Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • mojo_jojo
    02-11 06:19 PM
    can some kind souls please explain to me what is the meaning of 'retrogression'?

    thank you


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  • HaveQuestions
    02-03 11:36 AM
    My H1B was refused under section 221(g) (petitioner is not able or willing to provide employment....) and case has reached USCIS for review. The lawyers however are asking me to travel on H4 and then convert to H1 in US and they say this can be done in 2 weeks. I am so very skeptical about this! How is this even possible?
    Their response is that i have an H1B from earlier quota, so i can get a new petition filed and start working on it once its approved.How come people dont do this if its valid?
    My questions if anybody can help me are
    1) Can i go on H4 visa without revoking my H1B petition which is under review with USCIS? Or will consulate ask me to revoke my H1B petition?
    2) If i go on H4, can i really get a COS to H1 in US i.e. not the April 2011 quota but in the already assigned quota and i can start working within a few days of approval?

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  • ShinX001
    03-18 08:42 AM
    So I am trying to create an ellipse which has a few bumps in its shape(path),
    I want to be able to dynamically create new shapes that have a different
    path each time a new one is created. Any one have any idea about how
    to go abotu the concept for this?

    Dont need code just need ideas on best ways to go about this.

    Thanks in advanced.... :mario:

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  • STAmisha
    12-26 10:54 AM
    I filed my I-485 on july 2, 2007. Now I'm moving to new home. What do I need to do? How do I inform USCIS?



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  • 1528boyz
    08-19 12:45 AM
    Hi There,

    I need some advice on my current situation.I am in the 4th year of my H1-B .I have my
    I-140 approved from my current employer with PD of Aug'09.

    I am planning to change my job, my concern is :

    Assuming that my current employer do not revoke/recall my I-140

    1. Do i need to have the same job responsibilities in my new job to transfer my PD?
    2. Do i have to stick with my current employer for atleast 6 months to transfer my PD?
    3. What will happen if i change employer within 6 months, can i still be able to get my PD?
    4. Will employers provide approval of I-140 ?

    Appreciate for your time,


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  • waiting4_gc
    09-14 02:50 PM
    TX is now processing upto July 19. provides a better update as we knew this already.
    kaisersose can youplease send the link


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  • prout02
    02-09 03:20 PM
    Do you need to submit copies of your approved LC or I-140 to support your stay beyond 6 years? I don't see it mentioned in the I-129 application.

    And do you say yes or no to the following question (Q.5, Part C of H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement form)?

    "Has the beneficiary of this petition been previously granted status as an H1-B nonimmigrant in the past 6 years and not left the United States for more than one year after attaining such status?"

    This probably wishes to know whether you have a reason to stay here for more than 6 years. But I don't see anywhere to explain that. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • realist
    10-26 11:18 AM
    how much is it going for?
    US can make a lot of money, if it holds an auction and invite all the gc applicants to bid :D


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  • rajarao
    07-17 05:41 PM
    Congratulations to IV for leading everyone. Good job everyone.

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  • sumanitha
    05-05 03:47 PM
    Thanks for the quick response.



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  • userz
    09-03 07:45 AM
    i have made a sphere and i want to apply a special texture on it, i have my texture on .jpg. how can i do plz ?

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  • iAlien
    06-13 02:36 PM
    My 7th year H1-B renewal was mailed by my lawyer on March 30th to the Vermont Serice Center. They received it on March 31st. I know that there was a change in filing taking effect April 1st. What happened in my case is that the USCIS forwarded my files to the California Service Center without receipting it first. California reveiced my file on April 4th and now I find myself out of status. My lawyer tries to tell me that it was an USCIS mistake whereas a lawyers who I retained for a second opinion tells me it was the mistake of the first attorney. I did everything possible for the to reconsider their decision but I still would like to know who's to blame. If it was indeed the lawyera mistake I'm considering filing a complaint against him.


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  • instantkarma
    05-28 08:58 AM
    I have a new job offer from one of the largest product based company's Global Consulting Professional services.
    1. I am in a PORTABLE AC21 situation over 180 days of 485 filing and an approved I-140.
    2. I have requested the company to prefer my EAD over their H1B offering.

    1. If I take their H1B offer, what are the risks of USCIS asking me a client letter before joining? Please note it is a huge org. The company intends to take me in after obtaining LIN# from premium H1B processing.
    2. The prevailing wage on my LC when filed in 2005 was $60,757 and the offered wage at that time from my company was $76545. My NEW offer in 2010 stands at $118000. Is that an issue?
    3. If I use my EAD which is expiring September2010 and due renewal can I keep continuing work until obtaining new EAD?


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  • venkygct
    06-23 01:38 AM
    I was also in the same boat couple of months back and got two appointments. Technically we can send a letter to USCIS with explanation. But my attorney suggested me to go for the second appointment. So I went twice..


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  • gcformeornot
    03-22 05:07 AM
    so. But since your 140 is approved the PD is yours. You have to find new employer, start from Labor process again.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-08 09:40 AM
    From a press release from the New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has dispatched her top detention advisor to Basile, Louisiana to meet with detainees who have monitored conditions and staged hunger strikes in the isolated ICE detention center during the last month. Dora Schriro, Director of the newly created Office of Detention Policy and Planning, is on her way to the South Louisiana Corrections Center now. Meanwhile, detainee Edgar Nelson Bojorge Alcantara entered his sixth day on hunger strike today. He and other detainees in the facility have held five hunger strikes...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/08/top-dhs-official-to-meet-hunger-strikers-in-new-orleans.html)


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  • friend99
    10-08 03:12 PM

    I had a question regarding the july bulletin where it was mentioned that Old fees is entertained for employment based petetions while family based it would be new fees for I485.

    Mine was applied by my company on July 2nd with old fees and Spouse's was applied on August 3rd with old fee and was rejected! I-140 was approved on August 8th and applied in March 2007!

    Did they confuse with family based and rejected for fees?

    Spouse should also be employment based right!

    Can somebody answer my question?


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  • ShrutiJadhav
    04-07 12:07 PM
    Hello All,

    The officer at the SSN issuing center told me since my passport and the stamped I-94 have my maiden I will get an SSN also in the maiden name and not my married name.

    However I had already filed for my EAD (form I-765) before getting this information with my married name which I need to change to the maiden name. I have received an appointment letter for biometrics/finger printing (FP) . What should be done now? Should I wait and tell the officer during the FP about this name change that I need or how should I go about it?

    Thanking you in anticipation.


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  • loudobbs
    10-25 09:54 AM
    I ve got the right connections....;););)

    your IV screen name might....:D:D

    06-10 12:17 PM

    Is there any specific statute/provision that forces/restricts USCIS to count dependents towards Employments Based Visa numbers, when they (dependent) file AOS based on Primary's approved EB case?

    08-31 10:05 AM
    Senate Democrat: Immigration reform not happening this year - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/116321-dem-senator-immigration-reform-isnt-happening-this-year)

    The party did move in recent weeks, though, to make itself seem tougher on immigration, with the Senate coming back to convene a special session to advance a $600 million bill to boost border security that the House had passed in a special session of its own.

    At LEGAL IMMIGRANTS expense :eek:!!!

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