Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • GCDream
    07-17 09:10 PM
    Immigration Voice Core made the difference.
    Keep going. Lets pass all the hurdles.:D

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  • frostrated
    08-11 12:43 PM
    i guess with more EB3 folks moving to EB2, it will help those of us who are stuck with no option to move to EB2. :)
    i think they need to make a rule where if you are stuck more than 5 years due to retrogression, all over flow visas need to be first given to those folks in the order of PD.

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  • santb1975
    11-18 11:56 AM

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  • eb3_nepa
    08-14 01:37 PM
    Can you let us know how to access LUD from USCIS after login? I think many will appreciate if you do so

    Ok Here goes:

    1) Go to
    2) Click on "To register as an applicant customer click here."
    3) Accept the Terms and Conditions
    4) Enter the information CORRECTLY.
    5) Once done enter your I-140 SRC, LIN etc number without dashes by adding a case.
    6) Either immediately or after a day or so, IF there is an update on ur I-140 LUD you will see it.


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  • pak
    03-07 05:13 PM
    from file: y09.pdf

    Major volumes of pending applications at the end of January 2009 include: 1,417,978 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status; 286,701 I-765 employment authorizations; 190,238 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 163,015 I-821 temporary protected status; 147,951 I-751 remove conditions spouse jointly/waiver.
    May be useful...

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  • viper1400
    03-08 09:22 PM

    Bear my ignorance but what is FOIA? and What are we planning to do with the fund collected for FOIA?


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  • akhilmahajan
    09-07 09:56 PM
    OK admitted. Happy :). Now FO.

    I think he is telling the truth. Otherwise we would have almost 100% attendance for the rally. But it does not seem like. So, i think we "so called higly educated and qualified" need to think about it.

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  • vxg
    08-26 02:22 PM
    Of course they go by receipt date, but question is what is the receipt date? Each center enters data, and places folder in sequence of when they, the Center, received the file (and decided to accept it). This date is close to ND, but may be quite different than RD on your receipt, sometimes by several months (due to noone accepting huge volumes of July/Aug07 filings, or for some reason disputing as to which center should work on the case).

    There are thousands of instances where cases were filed in July 07, but entered into the system in Sept/Oct 07. For all purposes, their RD is what you see online as "your case was received on...", which is close to ND.

    See my earlier posts in this thread. If you ask a center if they are processing cases based on RD or ND, they will always say RD, because that is true based on their defintion of RD.

    They will state they go by RD but check what RD they have in their system, does not matter what RD you have in your receipt.
    May be it is an issue for transfer cases only where initially RD was issued by another service center say VSC and then case was transferred to TSC and TSC is using RD the date when they got the case. At least that is case for my app they told me. My lawyer is following up and if they don't fix it i Plan on using Congressman, Senator etc even a law suit as it is ridiculous that TSC sen the app to VSC for data entry and is not willing to honor the RD which VSC entered.


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  • Daisy
    04-19 12:43 PM
    I have emailed my details to

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  • drona
    07-06 03:05 AM
    People are writing about our Gandhigiri. See the following links:

    Keep sending your flowers to USCIS!


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  • kdprasad
    08-14 01:36 PM
    I am starting to see a trend in the receipt notices.

    Some of the people reporting getting recepit notices this week (yesterday and today) have LUDs of 07/28/07. My thinking is that This week will see receipt notices for everyone with an LUD of 07/28/07

    HOPEFULLY next week will see receipt notices for 08/05/2008. This is just my observation.

    People please post your LUDs for your I-140, the service center AND how your receipt numbers start (SRC vs LIN) each time you post a receipt notice.

    NOT TURE MY LUD IS NOT UPDATED. Rcvd receipts yesterday see below.....

    ote: Checks got cashed after 2 days of Receipts.

    I-140 Approved (NSC) 11/2006
    485 -- July 2nd 11:30a.m
    Receipt rcvd -- Aug 10th (Rcvd copy of receipts Aug 13th).
    LUD Not updated.

    I have seen some one else like me had the same process. Checks got cashed after 2 days of receipts.


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  • snathan
    04-14 04:18 PM
    Guys...stop this fighting. There are so many issues which we are not able to fix bcoz we don�t have enough resources/volunteers. So please join the donor forum and help us. If you are really serious do that. All the time we are blaming IV is not doing enough. Now we have lot to do but don�t have enough resources. Please come forward and help.


