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  • Brightsider
    07-24 02:53 PM
    Let me give this a shot:


    Going by your id registration date, I am presuming you are new to this site and do not know the history of what transpired over the last few years. There are hundreds of threads/discussions/posts where these arguments have been made and answered. We (all of us) are seeing increased interest in solving our EB-GC problems because of hopeless retrogression and a ray of hope in terms of CIR. Just because one shows new interest, you cannot expect immediate consolation and agreement on what you say/propose.
    There were numerous times when members felt a specific campaign and/or item needs to be pursued. Serious discussions happened and eventually the advice of core which gets its info from various sources supported or not. There is nothing to stop you or I from pursuing an option.
    I for many months did not understand the rationale and the way the system/politics function in this country. I still do not understand. BUT I do understand certain basic things:
    1. How laws are crafted: the process, the resources involved and other technical matters.
    2. Lobbying and advocacy: What role they play when dealing with lawmaking. Go read about the healthcare bill and what is happening in the Congress, lobbying, interest groups, associations, ordinary citizens, PACs, non-partisan groups. you might get a taste of what this is all about.
    3. Systems: USCIS, DOL, Homeland Security etc
    4. Politics: The main parties involved (Dems, Republicans). Who reacts to what and what their core values are. What is left, middle, right. who is where.
    5. How national and state politics matter.

    I am going to generalize here a bit: A lot of members who get their info from CNN or Google Reader or other 'mainstream' media sources might get either a black or white version of news/happenings. I quickly realized there are numerous shades of gray when dealing with Washington DC. How politics of left, middle and right come into play, which Senator or representative votes which way and why, etc. Listening to a press conference and reading an article on CNN does not give one insight into politics. These are the 'backend' intelligence which I trust core to know and advice us. I do not expect them to reveal their sources nor specific tactics. Most often than not, there is a rational explanation.
    In this specific case, my take is: AILA with all their nobel intentions are in the 'business' of making money from folks like us and our employers. There are many shades here and it is not all black or white as it may seem. Like a member pointed out, AILA does not represent just EB or legal immigration. There are other things involved which may be detrimental to us (you do not want to be bracketed in the same category as illegals or want amnesty as an example). Apart from this, timing is critical.

    One of the most important parties apart from Lawmakers is our opponents. Anti-immigrants who wants to know tactics, strategy: who we are calling, whom we are faxing, whom we are meeting, how we work, etc. They doggedly follow and couteract many items. For every fax/call/email you send there might be a counter reply from anti-immigrants. When core suggests confidentiality and secrecy, those I believe are not some magic/secret cloakish things but a matter of pragmatic reality. That is the world we are in and to be successful, we have to deal with those realities.

    Giving out updated information is not as simple as it seems. These are steps which can be easily retraced and antis can quickly use those steps and backstab us, crippling our efforts. Updated information == tactics. My last point is about: Donors Vs Non-donors. Do you know that you need not be a donor to volunteer ? Try getting in touch with folks at IV. There is a lot you can do and you seem to be the right person whom we need on our side. I urge you to contact IV.

    Thanks Qasleuth,

    I was resigned to seeing a lot of ire directed my way, and was pleasantly surprised to read your lenghty and reasoned reply. And the important thing was that you were able to get your point across without antagonizing or making me feel stupid and low.

    You are bang on target with your observations and explanations. Having been reading IV threads for over three-four years, (or is it five, I lose count), I have always found it to be a great resource. It is only of late that I have been posting concerns and suggestions. So I have been witness to attacks of tunnel rats and others and also aware of their rants and ruses. I saw the advocacy effort of July 2007, and the tremendous synergies generated by IV. The short point is that IV is not new to me, although the converse is true.

    Now on the issue of AILA template, your reasoning is candid and well argued. I agree that when I first suggested that we use the AILA template I had not fully considered all the issues that you highlighted. It is a different matter that I have no regrets for having done so, for reasons that I find appropriate. I am sure you have no quarrel with that, having said that each of us is entitled to our opinions and pathways.

    Thanks once again, got to go to a meeting.......will catch up later.

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  • buddyinsd
    03-29 03:19 AM
    First off, any DOL complaint don't need u to be here to continue with the investigation. The way it works is, u tell them ur entire story and leave. They'd take their time to investigate using all the documentation u'd have provided them, and in the end if ur employer was found guilty, they might still let him off the hook giving him a warning. There's really no guarantee that ur employer wud be found at fault unless they find more employees lodge complaints against him. U might be the only one.

    Anyhow, u can give it a shot and see what happens as u have nothing to lose. I know that ppl hv tried this b4 without much luck. Employers hire attorneys to save them from such situations. Ur employer closing down shutters is a far fetched thought...just saying...US laws are quite tricky.

    H1 transfer at this point may not really work for u as u dont hv paystubs. Sorry, its a bad situation to be in. I understand u paid from ur pockets to come here and it sucks - Good luck!

