Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cadillac Sts V8

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  • sheela
    08-21 06:03 PM
    This does not mean we will not be seeing any approvals now. USICS might have assigned the visa numbers to lot of pending EB2 I-485 applications. They will be adjudicating those cases in few days. So folks keep the faith , keep bugging USCIS (call them day and night) and check every 2 minutes and also don't forget to check your emails and website for CRIS updates every minute :eek:

    God bless us all!!!!

    Original Poster should not have sensationalised this memo. If at all this 'news' is true -this may be just something so-called internal matter. Best interpretion of this 'news' is: They may have assigned available visa#s to approvable petitions just as they did before 2nd July07 bulletin, where people kept getting approvals well into Oct07.

    So, ALL THE BEST to lucky ones who are 'pre-adjudicated'. How else you can explain Sep VB, which is yet to start from 9/1.

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  • amitps
    09-08 12:12 AM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer� for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.

    We know how to do THESE JOBS RIGHT...and SHOW you how to do it effeciently and effectively.....:rolleyes:

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  • summitpointe
    04-27 02:31 PM
    Six years in US complete
    Previous employer cheated by not filing GC
    So need to change employer for filing GC
    I-140 approved with current employer
    Not able to file I-485 because of retrogression
    Wife not able to work
    Moving around for jobs with family
    Cheating Employer
    Frustation with H1B Extension and stamping
    Not able to Plan to go to India because of Interview dates
    Not able to plan on good school Child's education
    Not able to spend more money on good health insurance
    Lot of time and money spent on H1B Extension and stamping
    Signing short term lease for Apt's and moving around
    Drivers license based on H1B papers
    No benefits like 401K etc with small employers
    Sick with the current employer

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  • gctest
    09-16 10:07 AM
    Looking at this hue and cry, I can only tell that you guys are shit scared. Because you know that we have a very strong case. and you are mad.. because we are fighting for our rights.

    About free speech etc... This is a bboard for a larger cause and your divisive tactics are best kept at your doorstep.

    Admins, please ban this character from the bboards. He/she is a delusional PhD who will end up fragmenting IV for his selfish needs...


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-18 08:26 AM
    guys bumping it up again, i am sure some senior must have faced the same problem............

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  • deecha
    08-10 10:07 AM
    My case has some similarities, except marrying an American and divorce, but I was out of status for a long time and I thought there was no hope at all. One of my former clients offered me a job and sponsored my h1 of course. I went home and have my new h1 stamped and came back. I was out of status probably for more than two years. Now, I just got my receipt for July 2 485 application. My PD is April 2006. I'm read people are talking here that when you re-enter on a new h1, your previous out of status "status" will be irrelevant.

    My opinion is that you should be fine. Just make sure that you've nailed everything down correctly on your G-325A.


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  • transpass
    08-22 11:33 AM
    I totally agree. This might be true, but cableching MUST update his profile with a valid information and be verifiable and then be contacted if we want to believe what he says.

    I don't think he wants us to believe him. And why should he? It's just for our FYI, he posted...Sure, one can ask more details about his experience, but it's upto the individual whether he/she wants to believe and to what extent...

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  • for_gc
    12-20 08:57 PM
    Just contributed 100, will reach on 12/28. Also, will try some of my buddies to contribute atleast $20.


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  • ksurjan
    07-17 09:22 PM
    great job guys. Can't thank enough.

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  • walking_dude
    11-19 12:14 PM
    Yup. Make a group, pool the contributions. One member collects the money after making $100 pay pal, google contribution. This concept can be extended to $200 , $500 too, if you can form big enough groups.

    I mean who want to give < 100
    What if you could bring forward two or three other friends and together experience the joy of giving.


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  • pappu
    03-09 11:06 AM
    As everyone is aware of the FOIA letters we have received from USCIS. We requested everyone to fax/email us the USCIS letter.

    Here is an update on IV plans and what we know till now:

    On Friday, during the discussions with USCIS, we came to know that that there is a backlog of FOIA requests and currently they are clearing FOIA requests they received in 2007. We also know from the letter that the report wll not have 'country of chargeability' info. This is a critical info that we ought to have. Even after paying 5K to USCIS, over one year wait time to get the FOIA request completed will be unacceptable to the community.

