Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • gc28262
    06-14 08:25 AM
    I agree to what you say. The intend of this thred is not to support/oppose the outsourcing/offshoring the jobs. The intent of this thred is the fradulent use of L1s by the offshoring companies.

    .................................................. ....................

    rsharma, l1fraud,

    There is nothing wrong in reporting fraud.
    However your argument that you are reporting it since you cannot tolerate fraud isn't that convincing.

    If you were always against injustice/lawlessness, you will see a lot of it in your daily life. Do you report or take action against each of those ? I don't think so.

    After living in India for long and seeing people put up with all injustice and sometimes doing it themselves, it is hard to believe your argument that you are doing it just for the sake of law.

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  • sam_hoosier
    03-25 11:17 AM
    This is a real problem. I got a letter from a prospective employer, who wanted proof that I was legally eligible to work in the US (alongwith transcripts, previous employment letters etc.) prior to scheduling an interview.:cool:

    I believe employers are seeing a lot of candidates on EAD, and for whatever reasons they dont think EAD is good enough and would like to weed those candidates out beforehand.

    We need to fight back against this discrimination.:mad:

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  • BumbleBee
    04-17 04:52 PM
    100% agree with 'whitecollarslave'. The case is not about h1b worker, but an AOS pending status worker, I would think this status is very similar/same as asylees, and refugees.

    I think taking h1b out of equation would help 'OSC' see through.

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  • HV000
    08-04 07:53 PM
    FBI NAME CHECK banners (see below) should be displayed during the september rally to illustrate the painful delay in the NAME CHECK process.




    Media and Congress WILL PAY to this issue!


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  • inskrish
    10-05 12:51 AM
    Will it be helpful to have an InfoPass appointment ? has anybody tried that..

    My case was filed on JUly 2nd, I-140 approved at TSC, No RN, No CC, nothing.. frustrating.. everybody else in the world is getting the receipt notice and FP..

    Hi wc_user,

    Now USCIS is on top of July 2nd and 3rd filers, especially for the applications that were transfered from NSC to TSC. You will certainly get your receipt notices with in a week.:)


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  • mallu
    08-06 02:43 PM
    Why would you say EAD and H1B will be denied??

    if one is taunting , " Look FBI bosses , i am stuck in security check, still i am a working with my H1B/EAD . How dare you allow to people remain here - for many years - if you suspect something is fishy with their record "


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  • singhv_1980
    01-20 09:32 PM

    please also post the detail about when was your H1 approved. In which month and year. It might be possible that recently approved H1 is talking more time... just my guess.. if we post about H1 approval time frame then it will help us to decide something about which cases are taking more time..

    This is an excellent point. DOS publications claim that PIMS has all the information since 2004. Please mention your approval dates too. There could be a delay pattern pertaining to the approval date.

    Anyone with H1B after 2004 has seen any delay???

    This forum has provided an incredible amount of information for ignorants like me. Please keep on updating this thread with your experiences and details. Mention your approval dates also.


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  • desi3933
    08-07 12:48 PM
    Let me add my 2cents here.

    This came up when I was discussing this topic with my lawyer friend -

    Person can still file for GC when he/she is at school in eb3 and after finishing school, he/she can file another one for EB2 and can port the date to earlier PD, just like eb3 person who started work instead of going to school. Remember, GC is for the future job and person can not claim that he/she needs to be employed in order for GC to be filed.

    Law does provide equal opportunity to both for PD recapture (aka PD porting).

    SunnySurya -

    I suggest, you should seriously consider discussing above legal point with your lawyer. I hope you agree with me that in legal court, rationality wins whereas emotions lose.

    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: I am green card holder for 6 years and personally this issue does not affect me.


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  • ganesha
    08-20 12:33 PM
    Dear IV friends,

    One news, call to india free for 24.99 from vonage plan starts today.


    Just changed my plan from Premium Unlimited to World Plan at no extra cost....

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:15 PM
    my attorneys have asked me to have a relaxing wkend...Looks like they are already taking enjoy their wkend.....


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  • jonty_11
    06-29 04:26 PM
    My Guess is , It is a rumour . since the USCIS suspended the I -140 Premium Service for the month of july . It clearly indicates they are aware of the I -485 filings from July 1st and do not want to promise I- 140 decision in 15 days during July .

    Just my 2 cents
    How about - they are expecting so many application 140 plus 485...that THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROCESS ANY APPLICATION AT always - THEY WILL SIT and EAT BURGERS and dont WANT TO DO ANY WORK...nothing new here folks...

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  • needhelp!
    01-10 02:49 PM
    Lets keep the letters going


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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-25 06:58 PM
    Originally Posted by whitecollarslave
    I urge you and anybody else who has gone through this to find out more about this by calling the OSC's hotline. ( If I were in your situation, I would at least want to find out what my rights are, what is discriminatory and what is allowed by law. Call them and simply explain that you believe that you were not considered eligible for a job because you have an EAD card as opposed to a Green Card.