    @Snathan how did you know he didn't call me here , are you one of the consultants yourself who does this filthy work of cheating people.

    I guess it was my employers discretion to make me sit home with him just not responding to my mails, i couldn't barge in to his office and say hey give me desk to work on? can i ?

    Anyways looking at the LCA agreement i think you don't seem to know what you are talking about, I am here holding his company's name on my H1B form , His agreement on LCA and his employment letter, i dunno if there is any other way i could make inroads into barging into his office?

    Now if he puts a security guard against me entering his office, shouldn't i report this to DOL too?

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  • vipulgoel
    05-01 02:34 PM
    My contribution is also on the way !!!

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  • seahawks
    11-19 04:47 PM
    just found out, mine is pending too.. geez..


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  • gjoe
    12-03 01:00 PM
    The S/N ration can be made >1 by increasing the signal strength.
    The noise can be cut off, but in this case the noise is what needs to be amplified and conditioned to make it look like Signal :)

    How do you suggest IV 'forum' improves the Signal-to-Noise ratio?

    Right now it's too noisy and is driving away determined members (!

    How do you know what I care about and not? I can give some famous examples of GC holders working for IV - Aman Kapoor founder member, Tamsen Mitchell (franklin) leader of South California chapter, and many more.

    I may remain active if I feel the cause is worth spending my time, money and effort. Right now, a crowd of 25,000 tracking receipts and discussing mundane issues doesn't give me the confidence to say so. I have better things in life to fight for than a lost cause where the victims (most of them) wait for others to fight for them !

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  • 53885
    05-24 02:32 PM
    Read this one.

    Oracle clearly said that if they can not bring people here, they will send work to one their global offices.

    As with the proposed bill Microsoft and others will be labeled "H1B dependent employer"

    Most of the big firms Oracle, MICrosoft, Lehman etc..all the big ones are full of H1B people. ..


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  • bugsbunny
    04-17 03:04 PM
    Looks like you are one of the beneficiaries of H1 who does not have good education. You can console yourself with the word 'skill' and all that computer jargon The bottomline is H1B visa is for professionals. However, in the past few years, Indian IT bodyshops have sent underskilled computer operators to the US to enhance their operating margins. This will come to end very soon and has to come to an end very soon. I think the process has already begun. Number of H1b visas rejected at Indian bodyshops have gone up. Operating margins at Infosys has shrunk significantly. Infosys and other bodyshops have seen stock price plummet drastically.

    Companies such as Congizant have stopped bringing people from India on H1. Rather they are trying to hire people in the US who already have H1B visas. The illegals who have gotton their H1B from shady consultants in NJ, CA and elsewhere. Congizant is doing community service by legalizing illegals. The people who sat on the bench during recession while holding their H1B visas without a paycheck. Sorry with paycheck which needs to be refunded to the employer by personal check. Stop the fraud, please stop the fraud.

    Again you have provided no arguments to support why you believe IGNOU or Univ or Phoenix are fraudulent. Just because you believe they are...does not automatically make them so. Please provide proper reasoning.

    Instead you jumped to a different topic of IT bodyshops which is unrelated to the two people who asked if they qualify for EB2

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  • english_august
    07-13 12:11 PM
    HTML version (useful if you want to copy-paste):

    Also include the link to PDF version in your email

    Please send it out to as many media contacts as possible specially in the Silicon Valley area.


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  • sledge_hammer
    01-28 03:34 PM
    I don't think AILA is fighting this memo on the grounds that it is illegal because of the fact that E-E relationship is illegally defined by USCIS, but they are fighting on the grounds that it is illegal because such directives should come in the form of laws!

    Simply put, they are telling USCIS to follow the laws passed by the Congress without providing their own interpretation. This could very well apply to AC21!

    After re-reading AILA's response, it appears to me that they actually don't have a strong case to say that the "EE relationship" definition is illegal. They are going with the argument that a precedence has been set for 50 years, and that is one of the main reasons why USCIS should continue to interpret the EE relationship that way. I'm not sure how strong a case this can be.

    AC21 doesn't contradict any law. AC21 memo is a real memo. It provides guidance for areas that are not clearly defined. So no point in comparing AC21 memo against the latest illegal memo by USCIS.

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  • msp1976
    02-06 04:02 PM
    How long will it probably take for China EB2 to move to August 2005? It's now in April 2005. Any idea?
    Until EB3 ROW becomes current....


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  • kevinkris
    12-03 06:13 PM
    Hi Abhijitp,

    I already did a one time contribution of 100$. But they are saying about recurring small contributions.

    You didn't get my point. I was saying there is no way any user can donate 10$/ month in recurring way..

    Let me know so that i can explain again in detail.


    Why wait? Why not donate NOW whatever your promised amount is for 6 months?

