Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • punjabi77
    11-25 11:47 AM
    My Dear Punjabi Bretheren,

    Let me help you understand why I think your question reeks not only of idiocracy, but also utter disregard for even basic moral and common sense.

    You wanted to buy a home, live in it for 2 years, sell it and make money. Nothing wrong with it. But, now that the market if not favorable to you, think you are not responsible for payment, and want to foreclose. All I'm saying is you are responsible for your actions; the act of buying a house, making sure you take care of it (read the contract where it says you are to take care and maintain the house to a reasonable standard), paying your monthly mortgage, insuring your home, and paying back the loan with interest by the end of the loan term. You signed the contract. You were ready to reap profits by the sale if there was equity on the home. Likewise you are to assume responsibility of payment if the home value depreciates. This is common sense. This is how the world has been. This is what they teach you as a kid. Why in the world are you complaining about depreciation when you knew this is a possibility when you bought the house?????????????????

    Foreclosing is not illegal. But in your case it is unethical. I'm not even sure if your lender will let you foreclose when you don't have a real financial burden to make regular payments. You are losing 20Gs only. I assume you are capable of paying your monthly payments. You want to relocate to get a better paying job. I do not think the lender will let you of the hook so easily. And why should they? They shouldn't. They should make you pay every single penny that you owe to them!

    And your questions about returning items to the store; you prove again that your a dishonest man! No, you cannot return a used item. It is wrong. Nothing legal about it. Who told you it is legal??? Now you may go back to the store and pretend like you didn't use it, or that the item is defective, and pass it off, but that's YOU!!!! In your own little dishonest mind everything that is in normal circumstances considered wrong is perfectly fine! You and your buddies here like "kumar1", "leo2606", think that it is fine to return used merchandise. You are all a bunch of dishonest people who didn't learn about right and wrong while growing up. Its not too late, go learn!

    Go read this article. Returning used items is fraud!!!!!!!!! It just makes me mad how you could have even imagined that returning a used item was ok!

    your name speaks for itself.. Slegde_Hammer..meaning bahut bara Hathoda..
    you know whom we call a Hathoda.. yup.. u got it..
    what part of my message you did not understand.. i am here to explore my options..not to learn what is ethical and unethical..
    i see uho have so many posts in ur name.. may be u have spent time on this forum just to let people know if they are ethical or unethical..
    i dont know u.. u dont know me.. whats the point of calling someone unethical.. dishonest..
    grow up man.. not everyone is happy listening to ur philosphy..i think it is time for you to realize that..
    dont send any more messages and personlize them.. you have not given a single valid option.. it is an open forum, i cannot ask you to stop.. but i created this thread to explore my options and not to read all the silly stuff you are writing..

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  • jayz
    01-10 02:54 PM
    I just mailed my letter to the President, CC-ed Senators from my state, Congresswoman from my district and of course, IV. I also attached my past correspondance with the lawmakers to the letter, so they know that this has been an on-going struggle from the grassroot level.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-03 11:15 AM

    I was reading Murthy's FAQ on AC21 she did in 2002. Read Question 6 carefully. Revoking I140 was always an issue, may be never surfaced!

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  • anda007
    07-11 12:24 AM
    Lets look at the pigger picture, instead of nitpicking small things
    Anand Sharma is referred as she. so what

    The main point is conveyed

    Anand Sharma

    I hate to be nitpicking but

    The irony is, in this whole migration debate, our issues are probably easiest to solve," said Bajaj.

    Bajaj its not migrationits immigration. bird migrate people immigrate


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  • shukla77
    01-10 08:58 PM
    Wow.. I am super motivated now..I am gonna try the same with the people who work for me and see how it works.... just kidding... :D:D:D:D I will send letters on saturday...

    Good Luck

    IV has not done anything that could have a negative impact on your green card processing. IV is striving hard to change your lives.

    Shame on those who are scared or pessimistic. All you people do is to gaze at the sky and wait for the stars to fall.

