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gold rush 1849

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  • scott, iowa april Lured many people flocked Gold+rush+1849

  • aashimav
    04-10 07:19 PM
    I'm not sure if I'm eligible to apply for Master's quota. I'm done with all my degree requirements and I've scheduled my thesis defence on MAy 20th. Is it still possible that I can apply in Master's quota. I've a letter from my schools which states that I'm done with all my degree requirements and I'll be finishing thesis on May 20th. Is this letter enough to apply for MAsters??

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  • reddy2cool
    08-25 03:46 PM
    Man..yours is one of the great rides.I bet you will get your gc as soon as it becomes current again and atleast now you know you are all set except for date so have fun.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-20 07:32 PM
    That makes it $ 1031 so far in 5 days. Let's see how soon we can get to the next milestone ($2000).

    Anyone Interested in comming up with a Target?. My target is to finish a marathon ( $26.1 k by December 31'st)?. Can we do it?


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  • saileshdude
    12-08 01:24 PM
    I was amazed by the some of the members who supported such inhumane treatment. People are giving all sorts of comparison stories of what would you do if intruder breaks in , etc. This is a simple case of humanity and nothing more. Yes, the person involved is illegal and probably some action should be taken against that. But some of you guys need to remember that you guys are legal now but it does not take much to lose one's status. A erroneous AOS denial, losing a job. A pregnant woman who is in labor pain and about to deliver is not going to run away that you need to restrain her in shackles , especially when she has established a life here and also excited about the new born. You guys need to ask your mother, wife and sister about this story and get their opinion.

    Yes the lady's crime should not go unpunished. But this country has all sorts of laws like racial discrimination, religious discrimination, age discrimination and the list goes on. And these laws are there for a reason. Reason: All these things DO happen.


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  • tattoo 1849 gold rush tools.

  • mjdup
    12-20 12:54 PM
    I had the first-hand opportunity to meet and see IV core members working for our cause. Really, it gives you the chill that thinking its the same GC everyone on this forum wants but the dedication with which they are approaching is amazing. There is no point talking about what we "could have done" after the congress session is over and god forbid, our bill doesn't pass through. 2008 is all about elections and the citizens, not too much of immigration will come to forefront, so please think.....

    Contributors> thanks for the contribution...

    Sideline onlookers> Till yesterday we had about 40.08% contribution and as of noon today we are only at 43.97%, contribution of 3.89% which amounts to around $2400 :) I bet we can do so much better after all we are so called "high skilled" immigrants....

    please step up and let's not make it a beg !

    T I am not a core member, but I trust these guys, they have been working hard putting in their own hard-earned money for travelling, and carrying out IV work. At this point, IV really needs two things, more members and more FUNDS . IV needs you to contribute, even if it is $20

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  • California Gold Rush 1849 20 x

  • Madhuri
    12-19 11:33 AM
    Done. This is my third contribution.


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  • gold rush and boom of 1849

  • deecha
    07-20 10:55 PM

    What I need to do now? My I-94 has wrong expiration date (I entered in US on 03/07/2007 and I got I-94 with expiration date as 01/10/2007). My attorney told me that it can be explained later. So, I've already file my 485 with a bad I-94.

    Please let me know if anything can be done or still I can do something to correct this issue.


    There are 2 possibilities here :

    a) Wait for RFE to be issued, then reply to the RFE with evidence document and a written explanation. It may not be as simple, as they might issue a NOID if the I-94 date causes you to be artificially out of status / unlawful stay for > 180 days. Again this is just a best guess. Ask your lawyer for a more detailed explanation.

    b) Use the I-539 status change form along with written explanation requesting an extension of your status because of the wrong date on the I-94 issued to you. Mail to CSC or VSC depending on jurisdiction. They should issue you a new I-94. When you get this, file an amendment to your original 485 that was filed. Again, suggest this approach to your lawyer and see what he says.

    All the best.

