Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • mabuhay
    07-17 08:05 PM
    I joined IV only this month due to the July visa fiasco. I learned a lot from all the members and the IV core team. I haven't made any contribution so far. My husband who has a H4 visa just recently graduated from nursing school and finances are tight. Anyway, with this new development, hopefully my husband will be able to get a job with his EAD. We will be in a position to contribute to IV. Thank you again!!!

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  • shukla77
    12-19 02:43 PM
    Contributed my little 20$. Will do 4 times more.

    Keep it up ..

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-17 10:01 PM

    Congats all of the applicants who can file for i-485 or i-140 and i-485 concuerrently in this month till 17th august and also wish and hope people's labor approves quickly so that they can also file concurrently!


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  • willigetgc?
    06-18 09:25 AM
    Be Unreasonable & a cause of progress, not just a beneficiary.

    And now to the UNreasonables:

    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
    George Bernard Shaw
    Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 - 1950)

    Every single person who came to DC this time or the time before, or who came to San Jose rally has been told by friends, family and colleagues "Why are you going to DC, let others go, take care of yourself, all problems get fixed eventually, Congress will take care of it".

    They sound very reasonable or try to convince you that they are the reasonable ones and you are being unreasonable by going to the Capitol and working on your cause.

    The truth is...yes, we may be. But we are the ones who will eventually make a difference. If you read the quote from George Bernard Shaw, you will realize that the reasonable men and women will sit around and talk about us, save their time for family and leisure and comply themselves to the system. They will comply themselves to a system that keeps in hanging without a green card for 20 years. They will never be capable of ushering progress.

    The unreasonable ones, the ones like us, who contribute to this cause in various forms, are the gifted ones. We are the lucky ones. For we have the wisdom and the strength to do the unreasonable and get the world to comply to our point of view.

    And flower campaign, the DC rally -- that got bulletin reversed in 2007,
    the popularity of removing per-country ceilings in the offices that exist today and didnt exist before --

    All this a work of men and women like us who are unreasonably resilient, who will not listen to the advise of reasonable men who sit on the sidelines and refresh the Visa Bulletin page every first friday of every month 20 times a day.

    But to those who get it...I have one more quote for you, a final one, I promise:
    "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
    Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

    I wish the problem of greencard backlogs get cleared soon, but if it doesnt, I will do this a 100 times again and with same or more passion, determination and purpose. Our energy and determination would outlast and outlive the intertia of Congress.

    Not having participated in any previous efforts, the skepticism I had when I landed in DC vanished the moment you started the training session. You are right, if we are not goaded into action, we are content to refresh the visa bulletin every 1st Friday of the month - why 20? 50 times a day!!

    Never once did I realize that by clicking on refresh button - I am actually doing nothing to change the outcome of what will be published. However, during the training, during our lawmaker meeting in DC - I realized I AM ACTUALLY WORKING TO CHANGE THAT VISA BULLETIN

    I realized that my participation will not bare immediate fruits but just that I added a good dose of Miracle Grow and Water. The amount of sunshine is controlled by the powers beyond me, but IV and I are working to make sure that our plant does not get overshadowed by larger trees. Will I be ready to add more Miracle grow in the next 4/5 months? ABSOLUTELY.

    Every IV member can take this as a challenge or as a request - watch the political environment and follow what is happening on the IV forums and action items. As things get warmer, talk to your bosses, spouses and be prepared to participate in Lobby or Rally efforts that will propel our issues to the forefront and get the solutions (be it in whole or partial). Be prepared to participate. Find reasons to participate in such efforts and not excuses/contention/indifference. If you can't do it, find others to take your spot. Do what it takes.

    We may be high skilled in technology but we have a long way to go in terms of communication - and to find you LOGICLIFE, an excellent communicator - it is a privilege, be trained by him, and to actually be in a meeting with him - Priceless.

    Lastly, I want to say, that I have become so "Unreasonable" and am trying to convince every friend of mine to be active in IV for our issues, that I have come to a point where I want every high skilled immigrant to perceive solutions to immigration the way I do!!!


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  • roseball
    12-20 01:29 AM
    Contributed $20. Thanks to IV and its members for the efforts.

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  • raju123
    02-02 02:30 PM
    ROW : Rest Of the World


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  • santb1975
    11-28 06:40 PM
    Let's see what comes up

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 11:11 AM
    Based on multiple PM to me on this issue:

    I am trying to set up something with IV so that the contribution specifically will go for this cause. Any access money will be transferred to IV regular account. I will publish the account summary at the end of effort for transparency reasons.


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  • arkrish68
    08-14 12:28 PM
    Receipt not yet received. See my signature for details

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  • sugaur
    12-05 06:21 PM
    If it were for some of the antiimmigrant folks, my friend you (sugaur) wouldn't be here a day longer. you would be "out" in a wink from this country. so dont consider yourself too supportive of anti-immigration. Even citizens are favoring resolving the ilegal immigration crisis by granting some legality to those who are here ilegally. Dont support ilegal immigration but atleast dont bash those who show support to resolving this crisis. you and me are mere temporary visitors here. please remember that your country is not this. you are here seeking prosperity and so are they. this country has a way of dealing with them and us and neither has been satisfactory so far. So my friend why side with one and sound righteous? Sympathy is universal and is shown even to the person going to be hanged. If ilegal immigration was such a big crime then why are the united states citizens debating about granting green cards to 11 million of these people here????? these people are neighbours and have been dependent on each other since ever.let us not meddle in their affairs. they assimilate better into the american culture than us.

