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  • gc_lover
    07-19 07:59 AM
    Q-1 (07//19/2007): I filed I-485 application on July 2, 2007, but have yet to receive either rejection or receipt notice. Will this application be fee'd in under the reversal of the USCIS decision?

    A-1: The DOS withdrew any changes to the original July VB and assumedly visa number is current in July 2007 for any categories other than "other worker." Accordingly, the 485 application which you submitted on July 2 cannot be rejected by the USCIS at this point. The USCIS is likely to fee in your application and soon issue the Receipt Notice.

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  • october2001
    12-04 10:27 PM
    my I-485 was pending from 2001 and then my case was transfered to NBC I had an interview and then I got the I-797 Welcome Notice welcoming me as a permanent resident of the United States and it said on the notice you will get your green card in the mail in about 3 weeks and then checked my online status it said we ordered the card for production
    ok at this point everything is looking good
    and then after 5 days check my status online
    found the following :

    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS on November 29, 2007, and are now reviewing our earlier decision.
    am I in trouble?!!!!!

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  • pljanakiram
    09-23 09:09 PM
    IV - elephant. Who are the dogs here?

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  • superdude
    07-17 10:48 PM
    Let us ask IV Core. Thier leadership has been awesome


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  • srkamath
    07-17 11:24 PM
    He is undoubtedly a populist (he used to be a sycophant earlier ... remember the earlier days on CNN ?), the man is cheap no doubt. He is a nativist, who claims immunity to such charges laid upon him. He never mentions that he is married to a hispanic american lady - well that is a deliberate attempt at cover.
    Guess what the " hard core republican ", corporate CEO loving, capitalist champion is now the warrior for the middle class and a critic of the current administration.
    Can you actually believe this guy?

    I dislike his show, i do not rescept his perspective (because it is mostly based on incorrect or false information) and i sincerely believe that he is a worthless parrot.

    Time to act - we must begin countering him.

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  • intrudah
    06-19 10:19 PM
    for fun :rabbit:

    (carpe diem)


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  • srikondoji
    10-10 10:48 PM
    The only difference between the historic data (1930/1960/1990) and 2008 is that, we are in globalized economy now. The crash you are seeing now is much much different than what anybody has seen before.

    Crude prices are crashing because the demand growth projections Goldman sachs had was based on availability of which is not the case now. So, demand for crude is lower and hence oil prices are crashing. Look at GM and ford. They are going down too, because auto sales are doomed for next 2 years.

    The problem why Gold will go up is multifold.
    China, OPEC countries have huge dollar reserves and hence would like to diversify their dollars. The run up in Gold is just because China and few Oil exporting countries were buying Gold. Gold still has more room to rise. I am talking about physical gold and not the paper gold (GLD ticker symbol).

    United States has to print dollars to meet the present crisis. At the same time, it has support those currency papers with Gold. Without Gold backing, dollar value will be crushed.
    I am goldsmith and i do know the history of Gold going back to decades. I also read several books to top it all.
    See the value of Gold after making inflation adjustments. Don't just look at the per ounce value in dollar terms.

    Unless you look at money supply (m3), you will not be able to get a grip on Gold value.
    Google on term 'brenton woods' and do some reading.

    The only way Gold can be crushed is if
    a) United States sells all its Gold holdings.
    b) If some gold miner miraculously says that they found a mine with billions of ounces of gold and which can profitably extracted.

    There is one theory floating around. United States may sell some of its gold reserves to make up for $700 Billions. However, there are buyers out there who would love to take that Gold. China's biggest headache right now is, what to do with their Dollars.

    United States long term bonds are going to yield nothing and will be worthless.

    We can go on this forever and fill these pages.

    Look at 1930/1960/1990 history you would understand why it make sense buy US bonds during stressed time because yield will go down and price will shoot up

    Eventually they will get out when they find there is no purchasing power on other side of globe. learn How gold crashed from $840 -$170 between 1981- 1990 and why gold price was stable between 1991-2001.

