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Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior

images Opel Astra Opc interior car Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. sale of Saturn by GM, it doesn#39;t appear likely. Source: Vauxhall. New
  • sale of Saturn by GM, it doesn#39;t appear likely. Source: Vauxhall. New

  • hebbar77
    04-13 02:29 PM
    I am no expert but here is what I think.

    by concentrating energy on spilled over milk, why not work towards recapturing unused visa numbers? It has been done in past successfully. It is in huge numbers, guess around 300-400K or so.

    while wasting energy on 2-3K or may be 5K lc sub cases will do no good for everyone. visa recapture will solve problems for most of the community.

    take your pick. its no brainer!!!

    LC Sub is long gone. Those who *legally* got pre-2001 may already have gc by now, and its not going to affect them anyway.

    Think in a professional manner and do what provides the most benefit.

    ok , agreed. Can pappu get it done within certain time. How much does it cost?
    Lets share the bill. Straight to business!

    wallpaper sale of Saturn by GM, it doesn#39;t appear likely. Source: Vauxhall. New Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Visit the article to view more car image at 2010 Vauxhall Astra - Interior
  • Visit the article to view more car image at 2010 Vauxhall Astra - Interior

  • masala dosa
    04-12 05:57 PM
    In any case, I am not getting the stories that some have sent. Could you guys please send me the story again at


    I am not ( so do others i guess) interested in names location etc
    just the content.. want to see how great our immigrant population is
    Keep up the good work

    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Interior – Vauxhall Astra
  • Interior – Vauxhall Astra

  • afialam
    09-26 04:52 PM
    I was recently (Sep 2009) at the Indian Consulate in New York for renewing my Passport.

    My complete name <A B> is written in the passport on the surname line. The given name field is blank! So it is in the passport as:

    surname: <A B>
    given name:

    I would like my new passport to have it correctly as
    surname <B>
    given name <A>

    But the consulate has refused to do it without a notarized affidavit.

    I did take the affidavit to my bank for notarization, but they were obviously clueless about the affidavit form and refused to notarize it.

    Here's the link to the form:

    1. Where and How do I get such a form notarized?

    2. Does anybody have any experience in filling this form. I'm quite confused as to where do I have to sign on this form?

    3. If anybody has done this before in the US and got a form notarized for a name split, can you please share how you got it done. Thanks!

    Anyhelp in this regard will be really helpful. Thanks!

    2011 Visit the article to view more car image at 2010 Vauxhall Astra - Interior Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2010 opel astra news
  • 2010 opel astra news

  • anandbaghel
    07-06 03:15 PM
    Onnline order confirmation number is W00552500723549


    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Source: Vauxhall. New
  • Source: Vauxhall. New

  • GCchakravyuh
    07-17 07:22 PM
    Like in the movies Rang De Basanti .. newer generation was compared to Freedom Fighters and like in Lage Raho Munna Bhai -we had Non Violence portest Heroes, I am seeing very comparble Heroes in the Immigration Voice Core team. It does take lots of guts and courage to do the right thing , at such a high , sensitive level , with peacful, intelligent talks... especially in a land which is not yours for sure yet.

    Kudos CORE TEAM as well as Congresswoman Zoe L... you have made HISTORY indeed . You have blessing of all who have been recovered out of the stressful chaos.

    By the way which handle initiated the Flowers Idea?.. Congrats to you you for your smart ideas.

    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2010 Ford Focus RS 360 by Wolf
  • 2010 Ford Focus RS 360 by Wolf

  • bugsbunny
    12-09 02:39 PM
    So you are a proud person from Maharashtra...seeking to abandon your state and country and seek a life in the US ....and you want illegals to be submitted to torture...and treated worse than criminals who are

    under Arizona law even criminals are not shackled during child-birth
    that was the whole point of the article
    its not about immigration

    ..else, don't say what you don't do.
    Hey, lets do this. Let's get a couple of homeless bums to just move into your house, while you are not there and then have them DEMAND repsect, humanity, food, medical care, clothing and shelter from YOU. ALL in the name of humanity.
    Then let us see what your reaction is.......a homeless US citizen is in no way inferior to you so called "economic refugee".

    Countries have borders and laws for a reason, and each country has the right to protect its borders and uphold the laws. Most of us being of Indian descent, should look into our own house. What is happening to Biharis in Maharashtra...are Biharis not Citizens of India.....we don;t even tolerate people of other states, coming to our state!! and expect US to just keep letting trespassers in?

    The name of this Country is "UNITED STATES of AMERICA"...NOT "FREE_FOR_ALL REFUGEE CAMP"..


    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2010 Opel Astra New Set Images
  • 2010 Opel Astra New Set Images

  • RandyK
    12-19 08:12 AM
    Just contributed.

    2010 Interior – Vauxhall Astra Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Opel Astra Opc interior car
  • Opel Astra Opc interior car

  • msp1976
    02-02 09:34 PM
    For all the current immigration and nationality law
    Use URL and search for title 8..


