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  • krishna_brc
    02-23 08:48 PM
    My wife is currently on H-1B status. Her employer has decided to close the company and cancel her H-1B effective from 2/28/09. My wife has an EAD and Advance Parole. We applied for her EAD and Advance Parole, when my company applied for my I-485 Adjustment of Status in July 2007. I wanted to know:

    a) What steps are needed to move my wife from H-1B to EAD?

    b) Do I also need to move from H-1B to EAD in order for my wife to use EAD?

    c) Do I need to move my wife to H-4 status before she can start using her EAD?

    In short I wanted to inquire, how to ensure that she is still in legal status after her H-1B is cancelled by her employer?

    She will be in legal status although her H1 is cancelled.
    Reason - She has file I-485 with you, so technically she is in AOS(Adjustment of Status)

    When she finds a new job she will give her EAD details in the I9 form.

    You dont have to do anything. You can maintain your H1.

    If you convert her status to H4 then she cannot use EAD - meaning she cannot work being on H4.

    hope this clears your doubts.


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  • reachinus
    03-14 06:56 PM
    No it cannot be used as its already expired. You will need a new employer for filing a new h1.

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  • ratsek
    01-02 12:23 PM
    Thanks for your reply. We filed 485 for our son also.

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  • bbenhill
    05-07 06:14 PM
    We did the exact same thing. We informed officer that my wife's Extension is pending, he said that's fine and gave her I-94 valid for 40 days (time remaining on her H4 visa).

    After she get her I-94 for 40 days then if her new H4 application is approved then she will get the extension of her I-94.

    give me green if this helps :-)



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  • dbzfan33
    10-07 12:10 AM
    ohh ohh ohh ohh, i hope no one already did it! cause i was about to ask if someone could also do just the letter M. Rotating.

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  • pappu
    01-10 10:37 AM
    It is a good opportunity for state chapters. Unfortunately not many state chapters are yet formed despite having 8000+ members. We have members from every state but only a handful state members are actively working. Unless we all ourselves take responsibility and actively organize and participate in state chapters it is tough to use the grassroots level strength of this organization. We have more than a thousand members coming everyday to this site and posting ideas, opinions and what IV should do and what IV should not do. We all can achieve everything easily if everyone actively makes their state chapters alive and participate. If you feel that there is nobody in your chapter, then take a lead role and organize it. If you find that few members have signed up, and nothing is happening, then PM all those that are signed up and start working on action items.

    pls use this link to sign up and start taking active role in your state chapter today


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  • kirupa
    09-19 11:19 PM
    If you really don't want to use the DataGrid, you could just use a ListBox. Each ListBoxItem (you can edit the ItemsTemplate) could be a textbox with a series of comboboxes inside it. That will give your users the illusion of having a scrolling list of items that they can enter values into.


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  • RandyK
    03-27 02:46 PM

    My wife is a Canadian citizen, what is the process of getting a H4 for her? (I am on an H1-140 approved).

    1)Do I file an app with USCIS?
    2)Can she go apply at the US consulate in Canada?

    What type of documents, forms are involved ?

    The reason for this post is I was given conflicting info by my old lawyer.



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  • Blog Feeds
    06-03 04:50 PM
    VIA*Press Trust of India / Hyderabad*May 13, 2009, 15:45 IST (

    "US Consulate General, Hyderabad, Cornelis M Keur addressing media persons at the 'meet the press' programme organised by Press Club Hyderabad said that due to economic slowdown the world over, the US government has taken a decision to tie up its unemployment problem which is nine per cent. But, there was no significant change in visa policy. "We continue to issue H1B visas with little more scrutiny," Keur said.

    He said that, at the same time, the US government has framed a policy for the companies to give preference to native Americans in employment.

    Obama administration has taken up a practical approach in establishing relations with the countries while there were efforts in strengthening relations with India because of the "Brain Borrowing", he said.

    Keur said there are 3 million Indians in the US who are contributing to its prosperity specially mentioning about the Andhraites who marked their presence in various fields in the US including IT.

    Keur said the Hyderabad Consulate, the fourth in the country was established due to the growing trade and development in the state in the IT, biotechnology and pharma sectors."

    More... (

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  • telugu_power
    03-02 07:21 PM
    I always wonder these ARAVAS deserve GC?

    Because where ever they will make lot of fuss there and cause so many troubles to hosting country...

    Srilanka they made a beautiful country as almost ash because of their perverted intensions..And Singapore they will never go with country's best interests...and Malaysia....
    And even in India see the support to LTTE (Openly)

    Also all most all these ARAVAs are blue collar cheap labor, I don�t know how a considerable number of Tamils getting h1b
    Actually USCIS needs to think about them to avoid future problems...