    Gold price would not shoot up when most of the developed countries banks are in trouble like 1989-1992

    I would not suggest more than 5% of your net worth in gold, but you should know your appetite

    China has to lend more of its reserve to western economies otherwise its own export will be in peril, so they would not invest in gold...

    Learn relationship between crude and gold, crude would go back to$50/barrel , so Arab govts would have not money to buy gold...

    Russians were stronger in 1970's and US crushed them to no where ,800 banks failed in 1990 and Japanese were stronger than today's Chinese economy but US smashed in 5 years

    If you understand how US crushed you would not laugh you would be happy that you are in best part of earth

    Moreover I am not saying I am right on everything , I am just writing what I feel , time has to judge our predictions.

    Do you know why economists are not best paid executives than scientist?

    You would understand laughing and bet would not make sense on capital markets.

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  • belmontboy
    05-23 03:20 PM
    When you call the law makers and tell them you support XYZ bill.. my question is what do you get out of it!

    When the lawmaker realizes that he is getting 10000 calls from LEGAL aliens,
    >who are not from his constituency,
    >who can�t vote and
    >who can�t contribute to his election campaign�
    what is the motivation for the law maker to support the bill�

    So to avoid sounding stupid and foolish and desperate when you call� a more logical approach would be to :
    a) Generate a public petition form on IV website and have all the members� login and sign the forms digitally�
    b) Then have IV reps.. fax them and send them to lobby groups �.
    c) Lawmakers will listen to one talking head�and not worry abt 1000 calls that borders on ..�saar �support the bill saar�..

    How many of you have actually talked to the lawmakers? Its always the assistant!

    But instead .. someone says we have a signed petition of 25000 members effected by immigration mess �. And it�s a hi tech workers lobby group ..every lawmaker will talk to you and not the assistant!

    Conclusion: calling the lawmakers haphazardly is actually hurting IV a certain extent!


    if you don't call and speakup, how will the lawmakers know?

    your suggestion sounds great. I am sure we can accomodate that too.

    Its better to have attack on many fronts than stick with one.

    We need to rise and speakup, thats all matters in the end.


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  • amulchandra
    04-02 12:36 AM
    What do you mean by "Our PDs are close"?. I don't understand. Your PD is July 2006 that too EB3/India.???:confused:

    Please don't worry. Even in my dreams I don't dream about my PD becoming current in the near future.:confused:

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 11:48 AM

    What do you mean by inactivity of a collective "YOU" ? Inactivity in taking on people like Lou or inactivity on participating IV campaigns to get GC quickly ?


    Both. Inactivity and uncaring for personal and community interest is the root cause of both GC issue as well as increasing authenticity Lou Dobbs views have been gaining in media (spawning copy-cats in the process).


    Lets face it, He has the highest ranking show in CNN. Most people who indulge in populist propaganda will be successful , at least in the short run. You need a HUGE propaganda machine even to attempt to take on him. Just read the transcripts of his program to find what kind of words he used against Newyork governor (Indicative of his arrogance from success).


    I don't give a damn who he is, or how strong he is. All I care is me and my family might get mugged by the poison he's spewing, and how to stop him in his tracks. That's enough of a motivation to do my best to stop him.

    On the other hand if some one gives me a look based on how I look, they will give it even after I get my GC and Citizenship. The mugger will not ask me my visa status. I get mugged even after I became a citizen.

    That's why I say it - You are the victim. You should care.

    This is not to support the inactivity. I appreciate the efforts put in by one and all and I believe those actions help reduce the suffering.
    This is just to point out the fact that some members wittingly or unwittingly suggesting that not having GC is cause for all problems. It certainly help alleviate some but it is not a cure all.

    Once again I am merely trying to they are two different issues.

    Real issue in both situations is inaction which is harming our community.

    Did I post something about GC here? I'm not the one linking GC with Lou Dobbs !

    Now that you've linked them, let me put it this way - As long as Lou Dobbs keeps berating "cheap imported labor", and has a "perceived" majority acceptance of his views

    1) forget any recapture of EB numbers
    2) forget any increase in GC numbers

    Did I make myself clear!


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  • vgayalu
    09-14 06:09 PM
    Rather than pushing for Bills which will pass only after we get a GC, why don't we ask for something more practical. I mean ask for minor policy changes rather than asking for major law changes.


