Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ronhira
    07-20 07:14 PM
    why don't u guys outsource this function to someone in india or philippines etc., u'r system is inefficient and it cannot handle the bulk traffic.... hire me to be your management consultant and i'll create your efficient system

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  • indio0617
    05-30 04:46 PM
    Everything is being processed in a chaotic fashion. FIFO is not being followed.
    The approval itself has gone well into 2005 priority dates. I am suffering too without even a 45 day letter (Feb 2004 PD).

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  • rkd
    09-07 09:45 AM
    Came in Sept 2000.
    Labor filed in Nov 2004 (EB3 - India).
    I 140 approved.
    I 485 filed in July 2007.

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  • desi3933
    03-04 06:24 AM
    It's perfectly legal to show the unexpired H1B stamp from old employer along with I-797 from new employer to gain entry into US.

    In such cases the IO is supposed to give the I-94 reflecting the end date mentioned in I-797 from new employer. This has been clarified by Murthy many times.

    AmericanDesi is correct. Same thing holds for H-4 visa as well.


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  • Legal
    07-26 04:20 PM
    guys after seeing such a long thread i gave some credibility to the post and called USCIS... after jumping through several loops and CS agents ... none of whom had any idea regarding the development mentioned in the post. So after insisting to talk to a senior person I was transferred to ... what they call head of information and CS rel or wat ever it is... i dont remember it exactly... anyway.. i explained our situation/concern/paranoia to him... he listened carefully and gave me these following reply...

    1) USCIS is working diligently to process the receipts, but since USCIS is handicapped by limited resources compared to the huge wave of applications it will take some time to post the receipts. In his words "we understand your agony but you also have to understand that we cannot work like machine and solve this in couple of days... we are putting our best efforts and pulling all our resources we very seriously handling the situation"...

    2) When told abt the rejection news ... he said he dont have any such information and "we in US gov agency dont play the carrot and stick game... we will honor every word of the july 17th bulletin"

    3) when asked what will happen as the visa nos are not available ... he told me "rest assured in USCIS has devised a plan that will take care of majority of the concerns ... but it is unwise to ask anything about the plan as USCIS is in no liberty to divulge any further information about it"...

    4) at the end he said not to go berserk at every rumor at every blogs ... "we are all very reasonable people even in USCIS and DOL and understand the gravity of current situation " .... "very govt is tied with some level of bureaucracy so some delay is unavoidable but we are working at our peak efficiency to minimize that"...

    5) jokingly he also added that his neighbor is an indian guy and her daughter playes with their kid ... he said "my daughter will kill me if her friends need to go back to india for this"...

    I request all of you guys to stop calling USCIS...otherwise it looks like your phone calls will further delay us getting receipts.:)

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  • webm
    02-26 05:44 PM
    When/how can I apply for a social security number for her? Is she eligible based on a pending AOS case with EAd...?

    Yes,visit any local SSA office and take PP,EAD card with you as the proofs to apply for her new SSN#...


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  • gc28262
    07-30 04:30 PM
    Called everyone in the list ( less than 15 mins)

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  • nmdial
    08-09 12:18 PM
    Can IV contact the Indian PM's Office and talk about this? Is this matter in the realm of advocacy that IV stands for?


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  • luckylavs
    06-13 05:51 PM
    VB is not officially released untill 15th of each month officially... so can we stil trust this?

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  • pappu
    07-20 12:28 PM
    Some members may face access to donor forum issues. It maybe due to several reasons.

    - Their Monthly subscription may have expired/canceled. If that is the case, please renew your subscriptions and we will be able to provide access within a day.

    - All recurring contribution signed up prior to 6/6/09 have to sign-up again. We have made some changes in the system. We had sent emails to some such members. If you took action as per the email we sent, and signed up again then you should be having access at this time and can ignore signing up again. If you check your paypal account, it will show that no payment was processed after the initial contribution were made as part of the recurring sign-up. The glitch was fixed sometime back and the system kicked-in yesterday to revoke access based on the recent contribution history. Since the past recurring contribution is not active for these users, it would be great if they could please sign-up for the recurring contribution and help the community effort.

