Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • chintu25
    07-30 12:52 PM

    Called all republicans

    All Voice mails .....Left messege with all .

    This is a chance people .

    Do not hold back ....Do not be afriad to call.....



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  • desi485
    07-01 04:09 PM
    If someone does not have a NRE or NRO account, just a simple savings and Checkings account with FD (Called CD's here) ---------- All of this is in GOVT owned Banks, Like SBI, Punjab national bank, Vijaya Bank etc.

    Before coming to US the sum of money in all these accounts and FD's (Fixed Deposits) was less than $10K. {Principle + interest}

    Now after we came here we funded these accounts with money sent from US (TAX PAID MONEY WAS SENT FROM US BANK ACCOUNTS).
    Also the interest which we get on these Accounts annually do not exceed $10K............... I believe that they should not look into the Principle amount (since this was already a tax paid money)
    Apart from this no other source of income is there in India.

    Do we still need to file this form ??

    Ha ha ha.... I initially thought the same logic, unfortunately IRS doesn't think that way. Besides if you have more than 10K in a foreign bank, you MUST file fbar. no matter from where money came.

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  • yogi13
    07-19 04:39 PM
    I am filing I-485, EAD and AP on own without lawyer's help. I am applyig for me and my spouse. I am on H1b visa and she is on H4 visa(dependent). Do I need to send in G-28 form for myself ? Does she (spouse) need to sign G-28, that I am representing her.

    I read in another thread that if lawyer is not going to represent you, you have to fill it for yourself and spouse? So I am confused.

    Please correct me if I am wrong

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  • conchshell
    09-08 10:25 PM
    It is also surprising to know that a lot of us do not bother to start the process early on or are not aware of the long wait times. Few people who started early on when they came on H1 are better off than most of us.
    Quite true Pappu. I came to US in Feb 2000. Joined a big name in Feb 2001. Instead of focusing on Labor cert filing, I focused more on my work (probably because proving myself in a new company seemed more important that time). Two months after joining suddenly came an email from corporate HR and company decided not to file any more labor certs because of worsening economy. They filed my labor only in Oct 2004 (so for filing labor itself I had to wait for 3.5 years). Wish I knew about the long wait and GC hell when I came here.


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  • jonty_11
    11-17 01:13 PM
    Does IV have any comment on this development? It is discouraging to say teh least, as we saw industry pushing for reform, seems like the Legislative branches have plain shut the door on us.

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  • franklin
    06-18 10:16 AM
    Hi.. i need help on this..

    If i get the tests done and get a sealed I-693 and tell the doctor that i will attach proof for some vaccinations before filing to my application does that invalidate your I-693?

    In other words do i absolutely have to have all vaccination proof before going to the doctor or i can furnish it later as well as a separate proof along with sealed envelope?

    You get the form after you have satisfied the doctor that you passed the exam, including the vaccinations. I would be surprised if you would be able to do this, but doctors vary widely


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  • zuhail
    08-06 09:35 AM
    This bill will not affect any of the US High tech companies nor high-skilled immigration (it has nothing to do with EB immigration).
    Even big companies like Microsoft and Intel would not be affected by this bill (it is not as restrictive as the previous rule that firms that receive TARP funds could not hire H1Bs).
    No need to fear that this would be the start of something bad that we have to fight this to prevent future anti-immigration bills. No such implication.
    Although this bill borderlines indirect protectionism and interferes in the free-market principles, it is promoted to prevent fraud and may be to decelerate outsourcing by mostly Indian companies, given the current rate of unemployment at 9.5% and the increasing threat of widespread deflation.

    To be clear, I am not in support of this bill, but it would be a sheer waste IV's resources to fight this bill. If some guys can attach these kind of bills to other legislation, may be IV should focus on passing the visa recapture and may be increasing the per-country limit from ~7% to 20% (eliminating per-country limit being the most-desirable).

    Instead of fighting this bill, the least that IV could do is to focus its resources to eliminate the freaking diversity lottery program and allocate the 50K green card visa to the EB program. In this 21st century, there is no more need for diversity (which is line with the spirit of the past US Supreme Court rulings), everything is already globalized and flattened. Everything should be based on pure merit -- which is the American dream anyway.

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  • ashwin_27
    02-24 12:27 AM
    Do people who make one time contributions also get access to the donor forum?

    Here is my confirmation -

    Item Amount:
    $xx.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    Item Title:
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: ashwin_27)
    Feb 19, 2010
    00:35:37 PST


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  • indianabacklog
    04-21 01:34 PM
    If the link was posted you would have been getting more people to join you on IV. And when more people join you, it means you will succeed. I pity your ignorance and the belief that a post on a lawyer blog is a big achievement.

