Monday, July 4, 2011

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    08-14 11:18 AM
    Today I received my card in mail.
    Greened on 8/3/10

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  • InTheMoment
    10-01 12:21 PM
    This will make the percentage allocations, limitations and regulations very clear:

    How does the visa quota operate? (

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  • sparky123
    07-11 10:18 AM

    I also think organizing a protest/rally in DC is an excellent idea. I live in the area and will be sure to join.

    Can we have a poll for this?

    1) Rally in DC on a weekday (Monday would be the best. But except friday anyday should work)

    2) Rally on a saturday

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  • puddonhead
    08-28 11:55 PM
    My point is not everyone wud then leave Vonage and move to another service , thats how Vonage wud gain, again are u sure u read the complete fine print :P

    Look up Bait and Switch ( If vonage intends to suddenly switch their offerings after gaining customers through misleading ad - then it fits the definition of Bait and Switch - which is clearly illegal in US.

    So even if you leave aside the bad reputation from such a maneuver (which, in itself would be huge since their target consumer base is clearly immigrants - most of whom are savvy consumers) - Vonage may stand to lose a lot from legal fees and penalties if they try to pull such a trick. Class actions are not fun in US.


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  • shahuja
    02-12 06:58 AM
    FINALLY I GOT MY PP with Visa Stamp today !!!!

    the status changed on the VFS website 'pp delivered' in the morning around 11am.

    Here is my case:-

    Int for H1B renewal, same company same job, at New Delhi consulate - 14th Jan. VO said "approved, you will get your passport couriered to your home in a couple of days'.
    10 days went by and no response. By Feb 1st week, i started calling DOS ..DOS confirmed to have sent the clearance on Jan 25th..
    Since then my lawyers and me have been trying to find out the reason for delay from both DOS and embassy.. NO LUCK @@
    today on Feb 12th..30 calendar days..i got my pp back. And I am flying back home tonight.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me during this long wait.

    In my opinion my case was delayed only for PIMS..but since i had H4, F1, studied at 4 schools, and fairst H1 and this H1B took VO good amount of time correlate and work on all this.

    I guess mostly delays are for renewals and for people specially with longer history in states. The embassy's are swamped with work and now days a general processing time has been made to 30 days. Infact its also mentioned on their website that most cases are completed withing 30 days..Just FYI..even for PIMS verification, the embassy will report to you as administrative delay.

    I hope all this helps to people who are still waiting and who may have long waits in future.

    Once again all the best.


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  • Dipika
    10-06 11:44 AM
    Hi vikki76, bpositive, dipika, caliguy, leoindiano:
    If I am correct, your PDs are current, right? Do you guys know if your case was pre-adjudicated and/or assigned to an IO? I keep reading from the forums that some apps with PDs as late as Dec 2004 and a couple of Jan 2005 got approved. Wondering why the earlier (eg. mine is July 04) not approved yet. Could we all join togther and write a letter to Napolitino(Thanks to SoP for the idea) and ask her to take some action on our cases?

    in resent SR, IO said my case is pre adjudicated and under review. we asked what's that mean, he doesn't know - if it's under review then how preadjudicated?
    i send request to senator before 2 weeks, but still no change in LUD and no reply.:confused:


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  • newbee7
    07-09 07:19 PM
    USCIS has decided that the flowers sent by skilled, legal immigrants to director Dr. Emilio Gonzalez will be forwarded to injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    We welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest. We are even more happy that these flowers will brighten the day of our injured service brethren. It is their contribution to the American freedom that has made this country such a desirable destination for highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

    We also want to convey to the service personnel receiving those flowers that our message accompanying those flowers is, "Thank You and God Bless You".


    Very well said..English_August!

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  • ilwaiting
    06-29 05:17 PM
    Do they think immigrants are Bloody joke. Why the fuck to play with our lives?

    Feel like crying..Can't controll.poor my wife waiting for EAD...This is sick....Wasted so much time and money to get this done..wait for 3 years to get to this place..not back to trash sucks..


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  • qvadis
    06-28 11:54 PM
    I aske my lawyer to send the document on june 29th so it will reach july -1st or second. what happen if the USCIS recieve the document on july 1st?

    I don't think there will be anyone there Saturday or Sunday. FedEx, UPS, and USPS also don't deliver Sundays, and usually not on Saturdays, either.

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  • perm2gc
    06-29 07:56 PM
    Folks, first of all don't try to slam me for posting this.. Here is a note that I got from my law firm Paul Hastings.. I am subscribed to their immigration related email.. I got this today.. While this has come as a shock to me, they are still preparing to file my I485.. I did not hear this from my lawyer personally, but only through this newsletter. I will speak to them about this first thing monday morning. Please read the note entirely.. Has anybody else heard about this..

    Update on Adjustment Filings for July

    Yesterday, we distributed a Client Alert reporting widespread concern as to the accuracy of the Department of State's (DOS) Visa Bulletin for July 2007 and indicating the possibility that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may potentially not accept adjustment of status filings for all, or a part, of July. Today, multiple reliable sources have indicated that, as early as Monday or Tuesday of next week, the DOS could issue a revised Visa Bulletin for July 2007. Most likely, some or all of the employment-based immigrant visa categories would again retrogress and may become completely unavailable. The practical impact is that USCIS would almost certainly stop accepting adjustment applications for filing if the revised Visa Bulletin indicates that immigrant visa numbers are not available.