    1. I am not anti immigration, I am anti illegal immigration. You may not see a difference between the two but I assure you there is one. And no one can make me leave 'in a wink". Why? Because I am not illegal.
    2. You are wrong in beliveing that majority of Americans want some amnesty for illegals. They dont, although some policticians have clearly made political calculations and believe that the demography of illegal immigrants will favour them in the polls.
    3. You may believe that you are a temporary visitor here. This is home for me.
    4. I just side with what I believe is right. That may sound being righteous to you.
    5. Your sympathy is misguided again when directed towards condemend criminals. It should be directed towards there victims. I am curious, will you have sympathy for Kasab if he is hanged?


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  • pappu
    11-22 08:30 PM
    you can also use donations at in paypal for any amount.

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  • raju123
    02-02 02:30 PM
    ROW : Rest Of the World


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  • pappu
    11-27 10:27 PM
    Just sent in $50 to thru paypal.


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  • dummgelauft
    12-07 11:10 AM
    Easy bro. What humanity are we talking about here? I have no sympathies for illegal immigrants. Here's what I feel. Folks who are already here illegally - give them citizenship after they pay all the taxes they owe.
    For still others who continue to keep coming in, strip them, give them dozen lashes in public, and send them back naked.

    ....well said.


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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-08 01:49 PM
    Your contribution is not welcomed. Go back to where you came from and contribute there.
    You say you start 25% of the companies. Though, I don�t believe this number but what about the remaining 75%? Also, what percentage of employment do such companies generate? Negligible! Every Joe Schmuck can start a company; it takes only few hundred dollars. And by the way, those were supposed to be my dollars.

    Having said that, I would like to remind the readers I have great respect for those with leadership qualities. Now, my questions to all, what percentage of green card aspirants start such companies?
    Just 1%, what about the remaining masses, they in my mind are parasites, sloths, cowards and will do more harm than good to our society.

    And this actually strengthen our argument that employment based quota should be drastically reduced and made available to �real people� only.

    You just don�t deserve it�

    So are we putting up with all the biased folks like you. We go to work everyday and earn our pay. We are not a burden to US. We contribute to the economy. We start about 25% of the companies. I can go on and on.

    My question first though to the mods is why is this guy and his IP not banned?


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  • walking_dude
    11-28 03:10 PM
    Major legislative and executive actions lie ahead. (

    IV needs funds to run these campaigns. Be a regular monthly contributor like me ( $50 per month). Or contribute $100 one-time for the IV cause.

    If you cannot contribute $100, you can still contribute. Send your contributions to IV through PayPal by using e-mail id - donations AT


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  • bigboy007
    04-12 07:15 PM
    Per my knowledge, There is no RULE that USCIS has to assign priority date of 140 to subs case , instead its original LC date... I found on Fragomen website too...

    Here is the link ..

    This can be best issue to sue USCIS. Good People will get benefit from this

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  • thoreau
    11-17 12:12 AM
    I'm a US citizen and a friend of drona's. Just wanted to support her, and everyone else here.

    Contributed $100
    Google Order #708392475371348

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 12:17 PM
    Can you publish more stories.... Thanks

    I am posting this story sent by a person literally wasting her skills away as an H4 visa holder. I am sure lots of IV members and their spouses can relate to this.....

    All those who are suffering like this please consider contributing to IV and we request members to join in doing action alerts, Letters to Editors and participate in forums

    Here it goes

    I have about 7 years of experience as a project manager in Environmental Engg and a BS from a very reputed school but my visa status doesnt permit me to work. Recently, I had to let go of a wonderful job offer because I didnt have EAD and was not even eligible to apply for H1 work permit, having used up 6 years of H status (the employer was ready to sponsor). That leaves me no option but wait for backlog to be cleared or Plan B- move back home. With retrogression, it would take atleast two more years to get my EAD. That would take away 8 years of my productive time in life. All these 6 years, I have volunteered in different non-profit organisations by developing and maintaining their websites. I am also volunteering in my son's school. We have been paying our taxes, donating to Firemen, Policemen etc. It is frustrating that we are giving to the community and not getting basic work permit in return.

    How US will benefit if you remain here (competitiveness angle) -
    I have a subtantial work experience and energy which I can put to use if I get to work and contribute to the US economy. Currently all my skills are wasted while the job position I could not fill due to immigration issues remains open for last 5 months.

    07-05 01:12 PM
    Are you guys sure that Emilio Gonzalez is not on vacation or taking a day off that day ??

    08-22 01:41 PM
    08/22/2008: Wild Forest Fire Sweeping Chinese and Indian Websites

    The USCIS has been delaying release of the August 15, 2008 USCIS processing time reports and so-called certain government agency processing tracking sites have been reporting slow-down of the EB-2 I-485 applications for the Indians and Chinese. Triggered in part by these evidence, the Indian and Chinese EB-2 I-485 waiters are literally consuming their emotions through the Indian and Chinese websites. However, we are still in August and have yet to reach the September 2008 Visa Bulletin which was released by the State Department assumedly after consulting with the USCIS, and there is absolutely no evidence at this point that the FY 2008 EB-2 visa numbers have already been exhausted. People should calm down, keep patience, and wait for the agencies' announcements, if any.

    Even the law firms know a :mad:diddly squat:mad: about the whole visa bulletin and 485 adjudication issues.

    The guy says that ..."there is absolutely no evidence at this point that the FY 2008 EB-2 visa numbers have already been exhausted..."

    So how does it address about availability of EB2 visa numbers for India/China for 2008? It may be true EB2s are available for 2008, but are they still available for India/China applicants for 2008? I bet even USCIS does not know...:D

    To top it all, Gotcher guy says there are only handful visas available...If there are only handful available, how come more than a handful people got GCs over the past 3 weeks?

    Man, when it comes to the guessing game of CIS/DOS comedy show, any one of us is as good as these lawyer fellas...:cool:

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