    At least your rude posts are putting this thread on the front page.

    Keep it up, maybe some other people from IV will begin to read it.

    Since you consider yourself to be the all knowing on such matters maybe you have some insightful suggestions how just a few sufferers can make as much impact as 12 million illegal immigrants?

    Your constructive input would be most welcome.

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  • arunkotte
    06-13 05:53 PM
    Please look for a reaction on other websites and see if some one else confirms this. This is HUGE.


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  • rbms
    12-07 05:01 PM
    can you give me access to donor forums. Following are my details.

    User id: rbms
    Subscription Terms:
    $25.00 USD for each month, for 12 installments

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  • sphotani
    05-24 07:44 PM
    You are correct in your assumption. As long as you get your GC by 10/1/2008, you don't have anything to worry about. Key is to get it approved by then.

    But doesn't this assumption contradict what's there in the bill - Anybody who has not filed I-140 by May 21st 2007 has to reapply under the new system.
    I don' think the bill explicitly call out any exceptions or corner cases.


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  • GCwaitforever
    11-24 09:01 AM
    Ask your new company attorney to send a request to BEC for the case status. And ask your ex-employer not to withdraw the case from BEC at least. They owe you that favor for the work done in past four years. Or you can send an e-mail yourself to BEC.

    Check this on Backlog center web site ...

    H-1B Visa Extensions

    DOL has worked with CIS to set up a new system in the Backlog Elimination Centers to assist individuals who have submitted an application for permanent labor certification prior to March 28, 2005 and need proof of the submission to apply for an extension of an H-1B visa.

    Individuals should send an e-mail to the appropriate Backlog Center explaining the need for the H-1B extension and requesting verification that their application is pending at the Center. The email addresses are h1b7yr@dal.dflc.us for the Dallas Center and h1b7yr@phi.dflc.us for the Philadelphia Center. Include in this request all pertinent information (employer name and address, alien name and address, date of filing, state where filed, case number, if known).

    The Backlog Center will respond to the individual with verification that the application has been pending for 365 days.

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  • dtekkedil
    07-04 04:08 PM
    without proper strategy this flower drive will not have any results..But with proper strategy and large number of people participating, if we decide to go ahead and inform media in advance it will be sensational news..

    What you say is true!

    But first we need people willing to take action! Lets look at the types of people here -
    1) Few have come forward and sent those flowers...
    2) Most are cautious to the extent of paranoia. (I guess they fear that their GC applications would be rejected by USCIS if they do this?)
    3) Few are waiting for approval from the core members!
    4) Few that profess support but haven't done anything yet...
    5) Few that believe this is a waste of time

    Group 1: Thank you! You have shown true spirit!

    Group 2: This campaign will be a success if we can convince group 2 to take the chance (not that USCIS will come after everyone anyways.. they are not the IRS!).

    Group 3: I guess they are afraid of making a mistake... - The core members cannot and will not endorse this campaign. Because if they do.. then it becomes the "official" stand of IV. So don't wait around looking for their approval... and we cannot succeed without you! So please take the chance!

    Group 4: Act now! Put your money where your mouth is!

    Group 5: This will not be a waste of time if we have enough support from all of you!

    So please join us friends... we cannot succeed without you! Take the chance... send those flowers... let us bring this injustice to the eyes of the public! Spread the word! Get your friends involved... aim for nothing less than this story on prime-time news!


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  • Administrator2
    07-30 12:37 PM
    should we say to support all (HR 6039 & HR 5882, HR 5921) bills OR only HR 5882?

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills
    HR 6039 & HR 5882, HR 5921. All the three bills have wide bipartisan
    support in the house and will help improve American competitiveness &
    reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. All these bills are non
    controversial measures that will help US to stay competitive with a
    highly educated and skilled work force.

    Tomorrow's markup is for HR5882 only. So please refer HR5882 ONLY when calling the Representative's office.


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  • nixstor
    01-31 12:27 PM
    Spouses who are on H4 and have EAD & SSN will get the rebate check. For what ever reasons, if there is any H4 spouse that has an EAD but no SSN can still apply for SSN and can get one in 2 weeks before they file their return, which will get their rebate check

    I don't agree with the tone of "Its ok if H4 dependents get bumped out of the tax rebate check". Not because, all the people who lose it badly need it, But because its just yet another blow to legal immigrants in the name of illegals. And, It does not serve purpose of stimulus package.