    1- granting EADs to all who have completed I-140,
    2- reducing the timeframe to apply for AC21 from 6 months to 3 months,

    This will solve a lot of people's immediate problems.
    There are many people who couldn't get their status readjusted due to retrogression after filing I485, but could get EAD atleast.

    What does that mean? It means by law only a certain amount of GCs can be issued in any year, but USCIS may issue more EADs based on one of their policies.

    Well said Dan19.
    I am barking for the same thing for n number of times.

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  • NKR
    08-26 08:50 AM
    ICICI can not predict rather no one can predict what will be the exchange rate tomorrow. The minimum forex transaction at dealer level is for $1 mil. So, they can't promise you some rate the moment you hit the submit button. They will pool all the transactions like yours and then do a big contract together. ICICI provides lot of other services which SBI will not in terms of convenience. And ICICI deals big time in forex transactions. In this market the guy with biggest transactions will have lowest cost and depending on competition will have incentive to pass it on to you as an end user. They might time it within a particular time frame but that is something unavoidable.

    Why cannot they just say it?. Why can�t they say that it will take 2 days to 22 days or 222 days to transfer the amount?, if someone needs to send money due to an emergency, they do it thinking that the money will be transferred in two or three days, a week maybe�


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  • Vexir
    05-31 11:20 AM
    ipod skin spam! more than one entry is not allowed!!!! (or shouldnt be :P)

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  • misanthrope
    10-02 11:47 PM
    I wont get into EB2/EB3 fights, but tell you what my opinion about this is.

    The law definitely supports interfiling and priority date porting. However, this is like reserving seats on a bus by throwing your handkerchief in good old India. It is unfair to let people jump ahead in the queue, even though they acquired the eligibility to file in EB2, at a far later date.

    There might be some genuine cases where people could not file in EB2, even though they were eligible. I only support these cases.

    I've a pending EB2 485. However, let me be honest. If I had EB3 to start with, I too would've interfiled in EB2 and would've ported my priority date. Who wouldn't do it if the law allowed them to!

    +1 to that.


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  • Gravitation
    03-13 10:20 AM
    Looks like I need to take up a priests job somewhere and file another GC in E4 category which is current. God willing, I might get GC soon.
    I remember a few "shlokas" from Gita... that should suffice. I wish they allowed interfiling from EB3 to EB4.

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  • Dipika
    09-17 11:18 AM
    Help me Gurus!

    we had Infopass appt. IO said your case is pre-adjudicated and under Review. we ask how long will it take to review? He said - doesn't know. can we open SR? He suggested not good to open SR. Reason is they will give same reply - case is under review give us 3 to 6 months. USCIS always tell us to "Not to open SR for Under Review case". Let the petitioner to send latter to request the status directly by sending latter to,
    INS Texas Service Center
    PO Box 851488 - Dept A
    TX 75185 - 1488

    does any one have sent inquiry latter to this address? is it worthful to send latter there?

    One thing is clear that if our app is in "Under Review", means we have to do something to trigger approval. otherwise it will be in Review forever. we had open SR last yeat september and got same reply in May this year. so SR doesn't work.

    Please suggest me what step i should take.


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  • bach007
    07-25 11:03 PM
    u can keep renewing your H-1 as long as your 485 has been pending for more then 180 days.(someone corect me if i am wrong).Once u get ure recipt number ure status changes to "485 pending" and can be on h-1 as long as ure GC is approved.No matter when u get married your wife will not be out of status-so its a good decision that u applied.

    Hi Priti, thanks for the reply. However my fear is that what you say is not true. I am on my 7th yr extension of H1B and my lawyer has told me that once I apply for 485, I can NOT keep renewing my H1B. That is why he insisted on applying for AP.

    Is this information correct? Can someone PLEASE clarify??? :confused:

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  • smisachu
    07-31 12:54 PM
    I quite do not get what you are asking. You want to know if buying a call on an ETF that has had a drawdown with an expiration of less than 15 days will be profitable?