    - If you already have a monthly recurring contribution and this access problem is in error, please notify us immediately with your payment details and we will fix the problem. We try our best to manage this access, however there may have been errors. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    - In future whenever you contribute to IV do always let us know your IV handle/contribute from your logged in status so that it is easy for the system to associate the contributions with your handle. Else, we have to find out and associate it manually.

    We urge everyone interested in supporting ImmigrationVoice more actively to sign up for recurring contributions. This will help IV pursue its agenda more aggressively. The immigration issue is now heating up and we are involved in advocacy efforts at several levels. We have a lot of work going on/planned and in the coming days many updates will be posted.

    - Sometimes subscriptions fail for reasons like credit card may have expired. IN that case you may have to renew your subscription to get access.

    Please give us at least a couple of days to provide you access once you have signed up. Note that we verify each member before granting access to anyone. We do not guarantee or provide access to everyone who contributes to IV.

    Thanks for your support to ImmigrationVoice

    IV members,
    It will be extremely helpful if you could send in your paypal receipt that contains the
    1. userid
    2. subscription # or transaction #
    3. most recent transaction date for this subscription
    4. IF it is a recurring donation - for how many months
    5. your phone numbers
    If you could send these details to either ivcoordinator@gmail.com or PM it to StarSun, - your info can be processed faster. Incomplete info will take longer to verify.
    If you continue to have questions, please call me 202-386-6250.

    Without providing the above information - do not demand anything. For members who have provided the info, I will be getting in touch with you.......thank you for your patience.


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  • shan11
    07-27 11:58 AM
    According to where I reside, I come under Houston consulate jurisdiction. I am planning on carrying the email and hope all goes well.

    Houston consulate is consistently saying "ATV not required if you have AP" , the issues is with German consulate in Chennai, their website has "ATV REQUIRED even if you have AP", further , they confirmed as "Required" in email too.
    When we board the plane in India , those officials will follow which guidelines? German consulate in USA ? Germany ? or India ?.

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  • PlainSpeak
    02-24 01:33 PM
    I am not talking about this either. It is their generosity that makes them donate. They are not donating to gain something for themselves. I am not referring to this.
    This was meant in the context that a person having a GC does not need to be convinced about donating. It is their good nature that they are donating but there is no convincing involved. I am sure you know about the number of people who have confirmed to come for advocacy. I s it enough

    I do not know you and I have an open mind.
    And neither do i know you and let me calrify that i have an open mind too. But an open mind does not mean agreeing to every argument. An open mind would mean (according to me) looking at the logic of the arguement and making a decision. In the same context in corollory a closed mind would be rejecting arguement because the idea clashes with your idea

    Lets make a deal. If you have any alternate solutions to fix the issues, please feel free to come up with them and list them.
    Deal. My alternate solution is that the 50 k DV lottery visa which is going to PHD's and which according to another member post (Ghost) is what IV is advocating to be used for highly skilled immigrants should be changed to benefit Skilled Immigrants who are most retrogressed irrespective of category.

    If they are good, I will support them and will also spread the message about it.
    BTW i did list and talk about it before but was shot down by everyone asking me if i can raise 15 k for an IV ad to support it. Now if IV is using that as a talking point in the advocacy why can IV not advocate for benefiting Skilled Immigrants who are most retrogressed irrespective of category. After all is not IV for all immigrants

    You don't have to convince me. I have enough common sense to recognize it when a tangible, feasible solution is presented to fix the issues. Deal?
    I am not trying to convince you. If you agree to my idea then i woudlbe VERY VERY VERY surprised. Instead I am waiting for your valid rebuttal as i believe you have enough common sense


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  • GCBy3000
    01-16 05:18 PM
    Very first think comes to my mind is why are you guys coming to US if you feel India is better. Have you seen anyone from US going to India and taking up jobs. Again dont get me some exceptions from here and there.

