Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • gccovet
    11-07 04:30 PM
    I dumped H1B, and even renewing EAD myself. Keep on giving I9 form.

    This helps me to keep interaction at the minimum with Desi Employer.

    Mr. Dhundhun,
    If you have not done so, please, whenever you get a chance do send those 4 letters:

    All who are planning to use AC21 or already switched job using AC21 (using EAD). Following is very important:

    If you think you are immune, think twice, especially if you are making an investment (American Dream) by buying house, please read the following, help keep your dream intact....

    check out

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  • senthil
    07-10 02:28 PM
    once significant amount of AOS applns were received - there will be a process to dispatch these rejected applications base don priority date.

    cmon people for uscis everything is a process and all know it takes time
    im not pessimistic, but uscis made me so.

    like others say - dont build hopes unless u see fruit in ur hand. my2c

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  • add78
    06-13 10:51 AM
    As of now there are more than 8000 views for this thread. If we just take that each of us might have visited this thread 50 times.. .That would still take us to 180 odd unique visitors...

    and if you look the survey..JUST 90 Calls so far.. Why there is a disconnect here/??? because we postpone and don't do our part...

    If efforts fails, it is only ourselves to blame.. Platform is set and try to atleast help by sparing 10 mins of your day... Take this matter to your heart and

    JUST DO IT>>>>
    You are the perfect example of what IV looks for in its new members. Enthusiastic, Energetic, Encouraging and Endeavoring.
    Keep up the good work.
    Folks, there is no great feeling than when you feel you are making the difference. Call, Donate, Rally others and feel the rush.

    Yes We Can? Sure We Can.
    Yes We Will? Sure We Will.
    But All Is Nil, Unless We Do The Thing.

    Thank You.

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  • indyanguy
    11-11 09:12 PM
    If I use EAD and if my I485 is denied, since my spouse is on L1, can I get a change of status to L2 at that point?


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  • psk79
    07-18 12:24 PM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 2
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 10.30 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Don't Know

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  • GCBy3000
    07-15 08:42 PM


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  • chanduv23
    02-01 12:54 PM
    When I am trying to reqruit someone from dice, I see resumes that are heavily bloated to an extent. I see similar resumes with names changed and some words changed both from same city, so maybe they are from same consulting company, i have to dig through in detail to figure out a good resume and finally the chances are that I may have gone through a bloated resume are high.

    One suggestion that is in above post is good, INS can releease skills associated with filing h1b petition and match with skills on resume.

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  • santb1975
    06-02 12:07 PM
    Please make your calls. This is for everyone. Please take the poll after you called. Thx

    Since all the reps are from California, Is this only for California members?

    If not, let me know and I will get on the horn as soon as I can (probably not possible today, maybe tomorrow).


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  • Googler
    11-05 08:59 PM
    You are right.. I got a call this Wednesday from the Presidents office of initiating an inquiry on my case and again a repeated call from them on Friday that FBI Name Check has been cleared. I forgot to mention this detail in my excitement.

    Donald Bradman


    Do you mind sharing some details? It would be very helpful to know if they only helped because your case was extraordinary in some way.

    How long have you been waiting for the namecheck to clear? What country are you from? What did you say about the adverse effects on your life?

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  • gcisadawg
    08-13 08:48 AM
    EB3 I is going to have a long wait. I had applied for Canadian green card and had received it. At present i have EAD and AP. Is it worthwhile to go into consular processing and work in canada or apply for a blue card or think about Australia. If this sounds okay how should i proceed.

    Jose Thomas

    What is your PD? Your profile says you are July Filer and your labor approval date is in 2008. Maybe a typo? I think if your PD is before 2003 for EB-3 I, there is hope of getting GC by end of 2010. Otherwise, it could be a really long wait without any legislative changes.


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  • anzerraja
    07-19 04:23 PM
    You are right in that the donation would go towards the core IV funds. But if we resort to writing personal checks and What if it is short of the amount he spent ? Should he wait for months if not years to realize the amount he spent ? I think they should be compensated immediately from the core IV funds.

    The donations that we make to IV will be part of the general corpus which will be used for lobbying. As one core member pointed out 99% of that fund is utilized for lobbying, I am guessing remaining 1% is spent on hosting IV website.

    If you guys want to help Aman we could write a personal check favoring Aman. What do you guys think?

