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  • gc_chahiye
    08-27 07:24 PM
    Those who were able to upgrade to premium processing before Jul 2, did you get a new receipt number for the upgrade? Or was the old receipt number valid?

    old one remains valid. Your status on that will indicate that the application has been upgraded to PP, and then the same reciept number will tell you about the decision

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  • pappu
    11-28 10:29 PM
    Is there only one member in the IL chapter? I am sure we have several IV members from this state and nobody has responded. It is sad to see such response from members. IN order to get anything done, we all have to pitch in and help out.

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  • indygc
    09-01 02:57 PM

    I filed our AP & EAD on August 10th with proof of 485 filing/delivery confirmation.
    We got our receipt notices for AP 131 but unfortunately they have rejected our EAD 765 for incorretc filing fee of $180.
    They written a notice saying the correct filing fee after July 30th is $340.

    But for July VB is'nt the filing fee $180?

    I have got back my entire documents packet for 765.

    What should I do now? Should I resend the packet with a letter saying that I come under July VB? or should I send a new check for $340? Anybody gone thru similar experiences? Pls help.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • orphean
    05-05 09:36 PM

    I recently (a couple of months ago) switched firms. I have a valid H-1B visa stamp from my prev employer (expiring in Aug 2009). My H-1B transfer was approved and I have a valid I-797.

    Can I travel to London, for a week's vacation and re-enter with my prev employer's h-1b visa stamp and the new I-797? I've read that this is possible and that folks have done it.

    I was wondering if there was any change to the rule or anything I should be aware about.



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  • Dhundhun
    10-13 10:14 PM
    Can students with post completion EAD work for more than one employer at the same time in their own speciality area? I mean to ask, can they work full time with one and part time with other?

    My son just got his EAD for post completion OPT.

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  • barath_india
    02-07 02:19 PM
    It depends upon your luck with AP. Because you never know when they will be approving your AP and in case it is lost in Mail (it happens to lot of people) and you need to re-apply with fees again. This is very tricky....... You may get it in few weeks or few months or never. Not to discourage you, it really how lucky you are. All the best. I always will file 3-4 months in advance.


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  • AgentM
    06-04 06:01 PM
    My spouse qualifies under cross-chargeability, she filed her I-485 application after mine, with me as the primary applicant. I never mentioned anything about cross-chargeability in my application.

    Now the PD is current for "all -other chargeability" how do I check if my I-485 application is going to be picked up?

    Any ideas how I can do that?

    Thank you.

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  • sunny1000
    03-17 12:46 AM
    If I were going to spend over a year in a country which required a visa to visit (such as Nigeria), in order to study the local culture, which kind of visa would I need to obtain before hand? Business, work, study, visitor, etc?

    you should contact their Embassy/Consulate for details.


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  • richclarity
    09-25 02:40 PM

    I am currently a dependent E-1 on my wife's visa and currently have a valid EAD which will expire mid-2010.

    We are about to file I-140 and I-485 and my question is, should I also file for a new EAD at the same time even if its still 8 months from expiry? I'm not sure what the difference is between an EAD under the E-1 visa, or an EAD when filing the I-485, or if it doesn't matter at all.

    Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

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  • Macaca
    12-11 08:23 PM
    Bush Adviser Is Seen as Force in Spending Impasse (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/11/washington/11gillespie.html?_r=1&oref=slogin) By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG | NY Times, Dec 11, 2007

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 � Ed Gillespie made a name for himself in 1994 as a sharp-tongued pitchman for the Contract With America, the conservative Republican manifesto that catapulted his boss, Dick Armey, to power. But when Republicans shut down the government in a spending clash with President Bill Clinton, Mr. Gillespie warned it was the wrong battle to pick.

    �He understands the limits of what you can expect people to buy,� Mr. Armey explained.

    Now, after a stint as Republican National Committee chairman and a lobbying career that made him a multimillionaire, Mr. Gillespie is back in government as a street fighter and salesman for conservative ideas and the politician behind them � in this case, President Bush. Once again, he is in the thick of a budget fight between the White House and Congress.

    But this time, he is driving the confrontation.

    As the clock ticks toward a Congressional recess, with Democrats struggling to wrap 11 major spending bills into one and Mr. Bush threatening to veto the huge package, Republicans see the hand of Mr. Gillespie at work. As counselor to the president, a job he took in July, Mr. Gillespie is trying to write a new narrative for Mr. Bush, one that casts him in the role of fiscal conservative, sharpening the contrast between him and Democrats while repairing his tattered image with the Republican base.