    1. US is lot better than India. Only thing lacking here is our culture / parents/ siblings which are invaluable.

    2. World economy is dependent on US economy and it will be the case for next 100 years. So you are better off here.

    3. You all guys talk these crap since you do not have GC. Imagine, there was not VISA problem here in US and everyone here gets GC in 6months easily, do you think our peers in this forum would be saying that they are ready to go back to India/home country. I DONT THINK SO.

    Everyone wants to be here whether he accepts it or not. Only the frustration with getting GC makes him/her think in 100 different options. But the reality never changes. Every tom dick and harry from every nook and corner of the world wants to come to US because this is the land of oppourtunity and luxury.

    ==> What comptitiveness are you talking about? If U.S. wasn't comepetitive, why are YOU here and waiting to get a green card?

    ==> Career and politics: Things are always greener on the other side. Politics here is not as bad as in India (atleast in my experience). Patiently waiting in line for everything and bribing everyone in the chain have been and continue to remain rule of thumb that you talk about.

    ==> Life, sick and tired of laundry - Why not hire a cleaning lady and get your clothes dry cleaned?

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  • gmail
    06-13 08:17 PM
    What if I file in July but August it retrogresses to an earlier date? Is the application put on hold?


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  • ruchigup
    10-24 07:59 PM
    You can get help from legal Indian immigrant here in US. I know a friend in San Francsico making use of that help. Try checking on Sulekha or Rediff.

    A friend in SFO has three kids and they hired stay home Indian nanny and they pay her 1500pm plus food and accomodation. You can negotiate for less money if you are not getting all house chores done from her and have 1 child.

    Sulkeha is good place to start.

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  • pappu
    08-16 12:56 PM
    Delivering on promises and meeting the goals is THE BEST advertisement for any organization.
    This organization is not a handful of core people who have to promise and deliver. Nobody has promised anything. We are all in this together and continuing our struggle and hoping for a favorable result. It is YOU, ME and EVERYONE (all 5500+) members who need to work together to achieve our goals. Please contribute to IV cause in any way you can. Every hand will count.


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  • niklshah
    01-24 04:44 PM
    i called the office and asked about license renewal which is coming up next month, the lady over there told me that if you have valid michigan drivers license and social security number, we will renew it now but there is no certainity for renewal afterwards. She told me that temporary permit will not do, you need to have valid michigan license.

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  • raj2007
    06-13 11:12 PM

    Firstly congratulations to everyone who qualify to file their I-145's:)

    How does this affect all the single ppl here? if they marry after filing their i-485's can their wives be included in the application? how does this work?

    They can follow to Join route if they marry one day before approval.

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  • ilovestirfries
    11-12 05:11 PM
    Took an Infopass and visited the local office here in San Diego. Though they were nice and polite...a emergency AP can only be issued if some family member is seriously sick and there need's to a doctor's note to that effect. However, he was willing to raise a SR on the case and added a note on the urgency of the AP and if it can be expedited....not sure if that will do any good. Just waiting and hoping for the best.

    Hello AndyMajumder / Cool_Desi_GC

    Could you please help me out with the option that I need to select for InfoPass appointment for expediting the AP processing?

    I selected the option,
    "You need Service on a case that has already been filed "
    Once I selected that, it takes me to the next page that has 4 options.
    1. Order from Immigration Court
    2. Case Processing Appointment
    3. EAD inquiry appointment
    4. Case Services follow-up appointment

    Looking at the options, I would imagine option - 4 looks more relevant ...But it also says the following.
    "If it has been over 45 days since you contacted NCSC and have not received a response to your inquiry. You must bring the Service Request ID Number related to your inquiry to the appointment."

    I have two questions.

    1. Which option did u guys select, to setup InfoPass appointment for expediting AP processing?

    2. If the option is 4, then, what is the Service Request ID number that its referring to?

    Thanks much for all the info.

    Regarding my case, I procrastinated the AP application and finally my attorney applied on October 20th...My I-131 notice date is, October 21st...I am planning for my India visit on November 27th and was wondering whether is there a realistic chance to get my AP approval before November 27th...I really do not have any pressing emergency but I am going to try my luck by requesting a InfoPass appointment...Keeping my fingers crossed...


