Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • sumansk
    06-29 04:59 PM
    If this happens then then IV should take up this matter alongwith AILA seriously to take the matter all the way up to the white house.So that the president and the administration knows what kind of jokes Dept. is playing on peoples expectations and lives.

    NEVER one can expect such a thing from the most advanced nation in the world.

    God is the only HOPE !!

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  • roseball
    09-24 08:39 PM
    Any body know why there are 3341 cases in March 2005 in EB2 I category, is this about the time PERM came?With out quarterly spill over bulletin is going to get stuck in March 2005 till the end of the USCIS financial year.

    Yes, PERM was introduced on 28th Mar'05. I guess the high number of EB-2s was due to employers rushing to file under the old system.

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  • rams75
    08-17 10:58 AM
    I got my physical card yesterday but the last name is mis-spelled. What do I need to do and also has anyone experienced this? Also any thoughts on how long it will take to fix the name?


    Hi pakrish, similar situation here. My wife's gc has the gender mentioned incorrectly. From what I've researched, we need to file for I-90 and choose option D - correction in green card. There are no fees required as it's a USCIS mistake but the original card needs to be sent with the form.

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  • sankap
    09-10 11:55 AM
    I see soft LUDs (09/10) on my and my wife's I-485s. Not sure what to infer.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:24 AM
    I don't think that either, but as long as they are willing to fund my operation in part or otherwise, I am good to go...

    Do you seriously think any of these people will become plantiff and risk their greencard applcation? Because by becoming plantiff their application will be scrutinzed and further delayed.

    I am open to reveal anyone my identity and discuss my plans who has voted Yes

    If these people rolling flood and sunnysurya were confident, they would have posted their name and phone number till now for everyone. These guys are cowards. I bet their profile will also be annonymous.

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  • alanoconnor
    09-28 11:05 PM
    Are you from India/China ? I will be surprised if you are from one of those and name check cleared this fast.

    From Ireland


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  • appas123
    08-13 07:44 AM
    I have one more question, What should I fill in 1-9 lines? Should I fill with Primary applicant information?
    Fill it with both primary and derivative details. Write in small font with a pen. This will avoid different forms for each applicant.

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  • mpadapa
    09-16 11:40 AM
    continuing my second round of calling.
    Called 7 Republican members planning to get through all the members esp. republicans by the end of the day.

    Folks please keep calling...


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  • CADude
    11-09 12:03 PM
    I do received RD as July 2nd and ND: Oct 10 on RN. I am not planning to bug IO@NSC for EAD or NC untill Jan 2008 or I see my PD current per VB.

    I called yesterday and spoke to an IO at TSC.. she says I am seen pending for name check as of Oct 17.
    I am a July 2 filer.

    CAdude.. I have a question for you though.. Did your notices show receipt dates of 2nd July or different.
    I spoke to my lawyer about getting it fixed.. but they never responded to me back.

    *Happy Diwali*

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  • appas123
    08-17 07:10 AM
    Friends, IV�ians and fellow sufferers,

    Today we received our physical Green card; 63 years since my motherland got her freedom I got mine. Its been a long journey and I am glad that I can shut this chapter and go on to the next..
    First of all let me tell you that the mail that you get the card is as incognito as they come. Its not in the USCIS envelope, looks almost like a credit card offer. Wife was almost going to shred it but felt the card and opened it :). Its actually green. With the date of birth mentioned a gazillion times. Magnetic strip, hologram and all that kind of jazzy stuff. I have no freaking clue where they got the picture from, its not what I submitted with the I485. It should be the one they took while finger printing in 2007.

    Finally I popped the cork off a bottle of Champagne that I have been saving for this occasion and have taken more than a few morsel sips of the bubbly. (please pardon any excesses I might make in this post :D). Now I can chart out my career as I want to with no constraints to cap my potential. I can attain full self actualization in whatever I decide to do and also hopefully contribute more to society both here in my karma bhoomi and back in India my janma bhoomi.

    If I may paraphrase Jawaharlal Nehru � when the world sleeps (its 12:45AM eastern); I awaken� !!
    I have contributed both financially and with my time to IV. I will continue to do so. I wish all of you the very best and hope the ones waiting in get their GC soon. Keep the faith.
    I am happy for you. The process indeed takes an emotional toll on us. Thanks for the heads up about the type of mail. I will be careful to watch out for "credit card offer" type snail mails.


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  • singhv_1980
    02-04 04:21 PM
    Please keep on updating this thread. If you have got your passport or are still waiting. The information will help others.

    Thank You.

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  • badluck
    06-26 02:51 PM
    after getting Advance parole, what happened to I-94 when we use our travel document?


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  • pani_6
    08-22 07:13 PM
    ok..lets write the letter and the send Flowers to thier local offices in DC..How does this Flower campign work..could somebody tell me..please..along with the flowers can we send a letter instead of a message

    It is not too late to write the letter, it is never too late to write the letter!!

    Since the letters are only requesting fixing of the interpretation of the law, and not the law itself, there really is no fixed deadlines involved. Of course, sooner it is done, the better our chances are for moving forward.

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  • hsingh82
    06-17 12:38 PM
    IMO, stopping and working against fraud can be a bullet point in IV's portfolio. It could help IV while discussing issues with lawmakers.

    My 2 cents.


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  • eyeswe
    09-24 02:55 PM
    Yes , I did see that, but at what point do they consider this as "inventory" -- waiting for visa having pre-adjudicated (gosh, I hope not!) or as we all are thinking -- applications that have reached the agency...

    Inventory and related QA is available on right habd side of this link,
    USCIS - Green Card ( D&vgnextchannel=ae853ad15c673210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    Go to --> Green card and on right hand top side Inventory and Q&A posted.

    Inventory means total Number of Employment based Pending Approvals.

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  • mallu
    09-29 10:48 AM
    From Ireland.


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  • Saralayar
    03-12 12:33 PM
    Looks like this thread is dying.. Is Sarala who created this, still around???
    I am very much around but dissapointed as no one from IV Core has responded +vely for this campaign. Still the support for this is increasing.

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  • anilsal
    01-24 01:14 PM
    this is such an outrage! this true or made up..

    authentic the picture is....

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  • cbpds
    04-06 04:42 PM
    Dont worry boehner and obama will pass a short term budget once again......its all political posturing most of the time

    Unfortunately the Timing of IV Advocacy day, and also May 2011 VB schedule at a wrong date. If the Govt Shutdown due to the budget deadlock, I'm not sure how both of these days will play out. Any Idea guys. :confused:

    01-09 03:37 PM
    Pls suggest what changes you think will get us more visibility and confidence with new members.

    Small suggestion.I am looking for IV's achievements (Not Campaigns,News updates etc) in IV home page since it's started.

    I do see 1)Success with July 07 fiasco 2)2 year EAD

    We should have a link(In Home Page) to a achievements page(which we have to keep updating we achieve something) which just briefly mentions IV's achievements.

    If it is already there someone please post the link here.

    09-19 01:31 PM
    Did you by any chance speculated to him that application might be in TSC based on LUD on I140?

    When he was noting down all my info, I mentioned about LUD on my I-140 (approved) for 8-5-07 and he said.. it does mean anything since they still need to mail applicants receipts no matter what stage is your application is processed under.

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