    On Mr. Gillespie�s watch, the president�s speeches have grown shorter, his language punchier. When Mr. Bush threatens to veto a �three-bill pileup� or likens Congress to �a teenager with a new credit card,� Gillespie-watchers all over Washington say they can hear the new counselor�s voice.

    �Ed believes that one of the reasons the Republicans lost is because we had lost our way on spending,� said Pete Wehner, a former policy analyst for Mr. Bush who left the White House this spring. �He worked for Dick Armey; I think he�s a small government conservative, and I think he believes Democrats and their spending habits are a target-rich environment.�

    And Democrats have provided targets, by waiting until two months into the new fiscal year to finish their appropriations work. Mr. Bush has already vetoed Democratic measures on children�s health and Iraq war spending, and a water resources bill � all the while complaining lawmakers are wasting taxpayers� money, and scolding them like errant schoolchildren who forgot to turn in their homework.

    �Listening to this, it has Ed Gillespie�s fingerprints on it,� said John Feehery, a Republican strategist. �It�s shaping the message to pick the right fights � with a smile.�

    After two decades in Washington building up contacts on both sides of the aisle, Mr. Gillespie knows well the importance of the smile.

    He also knows when he has to take the high road, and when he does not. In 2004, as party chairman, Mr. Gillespie was nicknamed Mr. Bush�s �pit bull� for his relentless attacks on Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

    Mr. Gillespie rarely gives on-the-record interviews � he declined to talk for this article � and he is almost never seen on television. And careful listeners to Mr. Bush will note that the president paints �Congress,� and not �Democrats� as the villain � another Gillespie hallmark.

    �He�s a smart, shrewd operator,� said Representative Rahm Emanuel, the chairman of the House Democratic caucus, who was a senior adviser to Mr. Clinton during the 1995 budget fight. But while Mr. Emanuel said he has �nothing but respect for Ed,� he argued that, after seven years of runaway Republican spending, even a master strategist like Mr. Gillespie will have trouble remaking Mr. Bush�s image.

    �He�s $4 trillion too late,� Mr. Emanuel said.

    At 46, Mr. Gillespie is part of a core of newcomers who are seeing Mr. Bush through the end of his presidency as his Texas inner circle breaks up. Unlike his predecessor, Dan Bartlett, who spent his entire adult life working for Mr. Bush, Mr. Gillespie not a presidential intimate, but neither is he a stranger.

    In 2000, he was a member of the Gang of Six, a group of strategists for the Bush-Cheney campaign. That same year, he joined with Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel to Mr. Clinton, to found Quinn Gillespie & Associates, his lobbying firm. He earned a reported $4.75 million when he sold his share of the firm to join the White House, but he could easily pass through Washington�s revolving door yet again, earning even more after Mr. Bush leaves office.

    Mr. Gillespie�s critics say he traded on his contacts to get rich. �He�s so entwined with the Bush money machine,� said Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, a watchdog group.

    But his admirers say he has not forgotten his roots. His father, an Irish immigrant, ran a mom-and-pop grocery store and later a bar in their hometown, Browns Mills, N.J. Mr. Gillespie spent his college years serving drinks and sweeping floors � experiences that, friends say, shape his work in the White House.

    Mr. Gillespie has been deeply involved in Mr. Bush�s so-called �kitchen table agenda,� of issues like consumer safety and rising mortgage rates.

    �Ed�s got a pulse on what average Americans think about,� said David Hobbs, a Republican lobbyist and a Gillespie friend.

    The week before Mr. Gillespie officially took over as counselor, Mr. Bush�s immigration bill collapsed on Capitol Hill � and with it, any real hope of bipartisan cooperation. One senior White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mr. Gillespie wasted little time.

    �It went down in defeat, and he was moving on to the next thing,� this official said. �The next thing was Iraq and the budget.�

    On Iraq, Mr. Gillespie took advantage of the Congressional recess in August to schedule a series of presidential speeches. At the time, Republicans like Senators Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico and Richard G. Lugar of Indiana were expressing deep misgivings about the war, so much so that even some White House officials thought they would lose Republican support in September. But in the end, Republicans stuck with Mr. Bush.