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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 10:55 PM
    We have known Rosa Park personally and she was a speaker at one of our meetings and let me tell you none of you are close to what she was.

    It looks like you are planning to go to DC. There is big difference between planning and execution. You folks are theoritical and not practical. This time the bus will be empty. You just don't have it in you. Take it from me.

    alterego - Good counter point on the numbers thing.

    Sheman - Think Rosa Parks (only one person). It the bus was empty that day, we certainly would be in a different world.

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  • iOptimist
    07-17 08:01 PM
    I have no words to describe this achievement. HATS OFF IV!


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  • Chiwere
    08-22 10:18 AM
    at some point the visa numbers are going to be all used up. The lucky ones would get their GC by then and the others will have to wait for a few months.

    Why worry over it? The line only gets shorter and shorter and everybody will get their turn sooner than later.

    As long as they don't waste any visa numbers, there is no need for any worry. Even their random processing order does not bother me that much, because demand for EB2 will be less than supply next year. Its time for EB3 to fasten the seat belts....
    Willgetagc- Do you mean fasten belt for a fast forward movement, and if so why this unwarranted optimism?

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  • Nil
    04-13 08:44 PM
    It is good to analyze. But pls let us be together.
    There are several who's category was determined by the employer and their lawyer and an equal number, who have no clue as to what is actually the content of their labor. Myself for example, was never allowed a glimpse of the labor application, only know that it was approved. i also do not have a hard copy of my I140.
    The positive point is this year, major channels are talking about Legal immigration much more than i have heard before.
    let us work together to highlight the broken system, the only way it can eventually get fixed by our direct efforts.


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  • chanduv23
    11-11 05:30 PM
    For the love of God, there are things that you go and post on the Internet to get people's opinion and there are things that you don't! Unlike some others here, I don't want to too judgmental (something we, as a people, excel at) as everyones situation and experiences in life are different. But here is what you need to do ASAP. I mean right now and today: get out of your office if you have to but go out and do it right now.

    1. Go talk to an immigrant attorney immediately. You need to assess your liabilities in this situation. If you are at fault, you need to improvise a defense strategy and IMMIGRATION VOICE IS NOT THE FORUM FOR THIS!!!!

    2. Immediately talk to a criminal defense attorney. The fact that you know about child abuse and have not reported it yet is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS, SERIOUS,....., SERIOUS issue. It varies from state to state but not reporting child abuse may or may not be a crime IF you an establish that you took immediate steps to protect the child from the abuser. Again, this depends on how zealous the prosecutor and child protection services are.

    Depending on how your attorney advises you, proceed to inform the authorities.

    Trust me man, I have done projects with state and county level agencies and this is serious stuff and you need to act now to get in the driving seat. Inaction is NOT an option.

    Best of luck and may God protect every child out there.


    Well said. the person needs to know his liabilities. He has to go to proper authorities. IV forum is not the place.

    This person can help the community by posting warnings on IV and other blogs including sulekha or other places - cn also post the video on internet and share it , if he wishes to

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  • shiva7
    09-07 09:59 PM
    Every race is an immigrant for this country(except native americans.)
    Infact this country is built up by the immigrants.
    Please shut your mouth get the heck out of here.

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  • diptam
    09-08 12:11 AM
    Since they dont understand even this simple truth - that's why they need you. Why we so called Macaca's are here in 1st place because they cant deliver what Macaca's can... Simple...

    Anyway - Lets not waste much energy here. They are doing this deliberately.

    Could do our jobs why would the employers be willing to sponsor our GREEN CARDS and spend '000s of dollars to keep us :confused:


    08-26 07:21 PM
    Strange really strange....I am sure RD/ND had not move back and forth so those who applied in late 2007 or 2008....did get approved even though their RD/ND was not current....What nonsense is this...

    Now the other thing to worry is FP notice...mine is beyond 15 months and I am sure many are in the same the wait is longer.....FP and then again NC/BC.....what the &*#$

    This is insane....on one hand USCIS is saying it will be decades b4 ppl on EB2 and EB3 (I) will get approved and so ppl will just keep on doing biometrics /apply EAD/AP so added revenue model for USCIS


    11-20 02:38 PM
    cracked me up :-)

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