    09-08 09:55 AM
    Well I have a good friend of mine EB3 INDIA also whose PD was October 1998 ie 3 yrs before my PD of August 2001. He finally got his GC 4 months ago in June 2008.
    My advice to EB3 INDIA folks
    a) Realize that you are at bottom of the barrel. As the psychologists says realizing and acknowledging the problem is half the solution.
    b) Recalibrate your expectations.
    c) Realize that there is no method to USCIS madness. Anything can happen. Guy in same category as you with a 5 yr later PD may get application passed first. Its completely random.
    d) If someone is genuinely EB2 and EB1 then yes it makes sense for them to get GC first. I stress on word genuine and DOL needs to do a better job with audits to mconfirm that is indeed true.
    e) Unless per country limity is removed I sincerely doubt EB3 India will move beyond 2002 for at least another 4-5 yrs. It may move maybe a couple of months in the yr but thats meaningless.
    f) If you EB3 India by the time GC process is done there is 80% chance you will be either 1) diagnosed with Blood pressure medication before you get GC 2) become a religious fundoo 3) dont give a rats ass anymore.

    Best of luck.

    Arrival: Fall 2001
    MS: 2001-2003
    Joined employer after graduation. Been with them since.
    Labor EB2 RIR: Apr 2004 sucked donkey ass in BEC until Oct 2006
    I-140 filed Nov 2006. I-140 Approved Dec2006
    I-485 July 07.. (thanks IV)
    Waiting since.

    This thread has helped alleviate some of my frustration; seeing people who came here years before me and still waiting.

    Funny how my mind finds tranquil in the misfortunes of others :D:D

    01-17 10:27 AM
    Dear friend,

    You have totally misunderstoood what I am saying. The people whom you are referring to are all of citizens of US. I will also make decision to start a business where the opportunity exists keeping my base in US once I get citizenship.

    Tell me one big individual who MOVED ( Did Vani Kola moved ?)his base back to india with his children/family. Be practical and tell me whether you think the kids of those guys have moved back to India. I DONT THINK SO. Again if you beleive he moved his base alone to India without his children, then he is again in our situation having kids in other part of the planet.

    I will reiterate what my point are. If it is easy to come to US and get a green card, every tom ,dick and harry from any part of the world will love to come here and settle inclucing the members who dont agree with me in this forum. Since getting the GC is tough in the past couple of years, people have started to bring the positives of their home country.

    What happened to these thinking in the past?
    Why only when the GC is retrogressed?
    Will you be thinking the same once you get the GC?
    Is it practical to think once your kids are 5+?

    Certain things you have to experience by yourself and especially the kids. These kids(5+) are 100 times smarter than you and if you beleive you can getaway by moving them to your homecountry, I pity you. I have seen myself two families moved to India returning back to US because of their kids. I am patriotic, but practical.

    My uncle lives here from 1984. He is the only one who wants to go back to India. Neither his wife nor his kids are with him. He is a Phd guy and a chemist. He is planning to start a business with base in India. For that, he has to move back to India for a while and then start shuttling between US and India. This does not mean he moved to India. I will do the same once I get that freedom. That is what VCs like Vani Kola, are doing.

    If you compare life in the US vs. India in terms of material comfort, then obviously US is more attractive. However, keep in mind that India has changed a lot since most of us came to the US 5-10 yrs ago. Its quite possible to lead a good life in India if one has the money, and there are plenty of good jobs in India that give you money.

    Sure, there is a lot more competition in India and many people are scared of that competition. Its far easier to get a decent paying job in the US, than it is in India.

    Your generalization is incorrect that most of us would not be talking about relocating to India if it was not for the retrogression. I had come here with a 10 yr plan (hoping that I would get my citizenship in 10 yrs and the decision to go back would have been much more straightforward). I would still like to stick to my initial plan. I know of a lot many friends who have either gone back after 6yrs of H1B or are in the process of going back.

    So lets not confuse the issue by debating about which country is better to live in. I think going back is a matter of personal choice and what you value more - the material comforts that the US offers or the option to be close to the family & your kids to grow up in the Indian culture.:cool:

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