    On the budget, Mr. Gillespie looked back to the Republican defeat of 1995. �We saw how Clinton did it, using the power of the presidency,�� Mr. Hobbs said.

    Mr. Armey said Mr. Gillespie had argued that his party would lose because the public believed Republicans were antigovernment, �so therefore it is credible to argue Republicans shut government down.�

    He said Mr. Gillespie�s strategy was to �understand the public�s already conceived disposition,� and create a story line around it.

    That strategy was on full display in the Rose Garden last week, as Mr. Bush tapped into another preconceived notion, that lawmakers are lazy. The president opened his remarks by tweaking Democrats on the 30-second pro forma sessions they held to prevent him from making recess appointments over the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

    �If 30 seconds is a full day,� Mr. Bush said, �no wonder Congress has got a lot of work to do.�

    It was positively Gillespie-esque.


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  • kevinkris
    07-14 05:21 PM
    Any answers?

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-15 11:37 AM
    Hey Folks is the Senate poised to take the CIR today afternoon? Any news/updates on that?


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  • newuser
    09-02 02:44 PM
    Would like to see how many are still pending under EB2 before 2005. Please take the poll.

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  • reachinus
    08-20 08:12 AM
    The Applicant should sign the forms and if he uses any Attorney or Paralegal they have to sign the G-28 form and also on the other forms submitted.


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  • sertasheep
    10-20 10:44 AM
    Date/Time: Friday October 20, 2006 12:00 - 1:00 PM East Coast Time
    Attorney: Sonal Mehta Verma from Nankin and Verma

    Phone Number: 1-712-432-3000
    Bridge Number: 153151

    Range of Question IDs Covered: 71 through 100.
    Conference Call Etiquette:
    -We request you to put yourself on mute by pressing the following keys in succession ( 4 and *) to avoid ambient noise(breathing, background conversations, wind-noise, cellular phone static, traffic and other disturbance from your line).
    - If you have a follow-up question to pose after the attorney provides a response, you can press 4* again to unmute your line. One follow-up question is permitted in real-time.
    - If you have problems connecting into the call, please try after a few minutes.

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  • Jeff Wheeler
    04-01 12:53 AM


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  • desinj
    07-19 10:21 PM
    I'm trying to beat the July deadline.
    Pls. help if you know from where to get the list - for NJ or NY.

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  • shanghaibill
    03-24 01:14 AM
    I am an American citizen. My Chinese wife of 3 years and I will move to St. Louis and buy a home there. She is a businesswoman and must return to China several times per year to take care of a business there. She will be applying for her immigrant visa very soon.


    Being a US resident is more important that the job, but we would like to do both, if possible.

    I apprecite ANY advice formn knowledgeable people, including non-lawyers.

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  • sertasheep
    12-07 08:26 AM
    Date/Time: Friday December 08, 2006 12:00 - 1:00 PM East Coast Time
    Attorney: Sonal Mehta Verma from Nankin and Verma

    Phone Number: 1-712-432-3000
    Bridge Number: 153151

    Range of Question IDs Covered: 83 through 122 (Historically we have been able to cover around 20 questions per call)
    Conference Call Etiquette:
    -We request you to put yourself on mute by pressing the following keys in succession ( 4 and *) to avoid ambient noise(breathing, background conversations, wind-noise, cellular phone static, traffic and other disturbance from your line).
    - If you have a follow-up question to pose after the attorney provides a response, you can press 4* again to unmute your line. One follow-up question is permitted in real-time.
    - If you have problems connecting into the call, please try after a few minutes.

    01-28 12:42 PM
    Now a days VFS is not releasing appointment dates more than 2 - 2.5 weeks in advance. I am not aware of any specific time of the day when these become available.

    Blog Feeds
    07-25 05:40 PM
    The Arizona Republic discusses the intriguing question of what happens if Immigration and Customs Enforcement simply says no thanks when Arizona police call them: Arizona's tough new immigration law is slated to take effect Thursday, but the nation's immigration enforcement agency has not indicated whether it will cooperate with police who are trying to enforce it. Without cooperation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, much of the law would become unenforceable: Police would have no way of determining, from federal authorities, the legal status of suspected illegal immigrants as the state law requires. And that would severely hamper efforts to arrest...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/07/what-if-ice-refuses-to-cooperate.html)

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