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  • shana04
    02-19 01:23 PM
    I have been trying to go thru various threads in this sub-forum. I have few questions, which I will appreciate if anyone can answer:

    1. Are you responsible for invoking the AC21 or the new company that hires you does that?

    2. Will you be hired into new company using EAD or H1B?
    EAD or H1B

    3. Does H1B need to be transferred to the new company anyways?
    yes, if you want to use H1B. Else use EAD it is your choice

    4. If wife has started using her EAD, how does that get affected?
    no, problem, if you are still on h1b then she can always fall back to h4

    5. Can you continue to use the AP issued or do you have to have a new AP re-issued?
    you can use AP issued.

    Good luck


    Status (Notice Approval Dates):
    - AP (11/2007),
    - FP & EAD (10/2007),
    - I-485 (9/2007),
    - I-140 (6/2007)

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  • ngarugs
    02-09 08:36 PM
    "Senate leadership is comfortable with a proposal to solve retrogression for Schedule A occupation -- registered nurses and physical therapists. It was through grassroots advocacy that we were able to explain to the Senate leadership just how important this issue is. Thank you to everyone who made an effort.

    We now must turn our efforts toward the House."

    (and goes on with....)

    "Rep. Lofgren (D - CA) : 16th District - San Jose

    Rep. Eshoo (D- CA) : 14th District - San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz

    Rep. Pelosi (D - CA) : 8th District - San Francisco and north

    Essentially anyone who is located in the Bay Area and wants to see retrogression solved should contact their hospital leadership and see if they are willing to make a few phone calls" (*click HLG ( for details)

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  • love police
    08-25 09:21 AM
    Im from Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
    interesting. :)

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  • makemygc
    08-01 12:57 PM
    One of my friend is ready to apply for 485. He is all set.

    The problem is he got recently married and his wife's passport and other details are not yet ready and she is still in India.

    Can he still submit his 485 for his wife?

    Gurus, any help / suggestions is appreciated.

    If you just search on word 'wife' you will get the response from thousands of users who posted it. He cannot file 485 for his wife until she is here.


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  • hibworker
    11-22 05:50 PM
    If PERM is pending for over a year, then the new employer can apply for H1 extension for 1 year. This whole PERM process will have to re-started with the new employer.

    Since this is a unique case, you should check with an attorney.

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  • bharat2008
    02-05 08:51 AM
    Hi ,
    I have I-140 approved(ABC company) and have 5 months left in my first 6 year cycle. I was laid off from the job. A New employer XYZ applied for my H1B extension based on I-140 approval and got approved for 3 years.But I was unable to join
    XYZ due to family situation and moved back to India.


    1. Can a new employer apply for H1B extension based on my I-140 approval even though I am not in USA.? My I-140 has not been revoked or cancelled.


    2.Can I claim the remaining time on my H1B approval(based on I-140) with company XYZ ?I have copy of the H1B approval but not sure if it has been revoked.

    Please advice.

    Thank you in advance.


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  • ps57002
    03-02 08:42 PM
    Mnkaushik and mailmy_gc

    Thank you for your responses. It helps ease my fears.

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  • jayram123
    08-15 09:57 AM
    Please respond with your replies. This helps others get an idea and may be even pool up.


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  • tnite
    10-08 11:17 AM
    In our 485 notices, Under the section, it is stated as Unknown. priority date is blank. Please let me know if anyone is facing similar situation and what needs to be done to correct it?

    Please give some input

    I had the same issue.If it makes you feel better call USCIS and put in a service request.They will get back to you in 30 days.

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  • nosightofgc
    10-03 12:07 PM
    Quick question - Why do you think you will be interviewd?


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  • pappu
    11-01 08:02 AM

    My labour got approved but we still have to file for I-140. My h1b is going to expire on May 2007.

    Can I get H1b extension based on Labour approval? If not, is it necessary to file I-140 soon.

    Thanks in-advance for any update.
    yes, if your labor was filed more than a year ago you can get an extension. However I would advice you to first only file 140. get it approved. these days it is fast. and then apply for h1b extension in january. you will be able to get 3 yr extn instead of 1 year. it will save you much extension headaches and legal fees.hope this helps.

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  • coolpal
    03-30 05:14 PM
    Yes you can.
    The 180 day rule is to invoke AC 21 and switch employers

    pal :)


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  • myallapragada
    07-11 08:27 PM
    I am new to this forum. Just registered myself. I hv a question if u guys can help. I got an RFE for I485 for employment verification. Lawyer says he sent the employer verification letter with his signature instead of employers bec employer has given him authorization to do so. can anyone do like this. does this pose a problem for my I485 approval. Please help.

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  • minimalist
    10-14 03:02 PM
    You should be able to stay as long as you wish/need in either scenario you presented.
    Hope some one else confirm this.


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  • krithi
    05-26 01:55 PM
    whats the avg time to get FP notice after filing EAD online.


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  • divak
    01-19 12:53 PM
    Hi all.

    Case approved in September. 4 months later still no card. made multiple inquries and walk-ins but nothing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



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  • sreeni78
    03-03 09:11 AM
    Including skills.

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  • jvsap
    05-25 11:27 PM

    My Perm LC is applied in DEC 2007, GOT AUDIT RFE last week.

    I am really worried about RFE. My Employer advised me we need reply them quickly in 1 week so that they feel we are serious.

    Mine is BE+5years, applied under EB2 CATEGORY. I have 9+years of experience.

    My employer advised me create a document which explains the Job Duties and responsibilites etc project by project.
    and documnets including resume, experience letters, etc.

    Can any body explain me what exactly uscis is expecting from me , what kind documents/avidence they are expecting in RFE ?

    RFE Reason says:

    Please provide documents such as position descriptions, the percentage of time spent on the various duties, organizational charts, and payroll records demonstarting that the qualifying experience gained by the alien while working for the employer, including as a contract employee, was ina position not substantially, i.e., not requiring performance of the same job duties more than 50 percent of the time to the position for which certification is being sought, and/or documents demonstarting that it is no longer feasible to train a worker to qualify for the position.

    Thanks & Regards,

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  • srarao
    09-05 08:34 PM
    any help - urgent

    08-13 01:36 AM
    I traveled to Canada and back. The CBP-US stamped both my AP. Can I use the stamped AP for travel?

    08-15 03:30 PM
    A Non profit organisation is willing to sponsor H1 for my friend who is a Masters degree holder.
    Can I get some info about the process to apply for H1 through a Non profit organisation.
    I know it does not fall under the 65 k cap, but is unsure of the process and documents needed.

    Any links or info will be appreciated.

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