    If you are so scared - how will u raise your children? What will u teach them? Cowardice? Will U teach them to run away from issues? Will u teach them how to not cooperate?

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  • whitecollarslave
    01-11 03:08 PM
    I dont know too much about the conflict but the first post on the site says this:
    Immigration Voice is starting a massive campaign to make it easier for immigrants and those on non-immigrant visas (H-1Bs, L-1s, F-4 students) to get green cards --- furthering the displacement of skilled American workers (programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.)

    So, I'm passing along this suggestion from another group:
    Please read the email below, and I ask you to cut/paste their letter text, and then
    customize it (which is to say reverse engineer it) asking them to CLOSE
    the door, not open it wide. We must act NOW to counteract their

    So thats just somebody's interpretation of letter campaign. Perhaps one of the enthusiasts over here should post something over there differentiating the goals of the letter campaign from illegal immigration along with all the arguments posted here and explain that their interpretation is incorrect.


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  • snathan
    03-31 08:31 PM
    Important information is available on this in the Donor Forum. VBKris77 have compiled the information from the previous analysis and the latest information released by Dept. of State and IV's recommendation.

    But I am not allowed to post the information here...:D

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  • maine_gc
    01-08 09:03 AM
    Any Kentucky residents who are interested in meeting the lawmakers. Please email me your details and click on the link in my signature to join the KY State Chapter


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  • Almond
    08-09 06:50 PM
    I called today to help a friend who has been stuck in namecheck status for almost a year and a half and spoke to an immigration officer who calmly explained to me that the name check isn't done only nationally but also "internationally" meaning, not only do they do a background check on you in the US, they also look you up in your country of origin. In all my time reading about this I have never heard her version before, so I had assumed the namecheck was only done at the national level. No wonder it's taking so long, with the FBI waiting for a response from those countries. :(

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  • alapkd
    06-19 12:14 AM
    Hi I am not exactly in similar situation but still relevant in the context. I have labor and I-140 cleared but my wife is working in India and she may not be able to come back in order to file I-485 within a month or two. If I file I-485 for myself can I file for her later? What will be the consequences and what are the timelines? I have a valid H1 Extension till May 2010. Can she still get this extension stamped and return on H4 visa?


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 03:59 PM
    When you say "according the our calculations", and you can only come up with years (& not 1 year, 2 year), you have obviously not done a very accurate calculation/guestimation.

    I wouldn't put too much stock into it.

    There are two years (2006 and 2007 ) from 2006 to 2007 and you know language of all lawyers, so he is not wrong here too. I bet you if you can convince him to say 1-2 or 3 years.

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  • crystal
    07-29 07:24 AM
    Some info on Gnadhigiri
    Gandhigiri discussed in detail on NPR long before.Link below


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  • ski_dude12
    09-21 10:29 AM
    I did not attach any documents. Just mentioned the I-485 receipt number.

    Congratulations ski_dude. Your long wait is finally over!

    Is it ok to attach documents to these e-mails to TSC?

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  • Canadian_Dream
    03-25 08:55 PM
    That suit will not stand a chance, not becasue it doesn't have legal merit but because it goes to the core of capitalistic system. Coporations can choose to hire and fire anyone as long as they don't fundamentally descriminate in writing. All of us know, that employers and hiring manangers have their preferences that might actually border legal descrimination so this is not an immigration issue as I see it. This is a broader issue linked to the power vested to the corporations in a capitalistic society, I have seen ethnic bias, age bias and all other kind of non-sense in hiring. Anyone claming that this doesn't happen or this is an immigration issue is simply in denial. It is just the way of life. As BharatPremi has pointed out, law says descrimination in the documents after hiring is illegal but it doesn't say that employer cannot choose to hire anyone as suited. Equal opportunity hiring practices are just guidelines which says job requirements MUST be uniformly and consistently applied to all race and color. It doesn't say you cannot choose to have an all white or all black work force. Unfortunately there is no law that clearly prohibits descrimination based on visa status (at least I am not aware of one). In fact the legal pressure is just for the opposite, that puts additional burden on the companies to make effort in hiring local workers first. The corporation can always say they have a policy to not hire someone with temporary work permit and there is no law against it. It is sad but that's how it is.