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  • Gold Rush of 1849 fortune

  • pappu
    12-20 11:59 AM
    Thank you all for contributing. pls. contribute generously. Till now a little over 100 have contributed out of 7650 members. In the past few days about 3000 members visited this site. you can do the math.


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  • gold rush map 1849.

  • Pineapple
    04-12 06:37 PM
    Well, hebbar, I hope for your own sake you don't run a business! :)

    In your "business model", the costs are shared by a few, but the benefits are free for everyone. (Ever think about that? D'oh!! What do you think is going to happen if any fixes are implemented? USCIS is going to say "only those who donate to IV can get 2 year AP, recaptured visa numbers etc??)
    The donors know this, but still shell out the money. Perhaps you should appreciate that before coming up with such brilliant business ideas. :D

    what do you mean by supporting IV?

    If you are talking about financial donations below model works best for me.

    lets say IV core comes up with COST of doing X,Y, Z fixes within XX weeks.
    COST is shared among wishing to donate. This becomes like a product purchase.

    Current model is not time bound nor result oriented.

    Again I am not anti-IV or anything. I am just expressing my idea!

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  • alisa
    02-04 08:03 PM

    I would have to be an absolute moron to contribute to IV, and to work for it, if at the end it costs me more in getting a green card.

    So, either you think that IV-ers from ROW are morons. Or you want them to quit, and turn this organization into an Indians-only group.

    Its as simple as that. You can quote all the laws in the universe, and come up with all the fancy logic that you want. But what I have said above is what it all boils down to.

    No one here takes advantage of any group. We are talking here is what law says and how it is implemented by various agencies. The problem is there is doubt that DOS has not understood the law. No one is against ROW and loves India and China. US immigration simply based on preference catagories. For example, wife of U.S citzen will be given first preference in immigration (FB1) compare to brothers and sisters of US permanent residents (FB4or5). This is the law.

    Similar thing in employment catagories too. Before 2000, there is a verical spill over of EB visas. Becase of this, a high skilled workers from India/China has to wait more compare to low skilled workers from ROW. This practice will not put US in technological edge. Thats why AC21 law implemented.

    After 2000, congress removed country quota in all EB catagoires. The simple reason is to make US competiveness in 21st century. The intend is simple.

    The simple meaning of AC21 law is, for example, let us assume following hypothitical situation. There are 40,000 noble prize winners from Mexico. All of them applying EB1 visas in a FY. In same FY, no one from other countries applied EB1 visa. As per AC21 rule, entire 40,000 visas (100%) goes to Mexico in EB1 irrsepective of how EB2 or EB3 or FE catagories are retrogressed or howmany mexians in EB/FB are waiting. This is what congress intend to promote high skilled immigrants to USA. This is what american competivness in 21 century. The intent here is noble prize winners should not wait even if they are from oversubscribed countries like mexico.

    If you read word by word of AC21 rule will understand what I am saying.

    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter

    My intension is simple.

    Even if SKIL/CIR bill passed in near future, if DOS or USCIS does not implement the law accordingly, it will be disaster for oversubscribed countries like India and China.


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  • h1techSlave
    07-17 09:35 PM
    Kudos to IV for a job well done.

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  • california gold rush 1849.

  • pappu
    03-09 12:50 PM
    Please log in to the site and contribute. By logging in we can relate your contributions to your ID and confirm it by sending you a PM , Change your status as a donor and give you access to VIP forums when they are created.


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  • the California gold rush.

  • reedandbamboo
    09-11 12:40 AM
    Sweet_jungle and Bawa,

    Thank you for your initiative. After the raised and dashed hopes over the past 2-3 months (August, Sept & Oct 2008 visa bulletins) I am BLOODY angry about this RIDICULOUSLY fecked up system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell am I subjecting myself to this indignity!!

    Here is a letter I drafted that I'd like to send to the Ombudsman .. could you'll help me edit/revise the content and also, please provide me with the contact info for the ombudsman?

    we could also write letters to highlight this to Congresswoman Lofgren as well as publish it in media outlets?



