Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:12 PM
    nice, they are all good. I like the leaf one the most.

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  • ronitm
    06-30 12:01 PM
    I selected H1B: SPECIALITY OCCUPATION as that was the manner i last entered the country in Dec 2007. Even though i have an AP(haven't used it) but for my wife(who entered on AP) i selected DA: Advance parole. So if you used AP at POE then your status is DA. Hope that helps :)

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  • H1Girl
    12-30 02:34 PM
    Hi - I am on 7th Year of my H1. My I-140 has been approved. My I-485 is pending for while plus my PD is not current as of Jan 09. In this case...

    a) Am I eligible to apply for H1 extension (I don't want to use EAD)?
    b) If Yes, will I get 1 Year or 3 Years?

    Thanks for your help...

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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-12 01:07 PM
    the testimony links on the right hand site are worth reading they make compelling arguments..wonder what happend..there are no commitee member comments on this hearing.

    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.



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  • iam4u4ever
    05-30 05:00 PM
    Can anyone tell me how long it will take to receive card after receiving welcome email?

    Permanent Resident Card Production Delays

    USCIS is announcing that applicants may experience up to an eight week delay in the delivery of their permanent resident card while we are in the process of upgrading our card production equipment. USCIS Field Offices will be issuing temporary evidence of permanent residence in the form of an I-551 stamp to applicants approved for permanent residence at the time of their interview. You will need to take your passport to your appointment. If you do not have a passport, you must bring a passport style photo and government issued photo identification to receive temporary evidence of permanent residence.

    If the application is approved subsequent to your interview or by a Service Center or the National Benefit Center, the applicant should bring the above documents to an INFOPASS appointment to be issued temporary evidence of permanent residence in the form of an I-551 stamp.

    Last updated:05/29/2009

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  • goosetavo
    01-10 03:26 PM
    Why isn't IV a national member of the Reform Immigration for America Campaign? If you take a look at the list of participating organizations Organizations � Reform Immigration For America (http://reformimmigrationforamerica.org/about/organizations/) you'll only see that the TX state chapter has signed on. Core group, could one of you take a look and sign-up? Would IV consider cooridnating events with them during 2010?


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  • robyr77
    04-22 07:16 PM
    Last October I hired a lawyer for an AOS ( I-485 ) and the I-130 and I-131 forms.
    Obviously I did it because I did not have any knowledge about immigration matters.
    In Novembre 2007 he did contact me telling me I needed the I-765 form to legally work in the country, so I did fill the form sending it in his office by mail.
    He told me he sent the form in the first week of December 2007.
    Ok now this is the situation :
    I never get by mail the notice of action about the form I-765 and what concern me the most is that I still did not get the permit to work.
    I periodically check the processing time cases from the USCIS' website, and I have seen that USCIS (NEW YORK area ) already processed the I-765 forms for the complete month of December, does anyone know if Uscis is having problem processing EADs....I am really worried that something did not go through... probably it's just normal to have so many questions but recently I think about that all the time.
    Oh guys one more thing...I paid this lawyer thousand and thousand of dollars.
    I realized reading the USCIS website that if you fill the form I-485 you are not required to pay the $ 340 fee for the I-765 form . Last November he asked me to send him a check for the EAD fee. When I told him that last time i spoke with him by phone he said he did know that , then he told me that he just had moved from his old office to a new one so my case was in storage, in storage ?? My case is still pending and he put it in storage, i am so disappointed ...unbelievable this lack of professionality.
    I should have do it by myself at least now I would have money to buy a nice used car.
    Thank you all for reading

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  • kaisersose
    07-18 08:02 AM
    I just read this line from the USCIS release


    USCIS�s announcement today allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No. 107 a full month�s time to do so.


    It appears Labors approved after July 31 cannot apply for 485 as they would not have been eligible under bulletin No. 107.

    if yes, then this is something that should be clearly mentioned somewhere.


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  • number30
    03-15 06:13 PM
    Thanks in advance for answering my question:

    I have had an EAD from past 2 years, but I also had a valid H1B I was working for company A on H1 and my GC is filed by Company B future employment(and hence the EAD)

    - Company A went down last year, so I was laid off, so my H1 lapsed.
    - I switched to Company B since I have an EAD through them.
    - I am on Company B's payroll currently.
    - The company A folks needed help after they were shutdown, I helped and was paid for hours. (doing same and similar work) but not issued a 1099...

    Question - I will need to file taxes on those hours, in terms of immigration have I done anything out of ordinary here? I don't know if USCIS and IRS connecected, or I am just being paranoid here?


    As you are on EAD nothing wrong is done as for as USCIS is concerned. Just add that income as self employment income you should be fine. Also you can deduct those expenses you made to earn that income.