    I have sent an email to the id listed on that site ( emails from Capital One which says they are not in favor of EADs. Will update once I hear back.

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  • senthil1
    05-10 11:30 AM
    It is not true that all the H1bs are creating jobs. For one example I worked in a big garment company and they laid off hundreds of people(around 800) 4 years back and did offshoring 90% with 10% H1b and L1 to Infosys. This would have created less than 10 new admin jobs for setting up office here but it displaced 800 jobs plus all the new projects(jobs) go to Infosys and US government lost millions in taxes for a private company to save a few million dollars. But if a H1b is a real innovator or investor then he could create scores of new jobs but those guys are very less. They should be identified and rewarded by faster GC process.

    But real intention of H1b when it was created was to fill shortage of skills but not for competing with citizens in rate. If the real intention is to compete globally then that needs to be revealed while lobbying with Senators. There is nothing wrong with immigrants or H1b persons. Most abuses are done and enouraged by employers. Corporations prefers a person always to be in H1b so they want more H1b quota and less gc so that they can exploit people.

    Basically H1b numbers and offshoring needs to be increased when demand is high(Really it was needed on 1999 and 2000) and it needs to be decreased when demand is low. Also today also there is shortage of skills in a few areas. System should handle those also.

    Hunter, this is the first sensible post from you. Now you agree that abusers of this H1 visa system are corporations not the immigrants on their own. So far you were busy bashing immigrants.

    Also if US is a free market and capitalist society, why should corporates employ "whoever" is locally available. Its a private money afterall. Shouldent it be upto them to decide how to spend? Also most US corps, have local presence and as for taking a tax break, I hope companies did not promise to create "ALL" jobs in US. Majority of local jobs go to US citizens. They still create thousands of local jobs and pay H1 visa fees part of which goes to train american workforce. If the wages were equal, its more expensive for a company to hire H1 worker.


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  • pappu
    01-07 03:19 PM
    One way "in which we can get more people involved on IV" is to remove some of the barriers to such participation. And the infamous red/green thingie comes to my mind.

    Any updates on when IV is going to get rid of the red/green dot thingie?

    I think we are making a big deal of red and green dots. It is only in recent times that people are complaining so much about misuse. We can get rid of it, but then moderation will be tough. I do not think that is the reason for not participating. We do not have much awareness about IV in the community. When we say half million applications are pending, why are we not getting those on IV?

    We need help in raising awareness about this cause in the community. Let us make that as the first action item this new year. All members can take initiatives and help. It does not cost any money and IV is not asking any money. We just need more participation.

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  • spaceguy
    08-23 09:00 AM
    We have sent 2 magicjack's to India, one at my parents and one at in-laws....they need to have a computer and high speed internet access there. For the first yr it is costing us $40 per yr each and starting 2nd year it will cost us $20 per yr each. They call us all the time now and calls are crystal clear and you can't beat $40/year price.

    1. With MagicJack You need to pay internet connection charges in India and need to have computer and run computer always

    2. With Vonage you can call any number in India


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  • sundarpn
    01-02 12:27 AM
    This is useful info. But scary :(:mad:

    I was planning to get my h1b visa revalidation done at Chennai end of Jan '08.

    Can anyone who goes for H1b revalidation post their experiences?

    is this showing any signs of improvement?

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  • coolcat
    05-16 05:03 PM
    I was told I can't travel international after filling I-485.
    I can travel international only after receive the receipt of I-1485.

    Is this true?

    I don't see an answer to vsoni's question. I don't know the answer either. Can someone answer vsoni's question and also mine, please?
    Here is my question:
    I'm currently on an H1 visa status. I'd be applying for 485, EAD, AP on June 1 (my PD becomes current then. :) ). Currently I don't have a H1B visa stamp in my passport. I'm planning to leave for India immediately after applying for 485, EAD and AP and apply for visa in India.
    My question is if my H1B visa gets rejected, can I come to the US on AP (someone in the US will mail me the approved AP)?

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  • TUnlimited
    09-15 12:29 AM
    Wait...wait ....wait.....but how long?

    90 days...

    Btw, I've got mine I-485 receipt at Sept 13th, filed with NSC and was received by well known J. Barrett at 10-25 of July 2nd.

    07-10 07:47 PM
    It seems the popular perception is that this is an Indian effort.
    We need to correct it.

    It seems some of the members who interviewed with the media got carried away with "Gandhigiri" and all things Indian. It sounds ironic, we are craving attention from Indian media while trying to become Permanent residents of USA.

    09-16 09:17 AM
    House Judiciary Committee Schedules Continued Mark-Up of H.R. 5882 and Others

    The mark-up of the following bills were put off in the 09/10/2008 hearing for a procedural matter. The debates of these bills are now rescheduled tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. Webcast view will be available. The bills for the mark-up at this hearing are:
    H.R. 6598
    H.R. 5882 (Visa Recapture)
    H.R. 5924 (Nursing Emergency Relief)
    H.R. 5950
    Please watch the webcast.

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