    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. wallpaper 2010 Steinmetz Opel
  • wallpaper 2010 Steinmetz Opel

  • ngodisha
    12-20 03:48 PM
    Made another $100 contribution through Paypal.
    Transaction ID: 7RL94888U3632145P

    Those of you who have not contributed yet, please do so ASAP. Please contribute to this worthy cause.


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  • 2010 Vauxhall Astra Interior

  • doggy
    08-13 08:50 PM

    Just ignore the accusations. Two things here. Firstly, people are really frustrated here with all the GC stuff. Secondly, there has been lot of Anti-immigrants coming in and trying to disrupt the forums, making people inherently suspicious.

    Enjoy your Green Card. Remember to support us lesser mortals in future. :p


    Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2010 Vauxhall Astra - Interior
  • 2010 Vauxhall Astra - Interior

  • texanmom
    09-08 12:19 AM
    Let us all refrain from using bad language. America prides itself on its freedom of speech. Everybody has the right to speak their mind, but let us be mindful of how we say it!

    For all those of you who are ticked off by Sherman and the likes, please come to Washington DC on the 18th and prove them wrong. If we speak loud enough, we will be heard.

    See you all at DC on the 18th!

    hot Source: Vauxhall. New Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2010 Vauxhall Astra Mk4
  • 2010 Vauxhall Astra Mk4

  • murali77
    08-09 05:26 PM
    On the same note I have a question for the Gurus.

    My name is reversed ( first name and last name interchanged) on my SSN and hence on my credit cards, employment letters etc though my name is correct on my passport , H1 , I-797 and on files AOS.. etc.

    Will this pose a problem in the name check process?

    My attorney said I should change my name with SSN after EAD/AP arrives.

    Let me know ur opinions.



    house mid-2010. 2010 Opel Astra Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2011 Opel Vauxhall Astra GTC
  • 2011 Opel Vauxhall Astra GTC

  • santb1975
    11-19 05:09 PM
    Great way to put this

    I beg to differ. IV is not turning away anyone. What stops someone from contributing $100 once every 10 months?
    The issue is something else.

    In order to contribute even $10, you need to:
    1) be convinced about the cause of IV
    2) be convinced this organization means business!
    3) give up the "penny wise pound foolish" attitude

    (1) This should be easy for those who were unable to file their AOS applications in July/August 2007, because one of IV's primary goals (abolish retrogression) should then be your goal.
    This is also easy for those who filed their AOS, if only they realize that "working on AC21/EAD" is not as much fun as it seems, you really need the Green Card to live and work the way you want!

    (2) is a proven fact, and most of us are already enjoying the benefits of this!

    (3) Finally, people feel overwhelmed by the thought of donating $50 or $100 to IV but they are happy to spend much more on gasoline, phone-calls, and drinks. You make no difference to your quality of life when you spend $50 on gas and $100 on food when you go sight seeing on a weekend. But when you donate that money to IV, you are supporting the one and only grass roots organization that means business when it comes to fighting for your own quality of life!

    It's like investing in a "credit score" monitoring product for a year before you actually apply for a loan!

    If that analogy makes sense, please please realize you need a similar strategy for your green card, and contribute to IV.

    Preferably, sign up for recurring contributions, as this is the one thing that will help IV in forecasting and planning.
    If nothing else, write to a core team member and let them know you will pay $N1 over N2 number of months.

    tattoo 2010 Ford Focus RS 360 by Wolf Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Opel astra gtc interior
  • Opel astra gtc interior

  • abhijitp
    11-21 02:40 PM
    So, how did you do it BharatPremi? You just paypal to

    That is not the right email id. Not sure if we can/should publish it anyways?


    pictures 2010 Opel Astra New Set Images Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Images 2010 Mazda 3
  • Images 2010 Mazda 3

  • jsb
    08-19 02:05 PM
    Thanks. Fortunately I have my I-485 approved more than a year ago and it was adjudicated and approved in one go.

    The review of the cases progresses as per RD in pre-adjudication
    Your profile (above) says that you are at I-485 stage, so I thought you are waiting for approval.

    dresses 2010 Vauxhall Astra Mk4 Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. 2005 Opel Astra GTC with
  • 2005 Opel Astra GTC with

  • bsbawa10
    09-05 04:55 PM
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

    Because many of us the green cards the fire got extinguished. I am ready to write letter to Zoe. Can the following be the rough draft ? Also, does anybody have the address where it can be sent ?
    One more thing, if you think this thread will become very long editing this letter, feel free to use collaboration by visiting the link and editing the letter. Please keep a local copy also just in case some mischievous element wipes it off.

    Dear Zoe Lofgren,

    Once again we wanted your help in getting the broken and unorganized process of green card streamlined. In July, 2008 USCIS announced that the people with priority dates upto June 2006 are eligible to have their I485 applications processed. When the time actually came to process them.

    1. Instead of processing them according to the priority dates, they started processing them randomly (although the claim is that they process them according to received dates which is neither true not justified even if it was true) causing people who have been waiting for years(Many of them since 2003 or 2003) to not get their green card and the people who had their priority dates as late as 2006 were issued the green cards.

    2. In the middle of August, they unofficially put the processing on hold (no official announcement to prevent the situation/lawsuit as the last year).