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  • chantu
    10-24 02:58 PM
    My wife got a job offer on contract basis for 3 months. I am on h1 and she is on h4 so far. I am planning to stay on h1 itself. If my wife accepts this job using EAD, Does my status also changes? Is it okay if she dont find a job after this contract expires, what status she will be in during that time, h4 or EAD?

    Please advice, Thanks a lot ....

    No..your status will not change. You can still maintain your H1. She can go on EAD and work for 3 months and she will be in AOS status if she does not find any job. She will not go out of status. She can work 40hrs, 20hrs or 0hrs..it will not affect her status.


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  • kpchal2
    04-07 07:56 PM
    given the priority date and the processing dates i want to understand how the uscis will process our applications

    now the Nebraska service center is processing June 8, 2008. so based on the priority date it is processing all the applications that are current and have been filed before June 8th. Now let us say they take an application and start processing it and suddenly the PD goes back and I am not current any more - what do USCIS do. Do they just stack it back or what do they do. any thoughts.

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  • Ann Ruben
    03-30 07:53 PM
    A 7th year extension is still possible, but the extension petition must be filed within 180 days of the LC approval. ( per current DOlL regulations, the LC expires after 180 days). My advice would be to have company B file to amend it's petition, requesting a validity date of 12/12.


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  • wandmaker
    11-05 01:28 PM
    Hi guys,

    My LCA got denied today (reason unknown) and my H1-B has expired on Nov. 1 as well. :(

    I also have a pending I-485 petition with approved I-140. I also have a valid EAD. So I assume, I am currently shifted to AOS pending status working on EAD.

    My question is whether this denial negatively affects my pending I-485 application? I assume not but just wanted to confirm anyways :confused:

    Thanks for you responses.

    Your H1B LCA denial will not have negative impacts on your GC. To keep the records clean, fill out a new I-9 form and submit to HR.

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  • chanduv23
    03-26 12:15 PM
    I had to withdraw my application since I had to file for a divorce. I was just told yesterday that my petition in withdrawn and my wife will be notified in a week. I was also told that I can re-file before.

    Currently we have withdrawn the Divorce papers as well. But I don't know what steps to be taken for re-file.

    She has an A number which I can provide now. But the two question I have is her current USCIS status? She came on K1 and another question is "Have you ever applied for Perm. Res.?" The Answer will be yes with date and place of filing, but what should I write for final disposition.

    Please help this is urgent.

    These are questions you ask a lawyer.


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  • yagw
    08-18 10:46 PM

    I am on H1 visa. 485 pending, and have EAD. However the 1 yr period of EAD is nearing, the EAD expiry date is Aug 20. We have already applied for EAD renewal and have recieved 'notice of receipt' for the application.

    My question is can I use EAD and change job while EAD renewail is in process? The problem is that the current employer may be closing this dept in few weeks and therefore, I will be losing this job. I would like to know if i can join a new job while EAD renewal is in progress.

    Any suggestions please


    You can, for the duration of your current EAD. If you get your new EAD before that, then everything is fine. If not, you might have to stop working on the expiry date of your current EAD till you get the new one.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and this is not a legal advice.

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  • webm
    08-28 10:44 AM
    Make sure your spouse has valid AP on hand while she travel to overseas...so that she return using AP at POE..so AP is must at this point as her AOS is still pending...

    Also get advice from your lawyer in advance..


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  • 131313
    June 7th, 2005, 09:51 PM
    Certainly nicer than watery milk. .........nice photos!

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  • LegalIndianInUSA
    06-20 04:08 AM
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I couldnt find the form on the uscis website, which generally lists supplemental forms next to the main ones. Couldnt even find a link to this, so wasnt sure if my doc was doing the right thing or following some old procedure.

    One more question : I-693 has 4 copies (one for uscis, one for self, one for doc etc). Does it matter which copy goes to uscis (since they are basically the same, except for the text in the bottom which denotes the copy).
    Because I think my doc put his copy in the sealed envelope, and gave me a photocopy of that.
    Should I go back and have him redo the form (he has bad handwriting too, like most doctors)?

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  • gman
    04-17 09:23 PM
    Hello everybody,

    Since my last post I have done a lot of research on this site and i think i have found the answer to most things. I am curious to find out if anyone has been in the same situation and have a couple of questions left.

    1. Since now I am married but when my I-485 was filed I was single, do I need to ammend the I-485?
    2. Do I need to let the attorney know that we are self filing for my wife?

    Thanks in advance!

    05-09 03:34 PM
    Yep, I would enclose a letter from my current employer. I wanted to know whether I can process without my new H1B approval notice

    In your letter of sponsorship which employer you are going to mention? You will need a letter of employment from your employer.

    10-01 09:19 PM
    Ah!! thanks for reading this post. Give me green and you get the GC within a year. If you give me "red" still I am happy.

    So, its up to you.

    I just edited this post....i want everyone to succeed and have a good, peaceful life.:D:D:D:D

    green for u

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