Friday, July 1, 2011

Pontiac Lemans 1966

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  • amitjoey
    12-19 03:26 PM
    I contacted 10 of my friends to contribute atleast 20. Even if only 5 are my good friends and listen to me I will get something done. We all have atleast 5 good friends :)

    Let us call our friends, & family memers to keep the momentum going. IV really needs your help...

    You Can If You Think You Can! Do your best and God will do the rest!

    Thanks shukla77, ask them to register and register other members also

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-08 12:35 AM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer” for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.

    gheen? as in william gheen of ALIPAC? So you guys are the losers and whiners from ALIPAC? Atleast have the decency to properly introduce yourself when you come to this forum.

    ADMINS: please delete this thread (or atleast the posts from these two clowns). Maybe it might motivate some people to attend the rally (just to prove these two wrong) but knowing the background of ALIPAC these guys are just trolls, not interested in a meaningful discussion.

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  • chanduv23
    08-21 04:21 PM
    Originally Posted by cableching
    I had a Fingerprint appointment for my EAD today at ASC, after the fingerptints, I went to the IO to ask about my Namecheck status, she's very nice lady, though I didn't have an Infopass appointment for any enquiry, she did offer to help. She showed me DOS Memo she just received about no more visas for India/China EB2 for this fiscal year. She did infoact show us the memo.

    She did check mine and my wife's Name Check. Luckily our name check is cleared and she told we have to just wait for the visa numbers.

    Infopass and FP are done at 2 different places. if the document is an internal memo - then the IO will NOT show it to us.

    Lets not go by this unless it is from a credible source

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  • mandi
    07-25 10:43 AM
    Thanks a lot ......

    This is not a legal advice to anybody, just explaining who I did!! Risk is yours!!.

    On my passport "Surname" was empty. Complete name was under "Given Name". Assuming on passport:
    Given Name: �Harjinder Singh"
    Surname: ......empty....

    Just went to Embassy of India - Washington DC. Filled a "Miscellaneous form" and under purpose pick OTHERS and write �Name Split". Then write on form what you want.
    I requested " Split my name as Given Name = Harjinder; Surname = Singh".
    Attach a photo on form, pay 20$ fee and collect a corrected passport next day.

    As long as you are not changing the name this should be fine otherwise what will be in advertisement " My name is Harjinder Singh and I want to declare my new name is Harjinder Singh???" unless changing a name it seem simple 2 day task via Miscellaneous form.

    Rest EAD / 485 I don't know because I am not at that stage yet.



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  • paskal
    12-20 11:07 AM
    great guy i agree. it possible to send out one mass e mail as an update about:

    1. the two campaigns, adda amember and contribute, with links
    2. chapter organizations and
    3. update on upcoming session

    this may get more people to log in and underline the urgency in this quiet time.

    those reading this: if you are still waiting..please contribute and please help with adding members.

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  • chanduy9
    07-03 02:20 PM
    How many sending flowers on JULY 10TH....give the order# too if you can..

    Let us call it as FLOWER DAY!!

    Order # FNM1314828 from ftd

    Here is the address:

    Select Occasion: "Sympathy"

    Edited by Moderator:
    "Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July and honor the original DOS visa bulletin"
    [ first-name last-name ] - An employment based immigrant.

    Delivery location type is Business, US Citizenship and Immigration Service


    Emilio T. Gonzalez
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20001


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  • rph20
    07-20 02:02 PM
    Can someone advice on this.
    Currently I am on H1B visa and I will apply my AOS before 17th august as dependent(Secondary applicant).
    After applying AOS if I have to leave my job then will I be out of status since I won't be on H1 status and I won't be on H4 ?
    Can I leave my job after applying AOS or I have to wait till We get receipts of 485?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • bigboy007
    05-11 11:11 AM
    This is best at ppl things narrow minded , since you are EB2 you want to have this.. EB3 can port to EB2 then EB3 will never get spillovers.. and if you have latest PD you might get in to this issue... So prepare now for another admin fix. shouldnt we stop looking at bigger picture and start only on the smaller things like this ? Can you support with numbers how EB2 can get line cleared ? If that is true then there is no need of Recapture... becoz when EB2 goes current all numbers flow to EB3.

    As gc_check explained, all EB2 with PD<2007/7 will get the green card 2 years earlier if this can be fixed. I do not understand why IV can not discuss it with USCIS.


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  • hopefulgc
    09-15 08:25 AM

    hair Tempest Le Mans 2-door Pontiac Lemans 1966. Pontiac Lemans 1966.
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  • needhelp!
    11-17 12:26 AM


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  • CSPAvictim
    07-17 07:20 PM
    To begin with, Congratulations to every deserving IV member who can now apply for a green card!

    I'd like to thank each and every member of the IV Core Team. Your efforts have changed our lives. Because of you, people won't be scooting off to UK and Canada, some children won't age out, people wouldn't have to get more *ouch!* shots, et al! From skepticism to total admiration is how my perception of IV changed over the past two weeks. You have done justice to the name Immigration Voice. Enough said!

    Like the Core Team repeatedly insists, this is just one of the first few important steps, and there is a lot more to be done. And for that to happen, IV needs contributions. I am not in a position to urge people to contribute. I am a junior member, 20 years old, on an H-4 with no means to work, and not a single bank account yet to my name. However, I wish to pledge the first 500 hundred dollars of savings from my first job after obtaining an EAD to Immigration Voice.

