then another new rule may be introduced to "block" these cases as they will notice sudden increase of EB2!! Another thing is we're already in AOS pending state. I'm not sure what is will be the impact of doing this now. I hope you've discussed all these with your lawyer. I told my lawyer about it and he came up with all negative sides of EB3 to EB2 PD transfer. But I'm still thinking to go for it.

    I agree with nonimmi. Please give it a good thought before taking any quick decision. I know a couple of friends whose labor got rejected under PERM. It has become very strict. Plus I personally believe we should see something happening for EB3 in next 2 years. Something has to happen. We should continue to make enough noise. My only concern, and I had expressed this in other thread too, is that after our EB2 friends get their GC we will not have enough people in IV to make that much noise. But we will try.

    EAD and AC21 gives you quite some freedom. Give your luck a try for one more year. Atleast that is my plan. Maybe I am too optimistic. But I will stick with EB3 for one more year.

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  • Leo07
    04-29 04:06 PM
    Post midterm the goal of GOP is to fail the president as much as possible. So that they can get a republican elected as President in 2012. GOP, being a minority party was so powerful in blocking everything, wait until they turn into majority.

    So, the time is now when the iron is hot.

    Folks, on a side note, please stay away from personal attacks and not bicker over EB2/EB3 or US Master's degree or anything that divides us as a community. It usually makes us look bad and even more so in time of need like this. Please look at the bigger picture.

    God bless us all!

    07-10 09:52 PM
    IV will repel genuine people ....

    I am not interested to be a donor and will contribute based on action plan as I did before and did contribute a good amount of money to IV - but what I hate to see is people like you - being a donor you think you got the right to insult non-donors ....

    the way IV forums are being used, very soon I may run out of option but to disassociate myself with it... Its sad but that is the fact ...
    I don't know why people get offended so easily in an open forum like this. Why cant we take it in a good spirit and move on. If people cant even take it as a joke how are we supposed to work together for a common cause. IV gave us a platform and if people who started IV were demanding action plans from everybody else, then we would have reached nowhere.

    gimme Green!!
    06-14 05:15 PM
    There is one Indian doctor in Ford road. Her detail is

    Dr. Begum Zubeida
    37662 Ford Road, Westland, MI 48185
    (734) 326-6300

    Charges $100 for blood as well as paper work. You can have shots taken at her office for $200.

    Westland is not too far.

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