Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • geevikram
    11-22 12:02 PM
    I work for company A which is pretty stable,on a H1b visa. I've no problems except that you will not find another horrible boss anywhere. Trust me, I've worked in quite some places and I've seen pretty bad bosses, but with this guy, you have someone who will always make you look bad and will literally shout at you. I've had enough and I want to switch.
    I've around 3 yrs left on h1. The new company will sponsor my H1b and they will start my GC on the first week of my starting. (the person hiring me is a good friend)
    The question I have is, what happens to the h1 that company A is holding when I transfer to Company B . There might be a reason company A's CTO might not want me to leave. He also cannot do anything about my boss at this point. It gets little complex at this point, but I want to know if i can work part time on h1b for company A while I work as full time for company B.

    Sorry for the big post and thanks for your help.

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  • imneedy
    10-17 11:35 AM
    Does your EAD state that you can use it for returning to US?

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  • ciber.couger
    10-05 01:05 AM
    It shows 6 month FOR ALL Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker


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  • acecupid
    08-05 01:22 PM
    I am Aug 07 filer , I was not able to submit my medicals with my I-485 application .

    I got my medicals done with civil surgeon in sept 2007 and was waiting for RFE to submit the sealed cover . I never got a RFE but I got a interview at local office next month .

    So can I submit the sealed cover that the civil surgeon filled in 2007 or do I need to get all the tests done again now and fill a new form .


    AFAIK, the medical test date should be within 3 months old. You should check the USCIS website to confirm.


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  • aeroterp
    07-28 12:27 PM
    We will probably hear more about this soon: http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/specter-has-new-immigration-package-2007-07-27.html

    Good find! We need to get behind this measure!!

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  • meg_z
    06-22 09:49 AM
    I am having a hard time to write anything on the back of the photes as required. I know a softer pencil should do. But have to hunt down one in this computer age. Any other tricks? Thanks.


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  • Deniom
    03-27 03:52 AM
    Hi friends,
    I have got Swift3D MAX plug-in for 3D studio MAX R4.0 but at start of 3DMAX the plug-in initialization fails. what can I do?


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  • RNGC
    02-17 04:00 PM
    check this post...



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  • GreenMe
    06-15 04:09 PM
    Hello All,

    I am starting my employment based GC process. My employer is going to file for my labour certificate (LC) thru PERM soon.

    However, I want to know what happens if you Labour Application is not approved by USCIS?

    like - Can you then apply for Labour thru another employer? or start ur Green Card process thru another employer.
    - Can you get H1 extension after 6 year period is complete?

    Kindly advice.


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  • harryimmi
    07-14 05:53 PM

    I came to US with H1 on Apr 2009. My wife who was working in the same company as I do, joined me on Dec 2009 with H4 visa. My H1 has expired on June 18 '10. I have applied for H1 extension much before and currently my status is pending with USCIS. Along with my H1 extension I have also applied for my wife's H4 extension. Her status is also pending.

    My company has actually filed H1 visa for my wife for 2011 H1B quota.

    I have the following questions, can someone kindly answer the same.

    i) If my wife gets her H1 petition approved, should she travel back to my country to get it stamped and for her to work here in US?
    Some say she should go back and some say she can start working here with her I797 notice, she can get it stamped whenever she goes to my country. Which is true?

    ii) Assuming I get approval for my H1 extension and her H4 extension, should she get H4 extension stamped as well?

    iii) Can she go for stamping for H1 as well as H4 in my country, if so which one should she go for first?


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  • BPforGC
    11-11 01:21 AM
    My I-140 (National waiver approved, no labor required, self-petition) is approved, both me and my wife are working on EAD. Have valid AP till Oct 2009. 485s filed July 2007.

    Today, on 10th, my wife (dependent 485) got hard LUD, "request for evidence notice sent" is the update.

    Update: 12th Nov

    The RFE is for absence of child's name (my wife) on the birth certificate. They wanted another birth certificate, hospital document or religious record or civil authority record that shows her name and both the parents names. They gave us 90 days time.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 10:40 AM
    No Thanks... :mad:

    Gandhigiri round 2
    Cookies for DOS/ USCIS family members? Now this is not from a movie. if someone slaps you one side, offer the other side ;)


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  • kshitijnt
    04-24 12:35 AM
    It is possible to approve I-485 if I-140 is approvable but is not approved. One of my friends got his GC this way.

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  • immi_2006
    05-20 05:36 PM
    I sent my 485 to NSC in July 2007 and got the receipt from NSC after 2 months. I filed my wifes 485 in first week of August 2007 to NSC but got the receipt from TSC. We live in Texas but our employer was from NJ when i applied 485. After that we have been applying for EAD and AP regulary at respective service centers with out any issues.

    1. Has any one been in this situation and got their GC approved?
    2. Do i need to request my wife's application to be moved to NSC if that can be done?

    I am few days short of getting current and hope this doesn't delay approving our cases.


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  • setpit_gc
    07-08 02:46 AM

    I filed my 485 on June 4th 2007 with NSC. It was transferred to TSC and received my Receipt notice. Now I am going to file my AP.

    My question is where should I file my AP?. Do I need to file with NSC or TSC?.

    Please someone respond.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Dirge
    03-21 03:46 PM
    added! :)

    many thanks :)!


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  • gc_chahiye
    08-02 06:46 PM
    this is increasing research grants for americans.
    Nothing to do with the STEM related visa bills that we were interested in. Nothing to do with immigration, nothing to do with things IV folks are interested in.

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  • bharanisel
    07-20 11:14 AM

    I am in US in L1 Blanket visa and is expiring on November 26th 2009.
    I am planning to go back to India for renewal.
    Suggest me the best option is to extend the status in US or to travel back to India for visa renewal.

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  • ilikekilo
    05-18 01:12 PM
    i believe so, however

    this " The new I-94 would have the same date of departure as was in the previous I -94 " i dont know

    07-05 08:53 AM
    Can we close all the thread ..its becoming tough to track the issues. Right now we need 3 thread only to cover the July fiasco , June trackers and misc. contributions and media drives and IV core announcements will be there always

    09-23 09:20 PM
    soon ...

    my pd march 2002 pending 485 any estimated time to get 485 approved?

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