Wednesday, June 1, 2011

girls with guns calendar

girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns (contains provocative pictures)
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns (contains provocative pictures)

  • Jalexster
    Feb 14, 05:02 PM
    Something that has occoured to me, is there is a missing feature on this forum. It's a feature that I have only ever seen on GameFAQs, but have never seen anywhere else.

    The marking system. Basically, each post has a button on it, that when you click it, you go to a page where you can "mark" a message, You can mark it for spamming, flaming, etc... There is a variety of options. Anyway, once you have marked it, it goes into a todo list for the mods. They can then review this message, and remove it or change it.

    Basically, it allows people to easily inform the mods if there is a bad post. Currently, you have to PM the mods. This makes it easier. Oh, and if you abuse the system, you get punished.

    Anouther feature from GameFAQs, is the Karma system, which ties in with the mod system. Basically, when you get moderated, you loose Karma. And you gain one Karma per day, as long as you have at least one active post.

    I suppose I've only seen these features at GameFAQs, because it is the scurge of all earth. And I love it.

    MacRumors in the most friendly fourm on the internet, but GameFAQs has a wide variety of topics. It's the birthplace of many interesting things. Like the unholy trinity... Don't ask.

    girls with guns calendar. Guns. As the White House would
  • Guns. As the White House would

  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 27, 09:24 AM
    I now use GMail for Mail and use Picasa for photo hosting. It has great iPhoto intergartion and the premium service is like 20 bucks a year.

    Wow! I didn't know about Picasa web albums. It does integrate with iPhoto great and 1000 pictures on the web for free sounds good to me! So now this is what my Google Services page looks like:

    Google Calandar (Better in every way than .Mac's calandar, if it can be synched with iCal in Leopard I will be so happy)
    Gmail .Mac mail probably is on parity with it now with this update but sadly Google gives you much more space for free! (The ads are very minimal)
    Picasa Web Albums Awesome! Just awesome.
    Google Spreadsheets/Writely These have room to grow but are really handy in a pinch. I can't wait until they have a basic set of productivity apps Writely etc. online for free and not in beta. They aren't office killers but most people don't use 90% of the features of Office anyway.

    I stopped using Backup because it didn't work when I needed it to and besides the iDisk is much too small to backup anything but personal information. I use SuperDuper now with an external but will use Time Machine and an external with Leopard. I am using godaddy for my domain name and will probably use them as my host for my iWeb page next year when my account dies. Apple seriously needs to take a clue from google and offer the same kinds of apps at a much reduced price.

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • idonotliketostu
    Apr 1, 08:56 PM
    Demand don't lie.

    girls with guns calendar. Bikini Girls with Machine Guns
  • Bikini Girls with Machine Guns

  • djgamble
    Apr 27, 04:30 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    if they are not tracking people then why have the feature? maybe the information is for someone else??... who knows but one thing is for sure its an invasion of privacy..... even if I do stay home all day and night.

    How? That's like saying that Adium reads your chat transcripts because they are saved locally...


    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • Lucky Loot
    Apr 20, 04:36 AM
    Game video:


    Easter Holidays are coming and Easter Bunny has to deliver eggs to the city. But the road is bumpy and dangerous. Build the safe path for bunny, so he wont brake any eggs.
    Emerge into this physics based cute and funny puzzle adventure.

    - Funny gameplay;
    - Cute Easter Bunny;
    - Physics based puzzle bridge builder;
    - Destructible environment;
    - Water, build floating bridges;
    - Beautiful and stunning game art;
    - Every level has different level design;
    - Collect additional empty eggs along the way;
    - Destructible objects;
    - Help overlay.
    - Easter inside!

    The Bunny is a little bit unstable. You must help him to cross the huge pits, but sometimes it gets very funny to watch collapsing bridges and poor bunnt falling to the bottom. Don�t forget to watch hilarious trailer on Youtube.

    This is bridge building game, but it is very different from others. In this game you place and rotate various items. All item are not connected to each other, so the structures may get very unstable. Every level has limited amount of items, from which you must build a way for the rabbit and bear.

    Every level is like art painting and has different looks. Watch how the environment changes in every level.

    Bunny is cute, but if he is falling from height, he will break everything in his way. Constructions must be stable or else, one falling object can ruin all bridge!

    girls with guns calendar. They#39;re girls with guns
  • They#39;re girls with guns

  • Doctor Q
    Feb 13, 01:21 AM
    If you are talking about mouseover thread previews, here is the discussion about it.


    girls with guns calendar. Re: Girls With Guns
  • Re: Girls With Guns

  • Mudbug
    Jan 14, 03:15 PM
    it's not just you. ;)

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • Corey Grandy
    Dec 26, 05:34 PM
    Occasionally my MacBook Pro gets a little uncomfortable and hot when I'm away from my desk, glad to have this now.
    Lots of awesome shirts, some plaids (not pictured), a great jacket and two shirts from DistrictLines as well.
    A bunch of games and whatnot. Guitar Hero II was something I actually never had and my mother came across it for $2 at Best Buy. Can't beat that deal.
    The coolest gift card ever.
    Parents had this poster mounted for me, all in all (poster and mounting) it was less than $20.
    And this is the grand finale. I had never wanted to drop the money on an iPad, but I always wanted to try one out. I absolutely love it. Hopefully the 3G won't cost too much ;)


    girls with guns calendar. and Girls with Guns.
  • and Girls with Guns.