    Looks like already two dick less Basterds visited this (who left -ve rep for me)


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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-25 09:45 AM

    My current EAD was issued in 2007 when I filed I-485 + I-140 concurrently. It has since expired. I did not apply for a renewal because I am still on my H1B.

    I am applying for a renewal now and had a question regarding filling out form I-765

    Q15. Current Immigration Status ( Vistor, Student, etc )
    I am still on my H1B. So I think I should write H1B and not AOS. But I am not sure.

    I filled (C)(9) for Q16 Eligibility Criteria, and since I live in Ohio I am sending it to USCIS Phoenix Lockbox Facility. My receipt notice is Aug 2007 and to be sure I am including the $380 fee.

    Appreciate your help!


    If you are on H1B, then you must write H1B as your current status.

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  • psaxena
    08-07 05:49 PM
    I am sending the following letter to USCIS to revoke the G-28 and asking them to send the future communication directly to me. Please let me know if the letter is good to go or any changes are required. Please feel free to make changes to it if required.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sample Letter
    DOB xx/xx/xxxx
    I-485 Receipt #xxx-xx-xxx-xxxxx

    To USCIS
    Service Centre
    P.O.BOX 82521
    LINCOLN NE 68501-2521

    RE: Request to revoke the Form G28 sent by attorney with I-485 form
    receipt # xxx-xx-xxx-xxxxx

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have pending I-485 receipt number xxx-xx-xxx-xxxxx with your service center.
    My attorney no more represents me and I request you to revoke the form G28, sent by my attorney while filing I-485 application.
    In future any communication from USCIS should be sent to me directly to my home address.





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  • saloni
    07-11 05:23 PM
    I have filed I-485 as derivative on my spouse case with his PD of EB3 Dec2005 as his I-140 was also approved in july 2007. I have AP/EAD through it, but have never used them.

    I am currently on H1B and just got my I-140 approved through my employer in EB2. My priority is Feb 2005 which is much earlier than his EB3 Dec 2005. The approved I140 has the same Alien # that I received through my pending AOS case filed earlier in july 2007..

    Do you recommend filing I-485 again based on August bulletin now that my PD is current.

    How does processing date working in tandem with Priority Date.

    What is your take on multiple I-485 filing.

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  • chris
    10-17 11:11 AM
    Thanks eilsoe,
    I was following a tutorial that was for photoshop 7 and all was going well untill it said to drag the "grid channel" onto the "load channel as a section"...!!!

    But any way I tried it your way and it worked fine so thanks a lot I've been trying to figure it out all day.:bandit:


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  • kirupa
    10-18 06:56 PM
    Haha - clever :P

    In the future, though, please create a new thread for each entry. That makes it easier during judging.

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  • vichlu
    07-30 02:29 PM
    My PD is Feb 2008 and my I-140 has been approved the same year. I am on my H-1b 3 yr extension.
    If I were to change my job now, will I lose my PD or can the new company refile my new I-140?


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  • fishjelly
    09-08 03:53 AM
    I am not using Silverlight, just using Visual Studio 2005....
    I use Response.Redirect("previous_page.aspx");
    this make the page load again so cannot display back the previous view...
    There is really no other methods in C# without javacript?

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  • bestfuture
    05-26 02:53 PM
    Hello, I lost my job today, but I have H1B. So what's the time gap for finding a new job?

    Thank you very much.

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  • sanjay02
    06-22 01:56 AM
    Tell them that you will report their activities to Dept of Labor.

    Look for DOL local office. But before you do anything call an attorney speak to him.

    07-19 03:57 AM
    Donate 1 million dollars to USCIS, they will come to your house to handover the card. I believe that is the only way you can expedite, as for as I know.

    LOL, If s/he has or had or saved $1m then might not have been a "Bpositive" handle on IV and his/her handle elsewhere may read as iwasintheus, packandgo:D

    My I-485 is current as per Aug bulletin (dec 2004 eb2). Any suggestions on how to make sure the application is processed by IO? Anyone with prior experiences/success doing this?

    will post as soon as i find one :)

    01-20 12:02 PM
    Looks like AGjOBS bill has good chance of passing. Does anyone know what the definition of agricultural worker is ?
    Could one by considered agricultural worker if they are in landscaping business ? what about in agricultural sales.
    We are about to see creation of huge black market for documents claiming someone is farmer if this rule is passed.

    Can one be illegally working as Ag worker while on H1 ? :)

    May find something here AgJOBS Amnesty Legislation Re-introduced (

    AgJOBS amnesty legislation that would provide amnesty to close to 3 million illegal aliens was re-introduced in the Senate and House by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA; S. 237) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA; H.R. 371). The Senate passed AgJOBS legislation as part of its �comprehensive� immigration bill (S. 2611) last May, but the measure died when the House refused to take it up before adjournment. In addition, both the House and Senate saw stand-alone AgJOBS measures (H.R. 884 and S. 359) introduced during the 109th Congress.

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