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  • willwin
    07-31 10:57 AM

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  • chanduv23
    02-24 06:25 PM
    IV reaching out to new members is taboo?
    Why are you reaching out to lawmakers....because you want them to make favorable laws benefiting immigrants....will they do it without your reaching out...maybe...but most likely not
    so reaching out makes a difference isn't it
    You want more members to contribute and help out...but you want to do it without reaching out to them. Think about it...ya it might happen...but won't you get better results and more resources if you reach out.

    I didn't blame anyone for anything...nor did i question anyone's efforts or intentions...i was simply seeking basic information about the organization and how it is run....i am guessing here ...but i think this is the first question on people's minds when they decide to contribute or not...a good PR campaign to promote IV among existing 1000's of members on this site won't be a bad thing

    I am well versed in technology and i have offered my help in this area

    I agree that it is not well organized and it is actually very difficult to run an organization like this.
    When I talk about inaction - I am not talking about uninformed people - I am talking about well informed people who decided they wont do anything for valid/invalid reasons and lack of interest and whatever.
    Please do not misunderstand anyone who is trying different methods to send a signal.

    In a corporate environment which is structured, everything is packaged (good and bad) and presented in a pleasant way, but this is different, we cannot expect people to "offer" you a nice deal, rather those who volunteer and do tasks tirelessly and thanklessly go through a lot of stress dealing with different types of people.

    It is simple, help yourself and let us all do it collectively. Please join hands with me, please bring your friends and please take this seriously. It is as simple as that.

    This is a self help group and "though" I may not want to point at the organization leaders, but based on my talks with Pappu, Anu and other folks who run this organization, I noticed that they expect everyone to be well informed about the issues or processes, to think like they think, to come forward selflessly and act, but most people are not like that. They are wary, they want to know what this is all about , who runs this, who are the leaders.
    I used to live in NYC and built the tri state group, I connected with a lot of people on a social basis, personal basis, conducted workshops , ran campaigns and a lot of people used to see me as the face of IV, I used to talk to media, answer questions on IV behalf etc.. used to go around with fellow members and stick posters, distribute leaflets, form teams and take them for lobbying, arrange logistics, I moved to Texas and don't do that anymore. And I totally understand what people are wanting.

    To IV - We need some good leaders who can carry the face of IV to the people. Leaders who connect with people, who organize things and act as a PR for the organization. All that IV core team should do is to select very skilled and good leaders and let them do PR and connect with people. And everything will fall in place or, we keep seeing people fighting over each other, some people genuinely wanting to know things and some senior members not happy about questioning IV. This has been happening since IV was formed.

    In my opinion, IV members must be extremely friendly to each other and connect on a regular basis. It helps solve our issue.

    I hope people here do not get me wrong on what I said. This is my personal opinion, and IV must be dealing with lot of issues on a daily basis and must have their own ways of handling things.

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  • byech
    04-03 02:20 PM
    After my vacation, I returned from India to US on last week of Feb through EWR. Officer at POE asked so many questions and I had a hard time answering them. And after 5 mins of drilling, he let me in. He never said anything about recession or why did I want to enter US at this time. I hope whatever discussed here is rumor.

    04-26 12:14 PM
    I assume that your three year diploma is from a State govt vocational school which hands out AICTE recognised (Same body which recognises B.Tech/BE) three year diploma.Fact that you went ahead and completed another three bachelors from same institution should add up and in fact , is equivalent to a regular 4 year engg. program.
    In your post, you mentioned NIIT diploma which confused lot of people.Readers confused your situation with B.Sc+NIIT diploma people.
    State govt /Central govt diploma from a regular polytechnic is completely different from private shops like Aptech/NIIT handing out diplomas.

    01-16 02:58 PM
    I am not sure why you think that Indian citizens would not be eligible for SS benefits without having a US citizenship ? Its my understanding that if one has worked here for 10yrs (40 credits), he is eligible for SS payments. Is there a catch there ?? :confused:

    From SSA's website:

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, your payments will stop after you have been outside the United States for six calendar months unless you meet one of several exceptions that will permit you to continue receiving benefits abroad. These exceptions are based, for the most part, on your citizenship. For example, if you are entitled to worker’s benefits and are a citizen of one of the many countries with which the U.S. has a reciprocal arrangement to pay each other’s citizens in another country, your Social Security benefits may continue after you leave the United States. See a list at the following Internet address:


    BTW - INDIA does NOT have a reciprocal agreement with U.S. right now.

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