Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ramus
    06-13 08:20 PM
    anybody knows how long it will take to do medical...

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  • yebo123
    03-28 01:14 PM
    I am a Software Engineer , with Masters in Computer Science in EB2 , but EB2 applied with BS + 5Yrs exp, my company didn't want to show Masters as an requirement, since not all SEs have Masters. Will my case also come under STEM ? Anyone else in the same situation ?:confused:

    I am in the same situation, MSEE +5 years exp (of these 4 years are in USA on H1-b). Lawyers filed EB-3 rather than EB-2 because MSEE was not an absolute requirement for my job position.

    As I read the proposed bills, it appears that the STEM provisions will not be related to EB-2 or EB-3. It just states that if you have an advanced degree and 3 yrs experience in US prior to application you can file I485.

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  • spulugur
    12-06 03:29 PM
    Just signed up for $25 12month subscription - but cant access donor forum.
    Transaction id 6EY322825M498640P.
    User id: spulugur

    Please provide access. to donor forum Thanks.

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  • fall2004us
    10-27 02:14 PM
    why did I get a red dot??
    I just appreciated one of the replies ??:mad:


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  • kaushik07
    01-31 04:35 PM
    my checks got cleared this morning and I called the USCIS 1-800 number and got the receipt numbers for 485, ead and the travel document. The officer said that the receipt notices were mailed on jan 29th.

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  • justbooks
    07-19 05:24 PM
    As per the instructions on I-134 and I-864 none of them SHOULD be required for employment based 485. I-134 is for visitors to US; I-864 is for family based and some cases of employment based 485(where your relative owns part of the company sponsoring you).
    But based on their previous experience with RFE about these, the lawyers ask you to fill one of them as a preemptive measure to avoid an RFE.
    If filing on your own, it's your call what you want to do. We decided to send I-134.


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  • checklaw
    06-19 05:29 PM
    I will update you as soon as I get this info.

    Can anybody confirm the following
    1. If 325 is required for 485 filing for infant baby ( parents already haved filed 485)
    2. Is Affidavit of support needed for the baby? If so is it I-134 or 864?
    3. Ours is employment based AOS so assuming baby will also qualify for same? or will it come under Family based?


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  • alkg
    10-15 09:51 PM
    :confused:Not Received any updates till date/Filed I485,EAD,AP on July 2nd at NSC,Received by R.Mickels at 9:01 AM/No CC.

    Really worried.............:confused::(:mad:


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  • ss1026
    11-22 07:11 PM
    I would try to attend both but definitely in for the Lobby

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  • priderock
    07-26 03:02 PM
    I called USCIS nebraska two weeks back and I got the same response as mentioned by "bigboy007". I called them twice once in the morning and the next time in the evening..I got the same reply saying that "They are holding all the applications that came after June 25th and they are waiting for further instructions. They will assign receipt no only when they have enough visa numbers.
    It did not make any sense..

    I posted my feedback in another thread and i didn't get any response..

    Then, i asked my friend to call uscis and ask for his status. My friend did not get the same response as me. They just checked and said they may not have received his application. So I thought the IO i spoke to may be wrong or might had outdated information.

    I guess you are right. I think the info they are giving is outdated info from prior to Jul 17. I think they were thinking (prior to Jul17) about holding on to all applications and accept only some based on how many visa numbers are available. Now that the Jul2 memo is canceled/withdrawn , this is just stale info from misinformed CSR.

    I am not loosing sleep over it.


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  • atlfp
    01-22 11:31 AM
    Law makers aren't stupid. When they overlook something, it means they do not care. It's michigan after all... Try the same in California and see if it will pass. What do you do? Leave michigan and seek somewhere else. Let the poor state to get even poorer.

    How will lawmakers understand the existence of legal skilled immigrants, when barely 133 members out of 25,000 have shown the willingness to do a simple task like writing letters to the President? As far as lawmakers are concerned - we don't speak up so we don't count.

    Dear Friends, time has come for us to speak up or face really tough times ahead of us. Recession, lay off, no DLs - do you think you can survive it all?

    For pete's sake, write the damn letter if you care for yourselves and your family.

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  • GCBy3000
    01-17 11:22 AM
    I am talking practical. I agree india is growing and there are good stuffs. I am not against India or any other country. I am weighing like others what makes a better place for ones career and family considering both pros and cons. Yes you have to forego a lot from homecountry living in US, but you still stay here which means you have lot more pros than cons. Those differs from individual to individual.

    Your spouse is on H1 and you are also. You both make some decent money and live comfortable life which is good. You talk everything positive about India and still you live here. So you think this is better place than India as OF TODAY. In hypothetical conditions, if Srilanka offers 1000% more opportunities than US, then everyone will jump in there. AS OF TODAY, US is better than India and that is why you are here.

    The decision of moving back changes with time for everyone. Eventhough two people in the same company in US, do the same job, earn similar salary, with similar family situation but one with two 5+aged kids will differ when comes to moving back. I dont want to argue just for the heck of it. I want more practical approcah on this. I love india and I also feel it is growing. But I still consider US is better than India for my career.