  • Edwin the Elder
    Sep 26, 09:53 PM
    Seems like the Canadian price hasn't changed wither. It's stuck at $139 (Canadian).

    And my subscription expires in 6 days.

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • a.jfred
    Feb 9, 03:35 PM
    I'm on the 450 minute plan, and I have 1770 roll over minutes. I've stuck w/the 450 plan, mostly cus almost everyone I call is on AT&T (I switched from Verizon, and saved a boatload, since it's just me on the plan). In the 4 years I've been with AT&T, I've only ever gone into my roll over minutes *twice*. They always end up expiring on me.

    Text messaging & the (grandfathered unlimited) data plan are far more valuable to me.


    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 6, 10:31 PM
    How much is that?

    girls with guns calendar. Girls with Guns. Teaser shot
  • Girls with Guns. Teaser shot

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 1, 02:26 PM
    were is the other free /app tool thread?The What cool little OS X apps do you use? thread isn't limited to free applications, so it overlaps this topic.


    girls with guns calendar. Girls with guns?
  • Girls with guns?

  • parapup
    Apr 27, 05:24 PM
    just out of curiosity.. do you file bug reports?
    i'm pretty guilty of not...

    I used to do it - quite a bit actually. But except for one security bug I filed all of the others pretty much got ignored - that was a big disincentive.

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns (contains provocative pictures)
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns (contains provocative pictures)

  • 0815
    Apr 6, 12:23 PM
    please please please let it be for some dropbox like service (or even better - apple should purchase dropbox and integrate it into Lion)


    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • iLoveiMacs
    Dec 24, 01:48 PM
    My new baby, i freaking love this thing.

    Dual 2.3 GHz Power Mac G5
    1GB RAM-250GB HDD
    NVIDIA 6600 GT/256MB VRAM

    First Christmas present for this year; got it yesterday. It has Tiger which means it isnt compatible with ANYTHING but I should be able to get Leopard soon.

    BTW; Does anyone know of any Twitter clients that are compatible with PowerPC 10.4-based Macs? Thankss. :)

    girls with guns calendar. Girls and Guns
  • Girls and Guns

  • Blakeasd
    Apr 4, 06:07 PM
    Is it possible to run Android on a 3rd generation ipod touch, if so, how?


    girls with guns calendar. Girls with Guns
  • Girls with Guns

  • bbydon
    Jan 10, 12:35 PM
    Best one in years...too bad they didnt release ilife though

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • digitalnicotine
    May 9, 04:58 PM
    Cool! Downloading it now. :)

    girls with guns calendar. (NSFW) Girls and Guns
  • (NSFW) Girls and Guns

  • darngooddesign
    Mar 25, 03:12 PM
    Ipad3 plans are in the works...

    File that under "Duh".

    Feb 17, 01:45 AM
    i dont get the option on the 550 min plan
    iPhone is burning when using, see this news: ( I am sure all iphone users will be scared from this moment on! :mad:

    Apr 28, 05:11 AM (

    In an article about Pegatron's net losses for the first quarter of DigiTimes reveals ( that the iPhone 4 manufacturer is said to be lowering their production of CDMA (Verizon-compatible) iPhone 4s in 2011 from the originally expected 10 million units down to only 5 million units. Meanwhile, Pegatron originally expected to ship 10 million CDMA iPhone 4s in but sources from upstream component makers pointed out that Apple's orders already saw a significant reduction and the volume is estimated to drop to only five million units.CDMA refers to the radio technology used by Verizon for their mobile phones. The CDMA iPhone (aka Verizon iPhone) was launched in February of this year and saw 2.2 million activations ( in the partial first quarter of its launch. Despite the years of speculation about a Verizon-compatible iPhone, its reception may have been ultimately tempered by the late introduction in the iPhone 4's lifecycle as well as many customers still being locked into existing contracts.

    Apple is widely expected to introduce a new iPhone later this year. That new iPhone will likely be a global device (, incorporating both CDMA and GSM technologies into a single design.

    Article Link: CDMA iPhone 4 Sales Below Expectations? (

    Dec 8, 09:31 AM

    ChristMAC Icons:

    Santa Mail:

    Bowtie-Christmas (used for iTunes):

    WP (don't know original source):

    How it turned out: (

    Uploaded with (

    One more question; how did you get the calendar on the wallpaper? PS? Thanks again :)

    May 4, 11:31 PM
    It's still barbaric. Just like it was yesterday, just like it will be tomorrow.

    Mar 23, 02:15 PM
    I'll always remember Serlet for his hilarious presentation of Mac OS X Tiger at WWDC.. "Redmond, start your photocopiers" :)

    Haha, ya. The Snow Leopard intro was pretty funny too!

    He cracks me up, he has a very asymmetrical face hehe :)

    I seem to recall Craig Federighi demoing Mac OS X Lion and he did a good job. Slightly nervous shaky hands but a watchable presenter.

    He got nervous because the gestures for Lion don't work very well on the Magic Mouse. Go back and watch it, he was fine up until that point!

    I was sitting there thinking... great, the gestures don't even work for them, how practical or they going to be for everyone when Lion is released? I think they are going to push hard toward the Magic TrackPad from now on. That is fine for casual use, but not when I am doing my pro work like making movies and media etc. :(

    They really need to redesign the Magic Mouse to give you more gesture area if it is going to stick around! It is just not practical for anything above 2 fingers, and even that is iffy sometimes!

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