    Using the same logic, they can avoid interviewing an African American.

    I think we all should get together and file a class action law suit against those companies.


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  • neverbefore
    08-16 05:28 PM
    My case is at the local USCIS service center. I opened an SR on Aug 12 and got an email response encouraging me to apply for an Infopass appointment: "We have determined that your case would have a better result if you make an appointment to visit your local office, so you may speak with an Immigration Services Officer about your case."

    I now have an Infopass booked. Let's see what happens. My case is pre-adjudicated since we had an interview two years ago.

    Should it go any further this way, can anyone please explain the process of Ombudsman / Congressman / Senator et al?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • justin150377
    07-09 06:47 PM

    Let the flowers go to USCIS and let them do whatever they want with the flowers. Kindly dont jinx this campaign by cancelling your orders and asking for refunds.

    It's too late flowers have shipped. They will have to be delivered somewhere, it'll just force the fedex/dhl not to accept a forward from USCIS.


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  • english_august
    07-11 12:15 AM
    Please use this link to email to your friends and reporters the media coverage for this event

    I will keep this link updated with any new reports.

    Please use this thread to report all media articles - I will try to stay on top of this thread and update the main link on a regular basis.

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  • immigc06
    06-21 08:37 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    Please advice on the following situation. If you file a 485 thru company B as future employment(used substitution labor) and if company A for which i am currently employed agrees to file labor and assuming the dates would be current and labor is approved. Can i cancel the 485 applied thru company B and apply thru company A for which i am currently workin?
    Appreciate your replys.


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  • beautifulMind
    09-24 04:59 PM
    "interfiling" to use old EB3 PD for new EB2 is not the easiest path for EB3-I guys specially if they have used AC21 and work on EAD now ( Most of us are in this category). Priority date porting is not an issue, USCIS does not have a problem with that. The problem is with "Job definition and level". While one use AC21 claims job position matching EB3 job classification and if there no enough progression gap between AC21 usage and "inerfiling" It becomes hard for a lawyer to convince USCIS that fellow is matching EB2 capability under same job classification. Hundred of such intefilings are waiting without no action from USCIS. My lawyer's advice wait till we logically can establish the skill progression, in other words minimum 3 years of wait from the day AC21 usage. And other important thing is "real promotion" in position should happen at employment and this whole explanation is based on assumption of employment at the same employer. If you change employment inbetween after AC21 usage and before interfiling , your 3 years wait cycle starts from new emploment date. I have not filed "interfiling" just because of these reasons and waiting for correct time to do that. In other words Eb3-I is really and badly screwed.\

    I am in a similar situation

    I have EAD from an EB3 application and I applied for labor in EB2 with same company but different position while working in the new position on EB3 EAD

    My eligible date for ac21 is Jan 2008

    so are you saying I should only interfile 485 in Eb2 in jan 2011?

    You reply would really appreciated since I am really confused

    01-30 04:45 PM
    I read in another forum that US consulate in Canada is actually asking to fill out some PIMS form available on their website. Also you need to fax your documents 1 week prior to your appointment.

    Can anyone confirm this? Man, I wish this could be the case in India also. :confused:

    in mumbai, also you need to enter the details of petition online (petition number, expiry date and petitioner name) while booking appointment.. and you need to submit all documents before 5 working days.. (in some cases they mention 3 working days)

    01-29 03:45 PM
    Hi, Both my wife's and my approval notices state a WAC number. And I am stuck in PIMS for past 27 days now!!!!!!!!:mad:

    thanks for posting your details..can you please let us know when was your H1 approved?

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