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  • Refugee_New
    08-26 10:41 AM
    ICICI can not predict rather no one can predict what will be the exchange rate tomorrow. The minimum forex transaction at dealer level is for $1 mil. So, they can't promise you some rate the moment you hit the submit button. They will pool all the transactions like yours and then do a big contract together. ICICI provides lot of other services which SBI will not in terms of convenience. And ICICI deals big time in forex transactions. In this market the guy with biggest transactions will have lowest cost and depending on competition will have incentive to pass it on to you as an end user. They might time it within a particular time frame but that is something unavoidable.

    Oh really? do you think so? RBI controls the exchange rate. You know who control RBI? Banks like ICICI and big corporate companies like RIL etc and other biggies and also big IT comps.


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  • thakurrajiv
    07-30 01:57 PM
    for options there any site you will suggest which provides daily alerts???
    I have optionsexpress account which is cheap way to trade in options. I have not looked into alert features.
    You should be able to look up option prices from most of the electronic brokers. I have used tdameritrade and optionsexpress.

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  • asanghi
    05-24 01:38 PM
    Throwing money at scholarships and education incentives dont make people choose a profession they dont like. If they want to be lawyers and doctors and managers, they wont force themselves to go for tech degrees and diplomas just because they get thousands of dollars in scholarships.

    People in this country are lucky enough to go for professions they like to do and they would pay money to get it rather than look for discounts on tech degrees.

    Even if they do get tech degrees, they wont work in that profession.

    So rather than create bogus incentives, why not just impose higher taxes on H1B earning and give that money free to former US citizen computer "Programmers" and cut to the chase rather than create training and education incentives they will never respond to.

    This amendment is for placating US citizens computer "Programmers" and "Progammer's" guild.

    Well, keep doing that.

    See you all in Bangalore and Shanghai.

    The way things are, this does not look like the glorious country I dreamed of.
    Last year facing long period of uncertainity I and my wife had made a decision to go back to India after meeting breaking even on our house.

    I think most of us wanted to be in US in the first place because we thought that legal systems work here and justice is upheld. If we have to fight with the system anyway, why do it in a foreign land? Better to go home and make that place better .. probably good enough for them to envy.

    As of now this country seems to be exactly opposite of what they claim to be.

    Justice - not served to us
    Freedom & liberty - not if you are on H1
    Free economy & globalization - Only if it benefits us
    Compassion & Humanitarianism - Only if you are American citizens. We don't care if farmers are comitting suicides in India or starving in Mexico due to our policies & subsidies.

    The way I see it American dream is going to turn into American nightmare for many of us.


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  • gccovet
    11-10 02:10 PM
    Nice. It appears that according to the link below:

    The EAD doesn't get invalid when AOS is denied and will be valid till its expiration date.

    On the other hand, it appears that there is an advantage to switching to EAD prior to the 6 year H1 expiration to stop the H1 clock. In situation where a AOS is incorrectly denied, a change of status from EAD to H1 for the remainig time can be helpful.


    Did I understand wrong?

    After 6 yrs on H1 with pending AOS, if 485 gets denied, H1 is not renewd. So far so good....
    I am under impression that aftet the denial, person still has whatever time left on his H1 to stay and work till H1 expires. No futher extension will be possible due to denial.

    Is above statement wrong????

    I had checked with my attorney, he had mentioned that I could keep on working till my H1 expired.... I will recheck with him.



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  • ArkBird
    11-26 01:46 PM
    Isn't H1B renewal more risky than I-485 as for H1B you have to worry about more things like, Prevailing Wages, LCA, Ability to Pay and even from the cost point of view for H1B most likely you will need a lawyer whereas for EAD/AP it is doable on your own?

    Am I missing something.



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  • grupak
    01-30 05:35 PM
    The two questions are very similarly worded... the original one is now Q35.

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  • ganguteli
    05-14 12:15 PM
    Guys stop giving respect to this low life Nitinboston. He is an anti-immigrant hiding on our site for past one year reading all posts and reporting to his bosses. Now suddenly his rat fraternity boss asked him to do go the Lion's den and Roar. But he could not and his rats behind got nailed by PresidentO and QAslueth etc.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-18 12:24 PM
    Filed on July,3rd,
    USCIS received on July,5th.

    I checked with my attorney, they didnt receive my application back from USCIS; Not sure i should worry about it.

    06-11 09:29 AM
    Dude, sorry to hear abt that!

    a friend of mine was involved in a rolling bumper car accident ... the lady comes back year and a half later and files a case aganist him..his insurance lawyers fought the case for him.... they won..

    The question fast was the car on impact...check with your iinsurance lawyers they may be able to assist you...

    dont even think of running away..they issue arrest warrants for traffic ticket violations urs is a little serious..;)
    -take it easy..

    02-06 11:06 PM
    How do we call DOS ? Is there any contact number for this Visa delays ?

    Please let us know.

    202-663-1225 extn 100

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