    This unexpected development would deviate from many years of agency practice. It would be devastating for companies and foreign national employees who have relied, as they are entitled to do, on the July Visa Bulletin and were anticipating the filing of adjustments throughout the month of July. We have initiated a concerted effort to aggressively address this unprecedented situation through the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the DOS. We are joined in this effort by many other organizations, and we are engaging congressional offices for assistance. Many have already agreed to speak with DHS and DOS. We will keep you updated.
    i was just called by my attorney and he said same thing


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  • karthiknv143
    06-29 07:05 PM
    Originally Posted by yawl
    AILA Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability

    From: AILA National
    Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 5:48 PM
    Subject: Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability

    Further to the email earlier today about July visa availability:

    Several members have asked whether they should continue in their efforts to
    file adjustment of status applications for employment-based cases. Of course
    , this is a matter for each attorney's best judgment, but note that:

    -It is not certain what day the revised Bulletin will be issued.

    -It is possible that the revised bulletin will not issue at all--efforts to
    stop this unprecedented action are being pursued.

    -If you "front desk" the application, i.e. decide it is futile to file, and
    a remedy opens up later, having submitted the applications may improve the
    chances of utlizing whatever fix might be available.

    -If you do submit the adjustments, be sure to use a method whereby you can
    document delivery, and keep that documentation for each client.

    -AILF's Legal Action Center is seeking plaintiffs with respect to both the
    adjustment applications that were or are expected to be rejected for June
    and the adjustment applications that are expected to be rejected in July. Go
    to InfoNet Document # 07062975: on InfoNet for the Potential Plaintiff Questionnaire and related FAQ.

    We cannot predict now what will happen, but will continue to update the
    membership as developments occur.

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  • greencard_fever
    09-30 07:18 PM
    Since 2004 EB2 is cleared, I am seeing less number of posts being made on IV.Yay I became a senior member, will that mean I will get a green card?

    Dude not all 2004's got cleared..i am still waiting for approval and many more like me are still out there waiting to get greened..dont know when we will be approved..hopeing to get next month..:mad:


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  • fromnaija
    05-17 04:07 PM
    I have received an RFE on my H1-extension too. USCIS wanted sealed copy of my trnascript from my foreing university.
    To answer the original poster. You can file your I-485 since your extension is pending and you do have a receipt fro USCIS.
    Good luck!

    I never heard of an RFE for H1b extension. Are u sure that the RFE is not related to your I-140 or I-485?
    H1b extension should be a smooth sail.

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  • admin
    01-04 05:11 PM
    I have filed my green card with her. But in all our discussions she has sided with my company's interest over mine. In fact in one of our FYI meetings, she said that getting the green card faster would not be good for companies as people would quit after that. So I am not sure whether she will take up the cause but we can try.


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  • vicsthedude
    09-24 11:10 PM
    My turn to share the most anticipated emai. I got it today.

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  • godbless
    01-15 04:14 PM
    I have a couple of issues guys and need your advise:

    1. I have a valid H1b visa stamped on passport till June 2007. I and my spouse have EAD and AP as well. Upon my return from India in Dec 2006 the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let us use our h visas, H1 for me and H4 for my spouse and instead asked us to use AP to enter into USA and he stamped my AP and the I-94 showing my entrance as Parole and valid till Jan 22, 2007 ( My AP was valid till that date only). He said that I am not cancelling your h1. What does it mean? Am I no longer on H1 visa? What would happen after Jan 22, 2007 when my parole expires? I have filed for a new AP though but have not recieved it so far.

    2. My and my spouse's EAD is expiring on Jan 22, 2007. We filed for the EADs in Nov and waiting for it. In the mean time we got a notice for finger prints. After the finger prints, our notices were stamped with the date on it. The stamp reads as "LIFE ACT PROCESSING STAMP" where as on all the previous occassions of finger printing, the stamp would read as " BIOMETRICS PROCESSING STAMP". Moreover as I have registered on line to check the status of my petitions, usually after the finger prints the date used to change when some thing happens to one's file like getting the finger printing done etc. but this time nothing changed and the date is showing up the same when I initially submitted my application.

    Any Idea about this folks??? Time is running out for me.


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  • akred
    07-21 07:36 PM
    I'm wondering if these figures actually provide ammo for people who claim that H1b is driving down salary. A $50k median starting and a $60k median is not that great.

    It's not too far off the mark. The median for initial employment is likely skewed by all the college hires and new arrivals. The $50k median is not too far off the mark from the $53,000 median reported by UIUC for 2005. The median for continuing employment is quite respectable at $68,000.

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  • nrk
    10-01 10:56 AM
    Two of my colleagues on Nov 04 and Dec 04 didn't cleared out till.
    I don't think so they are on IV, but they will use 6 cards (1+1 in one case and 1+3 in another case)

    Since 2004 EB2 is cleared, I am seeing less number of posts being made on IV.Yay I became a senior member, will that mean I will get a green card?

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  • pd_recapturing
    11-15 12:20 PM
    I am new to forum. How to contact PD_reacpturing?
    Hi Bkn96, I received your PM. Please check your PM. Thx

    02-05 03:56 PM
    hello all,

    i will really really appreciate your posts..

    its been 23rd day..H1B renewal..New Delhi..still waiting for PP..i got no slip warning to wait ..nothing..

    But now i think its not stuck due to could be anything ?? some admin processing ? some security check ? some name check ??

    How do we differentiate what are our passports held up for..COULD THIS BE CALLED 221(g)..i read in forums..221g can take forever ??


    03-29 10:41 AM
    The Department of State announced that the Indian EB2 category is expected to advance one week in the May Visa Bulletin. The demand for EB1visa numbers has decreased by 50 percent this fiscal year. Last year from October 2009 to February 2010, 22,000 EB1 numbers were used. During the same period this year, only 10,000 to 11,000 have been used. EB1 will be current worldwide all fiscal year. This will free up an estimated 12,000 visa numbers to fall down from EB1 to EB2 this year

    Looks like the IT bodyshops have done less visa fraud this year than in past years.

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