    3. The customer service is totally inconsistent in giving individual answers. We get different answers at different times and most of them are either incomplete or unsatisfying. They also direct us to write letter to the service center directly which results in the response asking us to check website or call 1.800 number none of which again inform the real status of the case. In other words, it is a never ending loop.

    Please help us in resolving the problem as you did last year.




    makeup wallpaper 2010 Steinmetz Opel Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. mid-2010. 2010 Opel Astra
  • mid-2010. 2010 Opel Astra

  • anilsal
    09-07 11:21 PM
    this guy has openly challenged you. Are you going to just sleep through this? Not do anything on your part?

    Come on. Lets all go to DC to attend the rally in bigger numbers and show this tribiani dude, that we can gather for a cause.

    girlfriend Opel astra gtc interior Vauxhall Astra 2010 Interior. Steinmetz Opel Astra 2010
  • Steinmetz Opel Astra 2010

  • gcnirvana
    07-17 08:33 PM
    There are so many 'Thank you' threads running and its hard to keep track of everything. Anyways, I posted this elsewhere and am proud to post it again here. Read on....

    I was just curious as to how many from Core Team will benefit from today's news. So I looked at the core team's GC details and here is the summary:

    1. 8 out of 12 Core Team Members WILL NOT BENEFIT from today's news.
    2. Because 6 of them are stuck in BEC
    3. 2 of them are in the final stages of their GC.

    But still they fought for this cause and never ever felt 'Why should I care'! Tears came running down when I looked at the details. You are just awesome. Though I am thankful today...I am thankful for the day I found this site and am thankful to god almighty for giving me an opportunity to know you all and work with you guys.

    I also sincerely hope and wish that you all will get out of the mess you are in right now and we are with you till the end.

    Thanks a lot to all members for being with us in this struggle. We have tasted our first big success this year. Credit goes to each and every IV member. We were all affected by the visa bulletin fiasco and this is our victory. This is a victory for all our members and we must rejoice.

    IV had worked very hard and had been pushing for this in the background. Our flower campaign, rally and other advocacy efforts all came together and helped us at a crunch time. We thank members that sent flowers and also walked in the San Jose heat for 4 hours. All that really shows our commitment to this cause.

    We are happy that our efforts are successful and IV has been able to make a difference. Please also know that during this effort, IV was extremely active and decision makers heard our voice. We cannot give out all the details but what IV members should know is that these efforts should make each one of us proud and what we can do if we have a firm resolve. We were also the first to break this news even before anyone else or media could, and continued to update our members as time passed.

    IV also thanks its contributing members and it is because of their contributions we were able to continue this effort. Many thanks to the members that are contributing now after this good news.

    Please continue your support for this organization and be an integral member of this ever growing community, so that this journey can continue and we can end retrogression and have immigrationvoice as our voice.

    Team IV

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  • srkamath
    07-09 11:04 PM
    According to DHS statistics there are around 50,000 EB2 lndia Labors in 2004 and 2005 each. So ppl with 2005, 2006 priority dates you can wait around 6-7 years for ur priority dates to be current with annual limit of around 5000 for EB2 India.

    The lawsuit can be filed by your American Civil Liberties Union Member or ur aunt or uncle or mistress who is a US citizen. U guys and gals with 485's will not be there in the lawsuit but will benefit if the lawsuit wins.

    I looked at the links you have provided and I'm still not sure where your "50,000 EB2 India Labors...." came from. These numbers do not seem trustworthy or reliable.

    Here's data directly from the DOL ETA website.....
    3/28/2005 to 10/28/2005 there were a total of 15973 Labor certifications approved - that includes EB1, 2, 3, 4 for all countries, and 3734 cases for Indian nationals in EB1, 2, 3, 4. Of course a part of EB1 and all of EB5 don't need labor certs.

    If you download the database from the DOL website, apply filters for India, approved cases, then filter out all Level I in all non-managerial occupations, followed by non EB2 job descriptions - you end up with ~ 8 - 9% approvals for EB2-IN which is approx 1300 - 1400 primary applicants.
    In my estimates, i removed most computer programmer level occupations as the USCIS has been very reluctant to approve EB2 for these cases - i could be wrong here.
    As you see, it is IMPOSSIBLE for EB2 IN cases between 3/28/2005 to 10/28/2005 to be much more than 3800 (that is approx 3800 x 2 visas incl dep).
    A total of nearly 50000 EB2 IN applicants (including dep) for 2004 and 2005 may be possible.

    The massive retrogressions we are seeing is mainly because of the fact that only 15439 EB2 visas were issued in 2003, and 32532 i 2004 thanks to DOL backlogs and mis-interpretations of the law by DOS !!!! compare that with an average of 43,000 in most other years since the 1990s.

    I'm pretty confident that your numbers are incorrect

    07-05 02:32 PM
    any reason y we are sending these flowers?? On the line of 'Lage Raho.' (An Indian movie where the protogonist preaches non violence and sends flowers instead)...

    We are doing it in a nice way...Join us.

    07-17 10:28 PM
    Thanks for all the efforts, excellent work!!

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