    Once you live here for a while in US having a mindset of going back, most of the people end up with debts more than 20K(minimum). You think to clear those debts before you want to go back, but unfortunately you end up in more debts. Tell me one day you went back. I agree I am wrong on that day. Until then, I beleive people stay in US because THEY WANT to stay in US. Eveyone claim India is growing bla bla bla, but no one wants to move. Instead they want their spouse to work here and earn more and buy house etc etc. Dont forget you are part of IV and you are so because you want something on immigration. I dont want to hear that you want to move after 10 years. Tell me today that you want to move. What is the guarantee that 10years down the line, you will not say something else when 5 years back you felt US is better than India and now viceversa.

    If you compare life in the US vs. India in terms of material comfort, then obviously US is more attractive. However, keep in mind that India has changed a lot since most of us came to the US 5-10 yrs ago. Its quite possible to lead a good life in India if one has the money, and there are plenty of good jobs in India that give you money.

    Sure, there is a lot more competition in India and many people are scared of that competition. Its far easier to get a decent paying job in the US, than it is in India.

    Your generalization is incorrect that most of us would not be talking about relocating to India if it was not for the retrogression. I had come here with a 10 yr plan (hoping that I would get my citizenship in 10 yrs and the decision to go back would have been much more straightforward). I would still like to stick to my initial plan. I know of a lot many friends who have either gone back after 6yrs of H1B or are in the process of going back.

    So lets not confuse the issue by debating about which country is better to live in. I think going back is a matter of personal choice and what you value more - the material comforts that the US offers or the option to be close to the family & your kids to grow up in the Indian culture.:cool:


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  • gc28262
    07-30 04:30 PM
    Called everyone in the list ( less than 15 mins)

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  • kanakabyraju
    07-03 03:39 PM
    If this rule is passed, hundreds of thousands are at trouble including myself. I think its just the panic button they want to press, so that a billion $ funds will be available in a month time.


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  • harivenkat
    08-06 08:58 AM
    this seems to be more remarkable than what IOWA Senator did... it seems to be good plan... never have foreign workers get GC then have them keep paying for border security - issue which they bear no connection whatsoever.....

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  • indianabacklog
    03-30 09:49 AM

    I sincerely hope that this problem does eventually get noticed. I have no problem with the dream act but if you are going to give an almost free pass to the children of parents who came here illegally it seem seem plain fair to give the same opportunity to those who have followed the rules and stil got screwed.

    The reaction you got on this forum is business as usual. As you rightly say if it does not benefit individuals they do not care. However, if the plight of the aged out kids could gain some momentum it would in turn highlight how long people have to wait and maybe the retrogression and backlogs could get some air time too.

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your comments to senators etc. If enough people would do so I have to believe it could make a difference.


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  • gclongwaytogo
    10-17 02:00 PM
    Latest one to receive some update...has applied on july 16th......
    Removed some inactive ids also....

    July 2nd

    JULY 3RD

    JULY 5th

    JULY 9th

    JULY 11

    JULY 13

    JULY 16

    JULY 17th

    JULY 19th
    July 20th

    JULY 23rd

    JULY 27th
    NYC- Circuit

    JULY 30th

    AUGUST 2nd

    AUGUST 3rd

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  • spaceguy
    05-20 09:14 PM
    Just google Germany transit visa and AP. There are postings on immigration forums way back to 2006. It is not a new issue as some one mentioned.

    It seems AP was not listed as valid document. But many people traveled with out any issues it seems with A.P.

    Could anybody faced any issues at Frankfurt without Transit visa?
    Please share your experience if you traveled these days through Frankfurt

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  • ssdtm
    03-06 09:52 PM
    Based on my last few visits, on any given flight from India, there are at least 30-40folks with H1 or AP etc. By that measure, that will make a lot of number in a given day for all POEs combined. …and that also from just from 1 country. So obviously those with all documents ARE GETTING in.

    So even 5% sent back will be at least 100plus folks sent back every day. There will be a complete uproar if that happens.

    I think cases of guys being sent back from POE are too miniscule to jump to conclusions....if at all true.

    It is quite possible that those with incomplete docs or with issues (like no job, paystubs to prove) are being more scrutinized and not spared like before....but nothing panicky here for those with all docs.

    Personally in my many visits, I never was asked any document. And yes, I used EWR most.

    04-08 02:08 PM
    A colleague just returned from India last friday (Bom-ATL) and said he saw an Indian H1 guy turned back at POE , it seems that guy was entering first time on H1b and did not have a project on hand. He also said other H1b holders were being subjected to severe questioning ,similar to the consulate during visa issuance.

    12-12 09:09 PM
    Pelosi is silent on CIR. It is not coming up soon. If it were that easy, it would be the first thing they would have brought up. In fact, Pelosi even met the President immediately after it became clear that she was going to the majority leader. But it still did not come up. Isn't it obvious?

    Talking to anti-immigration is counter-productive? Well then why did we call Sessions?

    Believe me, I will be most relieved if CIR solves our problems and if it goes successfully when it is taken up --- most probably by 07/07. After all I need a GC that is all. I don't care for ideology at this point.

    Pelosi is silent...That is a fact..Now we have to find someone in democratic house who would take that subject up....

    What makes you think that those anti immigrants even want to talk to you .??..Did you read some of the comments written on the steinreport site??
    In the name of reform they want to push this thing of a few more years...So that you and me would walk away...

    You talk to them ..and you would be their poster boy for how the H1B system is unjust and should be abolished...Not reformed...Abolished...Whatever 'Reform' proposals the numberUSA puts out is just a bait...to catch gullible fish like you ...

    As far as calling Sessions...that was a non starter anyway......It was sure to fail....

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