Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • aadimanav
    08-16 11:14 AM
    Please read the following thread, provide your feedback, and participate in the poll:

    GC Recapture Campaign is LIVE now

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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  • jambapamba
    07-10 10:11 PM
    1. to keep a log
    2. To report the number of cases worked upon
    3. To keep track of the applicants as when its refiled, it should have yes for "Did you ever apply adjustment of status before". If its "No", its a lie and its rejected again.

    why would they spend time in entering the data in the system if any way they going to reject it...

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  • arc
    02-01 12:09 PM
    We have to keep doing this... Senetor Obama mentioned 1 line about fixing Legal Immigration process, also both Senators mentioned that ILegal Immigrants will be last in the line of the process so that is a huge progress for us... These candidates have an army of people working for them, they do a lot of research go to forums, go to debate websites to see what are the pain-points, if we can get our questions in top 10 in every debate now on then Legal immigration will be in the spot light, that is half the battle won... regardless who is chosen by voters they will all have legal immigration on their agenda. Good job guys! Keep posting the questions we will make this issue popular!

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  • prashantc
    01-28 01:53 AM
    I appeared for an interview on Jan 2nd. It took the consulate officers 16 days to call me and ask for original documents again. Darn PIMS verification! I resubmitted the documents on Jan 22nd through the drop box... and have been calling them daily to track the progress. They say they need 7 working days from the day the documents are received. I have already had to reschedule the flights once..and my employer is getting worried now. If I had known about the delays at Chennai post before, I wont have applied here. Chennai sux!!!


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  • abhijitp
    01-31 03:10 PM
    Just voted!

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  • green_card
    11-11 08:41 AM
    Thank you for adding some rationality to the discussion.

    I-485 is mostly about the eligibility of the individual (like medical, illegal presence, fraud etc.) and so getting rejected at I-485 stage is not that common (especially after the approval of the underlying immigration petition). And if it does get rejected, more often than not, the individual may never be eligible for permanent residence due to the same reason. So usefulness of H1-B as back-up is of very limited narure.


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  • murthyvvr
    04-08 10:53 AM
    I contributed 50$ at each time on two occassions earlier.
    Looking at the progress we made, I made a contribution of 100$ just now making my total contribution to 200$ so far.

    We are winning and worked enough to come out of the clutches of the {edited by logiclife }.

    WE WILL COME OUT OF THIS {edited by logiclife }

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  • RDB
    09-17 12:59 PM
    They are discussing some other bills.....something to do with Kinship and welfare for children.


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  • eb3retro
    11-02 11:55 AM
    I would like to share my experience and it may help some people here.
    My H1 was sponsored by company A when I was working with them on OPT. I paid $3000 for H1 filing and attorney fees and company A gave me the H1 approval notice only after I signed an agreement that I would work for atleast one year with them.
    Afetr 1 month of my H1 approval, I got a better job offer from company B and I got the H1 transferred. I notified my client and company A who threatened to revoke my H1, take me to court etc etc. They also withheld 4 weeks of my pay.
    After joining company B, I filed a complaint against company A with DOL that they withheld my salary and also they demanded H1 fees from me. After 2 weeks of that complaint, my salary was deposited into my account and DOL was looking into my complaint about H1 fees. This case finally got resolved last week after about 18 months, when DOL finally persuaded company A to pay $3000 back to me.
    I would request everyone who is a victim of these blood sucking employers to
    take every possible action against them. There's a very little chance that they would go to court because they are themselves involved in gross irregularities.

    now that this is not a private issue anymore (you have taken the employer to the court and DOL) you can defenitely save some souls if you reveal your employer here. having said, wish everyone had courage like you. good job.

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  • nemadeni
    07-15 09:55 PM


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  • fatnslow
    06-19 12:39 PM
    Just wondering, how do you actually skin it? New layers etc, how do you apply colors etc etc. Just a small question from a PS noob :P

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  • dr_vroeg
    06-08 09:02 AM
    ben, you still want to wait until the 30th?


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  • guyfromsg
    07-17 10:26 PM
    After you apply for AP its only 1 year H1 increments.

    Can you please clarify on this; If 485 is not current at the time of H1 extension and if 140 is approved should get 3 year extension. How does applying for AP change this? Do you mean using AP when traveling or mere applying of
    AP will make you not eligible for 3 year extensions?

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  • m306m
    06-11 05:18 PM
    1. You have the insurance company on your side to defend
    2. Until the judgment goes against you or you run away, you do not need to worry about freezing bank account
    3. In worst case, during the judgment time they will consider your family, two kids. They are not heartless people and it�s just an accident. That guy must be insane to ask 3.25 million. I couldn�t believe the whiplash injury especially when the damage was <$1500. I just assume the impact must be very minimal.

    My advice is, don�t lose your hope and sleep. You insurance company is there with you to defend. Keep in touch with them and respond promptly to court notice or any letters. You do not need to withdraw your GC. Worst case if everything goes against you declare bankruptcy and leave the country legally. So if you want to come back in the future, you won�t have much problem.

    When you don�t have anything to lose�why do you worry. Keep it cool and every thing will be fine. Seems like those guys wanted to have retirement with your money.

    Dont Panic....

    I am sorry I disagree.

    1. The insurance company is not necessarily on your side. They will only pay up to the amount of liability that you are insured against and that too most insurance company will do reluctantly.
    2. It will be too late to transfer money out of the bank account after the judgement is passed. They will freeze your accounts when the case goes to trial. If you are going to transfer money do it before the trial.
    3. I agree 3 + million is absolutely unreal. Try and settle this before it goes to trial for a nominal amount.


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  • nashim
    08-11 12:41 PM
    dec 04

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  • waitnwatch
    04-21 11:00 AM
    I sent a contribution ($100) a couple of days ago. Hopefully it has got to you guys.


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  • prince7
    09-30 02:56 PM
    Hi Smartboy75 & Wawa, I also received the same update on Sep 28th ,I am in pending h1b transfer and uscis tried to reopen my previous approved h1b .

    I am June filer and got all the receipts. Please keep me posted as well.

    Appreciate your inputs.

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  • masouds
    06-12 02:45 PM
    What are you talking? which part of the world do you belong? Obama is the democratic candidat for 2008 Presidential Elections Its conformed.He is not still fighting and also he how can you justify that he is a weak person? do you know he was no where in the picture and no one expected he will won the nomination when the Democratic Primary was he is the democratic PRESIDENTIAL now you should have undestand how powerful he is.

    Weak or strong, either he (or Sen. McCain) will be president, and not king. They may have a strong influence in the Congress, but they can't boss it around. Specially since a minority in congress (be it Democrat or Republican) has its own way of stalling bills they don't like. I hope next president brings sanity back to the Washington.

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  • gc_freedom
    07-01 08:54 PM
    It is sad to say the thread started by one of the senior member on similar lines was closed abruptly for discussion.I know IV's main intension is to help on immigration front but it won't be too different to help other immigrant brothers trapped in situations like this.

    Are there any reservations on voicing opinios about this?


    01-30 05:36 PM
    Just Voted It was Question Number 9

    06-10 03:11 PM
    Uh, can I redo my entry?

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