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  • Dhundhun
    10-17 06:20 PM
    Wonderful with BOA!!! but always looked bitter due to high wire transfer fee.

    4-9 years ago, when used to send large amounts ($4000, my family was in India), I used BOA because I had bank account with them. They would charge me US$45 per transaction. Seeing that others are charging $10 or so, I reached Manager about such descripency. He explained that after taking $45, BOA becomes my representative and works in my best interest. He showed that last conversion rate was $1.50 more than any bank published rates in India on that date. So I made effectively $40-50 even after paying us $45. BOA manager explained that they gave Times Bank Indian Rupee. Had they given US$, Times Bank would have eaten all the profits.

    With others money transfer agencies:
    #1. I always got approx. $1 less than published rates.
    #2. There has been delays
    #3. They have deleberately taken more number of days to do transaction on that day, when rates were worst.

    I never lost money by sending through BOA, it used to be $4000-5000. But since BOA charges $45, I could not use their services for money less than $2000.

    $45 had made trustworthy partner, free/$3/$5/$10 made stealing partners.


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  • santb1975
    02-01 05:22 PM
    I do think a lot of times that Hillary has a better handle of issues and she is very articulate. Billary (yes Billary) concerns me. I think it is going to be tough to be just Hillary and not Billary.She had a good answer for it last night but it is hard beleive there will be no Billary. I visit more than :)

    Obama definately is not as articulate as Hillary. However like many I want to see a completely new face as the democratic candidate. I knew Clinton's from when I was like 10 years old. They had their opportunity already and we have already tasted their approach. I am one of those people who is looking for a complete change. No clinton's, No Bush's, No Kennedy's. I am looking for young politicians to emerge through out the world.

    Let's see how Super Tuesday turns out.

    That is a cliche. Everyone says it without knowing the details.

    Obama has very poor understanding of issues. He has no idea how to solve most of the problems.

    Lot of persons (like you :)) like him!

    Billary (oops! Hillary) knows everything. She takes some cheap shots which she does't have to!

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  • manisha5
    07-17 04:14 PM
    Signed :)


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  • singhsa3
    07-15 08:16 AM
    Can you please call on any of the core members before proceeding. And let us know that the outcome was

    I don't know what this petition is going to do. Atleast it will convey to CNN top brass that there are people out there who won't tolerate such lies. Maybe it won't do anything now but we must continue our efforts and oppose such false propagation of information whenever we can.

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  • jindhal
    08-25 04:06 PM
    is crappy...
    they provide "technically free" money transfers to india.
    They do not charge you anything for transferring but their profit is from offering a much lower rate for transfers than the official rate. I have had different time lag between initiate and transfer on different days. Not sure if their transfer is delayed or preponed based on rate but they do take a hell lot long to transfer. I earlier used to suggest M2I from icici nowadays its remit 2 india. Cust service is crappy regardless of where you go, cos in the end these companies are desi..and the cust service is also desi. They treat you like crap (just like the rest of the population back home) and I dont expect anything different anytime soon.


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  • elassar2005
    10-16 07:14 PM
    victim me, my wife and my 9 years kid since April 2006 and victum for the all system since i belive them when i immigrated in 2000, but it's too late to cry :)

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  • purplehazea
    02-01 04:59 PM
    Amazing, I think we are the most self critical group of human beings on this planet. Unwilling to acknowledge and boast of the right things we do and predisposed to criticising ourselves when things are not PERFECT.

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  • kdprasad
    07-10 09:10 PM
    ANYONE who received a rejection who filed on or after July 2nd.!!!!
    I haven't seen one at least in this forum.

    04-14 07:39 AM
    Contributed $100, a small drop in the contribution.

    02-11 07:08 PM
    Absolutely not. AC21 only removs the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand is less than the total of available numbers. In the present calendar year, the overall demand is defenitely more than the total of available number and AC21 priviledges would not apply.

    DOS would clearly violate the 7 percent limit if excess EB2 ROW numbers flow to EB2 china/india. Don't want to get into an argument here, so I will leave it at this. Each person is entitled to his/her interpretation just as DOS has its own. Peace.

    I agree with you, if you could able to show the difference between allocation of unused visas pre-AC21 priod and after AC21 period. Lets say 10000 unused visas availbe in EB2. Please tell me how it will be handled if it is in 1999 and 2006. Please read section 202 of INA and post here. I am stopping here. Bye.

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