    In light of these developments we have explored other options to get this data and use the copies of replies we get as an example how badly we need this data to get accurate picture of the size and breakdown of the current backlog, so that we can all know how long we need to wait in the current system, if nothing changes. We would also ideally like such data to be always available and updated for public periodically.

    Our first option is that we put in effort to get this data without having to pay $5K to USCIS. We will also try to get the data much sooner rather than all of us wait for more than a year.This could be possible via advocacy effort and our initial discussions on this subject have been promising. We will pursue this and if we do not make much progress until the deadline then we may pay 5K and still pursue the advocacy option to get the data faster. Thus we need more than 5K to proceed with these parallel options. The advocacy effort will also be an ongoing task beyond the first month. Thus we request members to sign up for recurring payment option to support this initiative and any other initiative we undertake for the community.

    We have added a paypal module on the top of each page with a target amount. Members can use this fresh tool added to IV website to contribute. We prefer if members contributing to the effort on recurring monthly basis for a long term support of IV efforts. All members who contribute through this system will also have access to special 'Contributor's Forum' on the IV website.

    Thank You for your effort and contribution for building a stronger community.

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  • gauravsh
    08-12 06:16 PM
    Gaurav,may I know how many years of exp do you have?

    sure, I am a database administrator with 12 years of experience. I am oracle certified -OCP DBA in 9i/10g and 11g.


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  • amsgc
    08-22 01:41 PM
    Of all the people in the world, you chose to quote Hannity? I am worried about you dude.

    This Guy Oh is just like one of us.......gossip mongers!!! Guys...take it easy.....worry about things u have control over and like Sean Hannity says "Let not your heart be troubled"!!!

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  • texanguy
    08-21 06:05 PM
    i am also hoping that he will answer those questions
    I see he's logged in and reading this thread, but not respoding to your question. I am just wondering why ?


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  • Milind123
    09-07 10:23 PM
    I think he is telling the truth. Otherwise we would have almost 100% attendance for the rally. But it does not seem like. So, i think we "so called higly educated and qualified" need to think about it.

    Maybe so. He like many other people (esp. on TV) has a hidden agenda in his message. Why does he want you to contact him thru email? I for one stay away or get swayed by anyone on this board esp. if it their second post. All I can say is good marketing, sorry but tough luck.

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  • wfy_2004
    07-17 10:13 PM
    Job well done!


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  • mjdup
    12-18 09:06 PM
    Good job folks, there's still 2 hours in ET and 5 hours in PT for the day to end and I'm hopeful of reaching the magic number of 46 members contributing by end of tonight, if you are on the border and unsure about contributing...please read on...otherwise click on the "contribute now" button ..

    I attended the "conference in Boston" earlier this month to which three core members had flown in and had the first hand opportunity to discuss with them. The dedication and resolve they showed approaching key people in lawmakers office was just so inspirational. Specifically, the way Aman was talking to individual IV members without taking anything for granted. None of it was for individual cause but for the entire team which means "you". So the best we could do is help the group financially and provide the means to approach for more stronger lobbying efforts. Let's be real, at the end of the day, money talks in the senate ! and we all can contribute little by little and provide the backbone for us and incoming let's do it folks, please step up...all required is $20 per member...

    OK, I'll shut up now...

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  • bsbawa10
    09-14 01:47 PM
    And just to add to this, not all actions require money. Some actions require will to solve the problem.

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  • dtekkedil
    07-04 07:01 PM
    Can someone with a paypal account come forward and take over a fund? Anyone with a paypal account can donate any amount using a nickname and we can publish the nickname along with the amount donated on this thread. That way we have accountability and also have a better idea of how many flowers we can send. That person with the paypal account can then order the flowers on Saturday by the latest.

    Others, if they want, can send the flowers on their own also.

    Just a suggestion... If we can do this, I believe more people will come forward!

    Anyone who has donated to IV should be able to do this...

    02-25 12:23 PM
    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]�A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.�

    I support your idea. Excellent job !

    07-17 07:52 PM
    Long live IV..

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