    Go IV!:)

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  • doubt123
    12-20 02:29 PM
    Contributed $50..keep up the good work !!


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  • madhuvj
    09-18 12:07 PM
    Understood dude, but the fact, Iam not questioning anyone's contributions here. Please understand one thing, I did not even question other members in this forum. It all started when i asked Admin2, What post accused admins in the "If i could be little blunt" thread. I did not even utter a single word or question him ? If you want you can ask Admin2. It is only after he said MadhuVJ and GCStatus are the same. I started this argument. Because to me, it was rubbish. Eversince, Iam only trying to clear this thing up. Even after that, I did not bad mouth him. Iam giving all my details just to make it clear to him that Iam not GCStatus. Hope you got my point. Infact, if you want to go to page 3 and start reading all my posts. Tell me, If i crossed my line in any of my posts.
    GCStatus and MadhuVJ:

    Looks like you guys have decided to fight with Admin2.

    To some extent, Admin2 deserves this punishment. He spent just little 60,000 US dollars to fight for all of us. Yes, it is Sixty Thousand dollars. Whenever he goes to DC to meet lawmakers and/or Lobbyists, he spends money from his own pocket for stay and car rental. He desrevs so much beating from us for spending so much time, money and enegry for the community.

    Even Pappu should be punished for spending too much time on this site wihtout concentrating on his day job.

    If you both are logging from SAME company, though you are using different laptop/desktop, the IP address polled will be same for external though you have different IP internally.

    If you guys have worked on DC rally, you would have come to know the great spirits of Admin2. One day he called me at 10.30 PM when I was almost sleeping to request me if I can attend an immigration meeting in Princeton University, NJ. I was sleeping and he was making calls. Who would have been benefitted? YOU and ME and NOT Admin2.

    There are already several threads with EB3/EB2. All of us have our own day time jobs. Let us knot focus on fighting among ourselves. Let us not even fight with USCIS. What we want is that lawmakers and USCIS should understand our problems and make them realize that US will benefit by giving us GC's and not vice versa.

    In the past 2 years, I have just 50 postings. All of them are either confirming calls to law makers or contributions. This I am writing to plead you stop these fightings. We have had enough in the past 2 years.

    Thanks for understanding.

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  • delhikadesi
    07-17 10:53 PM
    It is a feeling of oneness, this site and members rock, people maintained calm and fun side across the tense moments.

    cherish all moments..!!! :)


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  • iambest
    07-06 06:35 PM
    Order Number: FNM1319810

    Order Date: Friday 07/06/2007
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: Emilio Gonzalez
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001

    BTW, use this link to get 25% off

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  • lord_labaku
    08-21 05:40 PM
    Someone recently compared getting the green card to getting a ration card. Somehow that seems very appropriate.

    If the memo is true, then it is good news in the sense that no visa numbers were wasted. It will be great news if one of the visa number were alloted to me....but then I would only be selfish wont I.


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  • gcdesirer
    08-20 10:59 AM
    Its almost cleared till Feb 2004 for EB2. So i am thinking from September 1st 2009, its from March 2004 to December 2004. Not sure how many pending cases are in this time period.
    I saw a couple of cases from 2003 updating their status yesterday in EB2 India Texas..... in

    Just sharing info...

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  • afialam
    12-16 06:40 PM
    I was finally able to obtain my new passport, but not without a fight until the end.

    After two weeks of submission, I enquired from NY if they have received a clearance from the original passport issuing office (mine was Doha). They said NO. So I decided to contact the Doha consulate. They asked me send them the File number and receipt number. They also asked me to send scanned pages of my original passport, so keep those handy.

    Once I emailed all these to Doha, they reverted back saying, that they have received everything and have faxed clearance to NY. When I called NY later, they claimed they have not received any fax. Infact one lady told me that the Fax might be in some other part of the building and will take time to reach her!!. So here started the iterations between Doha and NY. I would ask Doha to refax and NY would claim not to receive it.

    I later on asked Doha if they could email the clearance to NY. They responded positively and following their email, I got a call from NY that they have received clearance and passport is ready.

    If I would not jumped around, it would have taken a long long time for my passport to get ready. So be active and start the process for your new passport asap. Good Luck! :rolleyes:

    After getting the form notarized (from a UPS store that has a public notary available), I made a second trip to the consulate and was able to submit the documents! (btw, I was in the queue for 1.5 hours!,,,Those of you going to the NY consulate, make sure u get there when doors open!)

    Something new had to pop out.. So, after submission I was told the process could take four weeks because they need some sort of clearance from the consulate that issued the original passport. What sort of clearance.. I have no idea. My passport was issued in Doha. But I have heard from some of my friends who had passports issued in India also facing the same issue.

    So those of you planning to travel in the near future and need to go to the consulate for passport reissue, go as early as possible and rid urself of some stress! :rolleyes:

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  • pappu
    12-18 07:15 PM
    can we make this thread a sticky on the top..

    08-25 03:45 PM
    Can't you write to Ombudsman regarding this interview experience.

    How can an IO be ignorant of the infamous july fiasco ?

    08-12 02:04 PM
    Hydeboy is right.
    My american employer rejected to file PERM after ads are posted. They were supposed to befiling in EB3 and they said they found candidates so they are not going to file green card...I am totally depressed..This is the true picture in almost all american companies. BEWARE of green card.

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