    There are various option strategies and I usually trade spreads as the most basic strategy. I rarely if ever buy just calls that too with such low theta (<15 days). I usually trade 4 legged spreads like the butterfly, iron condor or at least bull/bear calls/puts.
    Most of the time I am long vol (vega) with a strip strap or straddle. Sometimes I am short vega but hedge it with an exotic like a digital, or binary on the vix. I always go for optimal delta hedge and often construct synthetics. Never plain vanilla calls and puts unless I am hedging something else in a different universe with an option.

    If you can explain better what your strategy is I can make comments. If possible clearly state the greeks on the strategy so I can visualize it.

    smisachu and other gursus,

    wonder if you guys have found any good trading strategy using options.

    having you tried doing system development.

    something as simple as buying etfs when rsi2 is below 2 or in other words its beaten down and you are expecting a turnaround.

    would like to know if playing options on such short term( 1to 5 days) would generate profitabloe results or not.

    do you guys mind sharing some ideas

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  • Canadianindian
    06-01 12:18 PM
    The New York/New Jersey and Connecticut members very actively participated in calling their respresenatatives. California members have been known to be great participants. Please call.

    Thanks to everyone who has participated and had been participating in Call Campaign Phases I and II. Here comes our next phase - Phase 3.

    For phase 3 of our campaign we need to call the Representatives listed below to seek support for bills HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 from republican congressmen/congresswomen in our area. This is a very critical Action Item and we at least need to make 300 phone calls to be heard. We only have six representatives to contact this time and We can do this.

    Please use the instructions provided below to make the phone calls.

    (1) Call the congressman/woman office and request to speak with the aide who handles Legislative and Immigration matters

    2) If they are not available leave a VM for them

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills
    HR 6039 & HR 5882, HR 5921. All the three bills have wide bipartisan
    support in the house and will help improve American competitiveness &
    reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. All these bills are non
    controversial measures that will help US to stay competitive with a
    highly educated and skilled work force

    (3) As usual Do NOT get into the CIR issue or illegal Immigration. If
    the aide is confusing with CIR or illegal immigration, just tell them
    that these are legal immigration bills.

    (4) If the aide asks whether you belong to the district or not, tell
    them NO if you don't. Mention to them that you already spoke with
    your representative and would like the congressman/congresswoman

    Here is the list of representatives to contact:

    Mary Bono � California 45'th District
    D.C Office Ph: 202-225-5330

    Brian Bilbray � California 50'th District
    Ph: 202-225-0508

    Ken Calvert � California 44'th District
    Ph: 202-225-1986

    Jerry Lewis � California 41'st District
    Ph: 202-225-5861

    John Campbell � California 48'th District
    Ph: 202-225-5611

    Gary Miller � California 42'nd District
    Ph: 202-225-3201

    This Campaign has been kicked off for the California IV Group a couple of days ago. A few members of Cal. IV have been in touch with the offices listed above past week. We need more people to make the
    calls and build momentum. Let us get going on this Action Item. Together, We can do this

    10-30 12:07 PM
    @ leoindiano
    Where is your case? You should call and talk to an IO and find out. It will be good if the IO can put in a note in your case on which 140 needs to be used. After around 100 calls, I managed to talk to a very friendly IO, she put in a note and asked for my file to be pulled out of storage (I believe that is what happened in my case). I was on the phone for around 20 minutes with this IO and I couldnt believe how a IO could be so friendly and polite :) Have you treid CIS Ombudsman and USCIS Sec. Napolitano?


    I will reach out to ombudsman and Napolitano this weekend. Another thing i am going to try is applying AP renewal this weekend, set to expire in november anyway. I would rather loose $305 than keep waiting for some miracle. Thanks for your help. I should be able to find the procedure to file 7001 and the Napolitano address in this thread, correct?

    08-04 04:42 PM
    See what I mean. More than stat-arb, the HFT programs keep looking for pattrens in order flow and front run them. Thats why you have lattice trading and when a fund wants to sell a big block, they dont even go to the exchanges. they pick up the phone and call someone "upstairs"

    SEC moving toward banning flash orders - Yahoo! Finance (

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