    On behalf of the Indian legal immigrant community in the United States of America, I am
    writing to highlight the ongoing egregious inefficiencies in the immigration �services�
    provided by the USCIS and the DOS. There have been numerous times when there have been erratic movements in the published visa bulletin dates. As a result the DOS either under- or over-estimates the number of applicants available for adjustment of status. When the date moves forward by too large a window, USCIS tends to approve the more recent applications as opposed to the ones that were filed earlier. Let me explain with an example: in the July 2008 visa bulletin, the cut-off date for the India EB2 category was 01 April 2004. A month later, the cut-off date for Indian EB2 applicants abruptly moved forward two years and was set at 01 June 2006. Instead of approving applicants who applied in 2004 and 2005, USCIS approved applicants from 2006. Where is the justice in that???

    Indian employment-based immigrants are tax-paying, law-abiding, educated individuals contributing to America�s knowledge economy - yet we have been subjected to the worst aspects of the US employment-based immigration system. These include:

    1) Extended wait times at each step of the immigration process.
    2) Lack of transparency on the part of USCIS.
    3) Lost opportunities owing to the lack of job portability during the process (a time period spanning an average of five years, whereas an applicant from any country besides India gets his/her PR card in under two years).

    While we are grateful for the opportunity to partake in the American dream, it is ironic that we arrive in America and find that our freedom is shackled � we are bound to our sponsoring employer from the start to the end of this extremely lengthy process. Although legal immigration reform is our ongoing aim, for now, we sincerely request you to investigate the process whereby the monthly visa bulletin is set and to ensure FIFO (first in, first out) adjustment so that those of us who have been waiting longer receive attention prior to those who have applied later.

    Thanking you,

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  • vthattik
    06-09 11:55 AM
    Cost of flight ticket, hotel and car : $520
    Cost of metro tickets : $14
    Cost of a couple of lunch + dinners : $50
    Cost of taking cabs to visit lawmakers : $20
    Cost of attending the meetings with lawmakers and seeing every IVian, that attended the event during the last three days, working relentlessly for the entire immigrant community stuck in the huge greencard backlog : PRICELESS PRICELESS PRICELESS :)

    I think, the event was a huge success and the outcome of the meetings were positive. I wish at least one representative from each state participated in the event. Some offices insisted that they talk to their constituents.

    Kudos to everyone who participated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Seeds of Hope: The Gold Rush

  • ganesha
    08-12 05:03 PM
    My 485 was filed at NSC and the ND is 03 Oct 2007. It was subsequently moved to TSC in Nov 2008.

    So which date is it going to be: PD, ND, RD or Move date (MD) ????

    As I read the thread above on the perennial point of contention PD or RD or ND.

    Since I was contacting my local congressman and Senators...I got this feedback that my case is pre-adjudicated but waiting to have a visa number available....but I don't know who to trust...I am just not very hopeful and if 485 ND is the date they go by I have no chance and will miss this opportunity too.


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  • mjdup
    12-19 04:22 PM
    you're a good man and a great example !

    Finally i think we may reach 50%.... I swear as soon as somebody confirms me that we have reached $29,500 figure I will put $500 and another $500 when we reach $59,500.....

    Keep it going guys ... I am bit positive for the halfway mark..... but don't think that the full way mark Miracle will happen.....


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  • 1849 - The Gold Rush!

  • doubt123
    12-20 02:29 PM
    Contributed $50..keep up the good work !!

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  • andy_traps
    05-24 01:34 PM

    We filed for my wife's H-1B under Masters Quota on April 30th and sent the application packet to Vermont Service Center. But on May 3rd UCSIS sent back the packet which we received on May 11th. They also sent a letter saying that the application be sent to Laguna Niguel (CA Service Center) instead.

    Do you know if we can resend the application to Laguna Niguel now -- i.e., after the H-1B Master Cap is reached? If we can, then from which H-1B pool will USCIS issue the H-1B approval?

    Has this happened to anyone before?


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  • Half Eagle - Gold Rush Era

  • eb3retro
    12-18 10:33 PM
    The collection so far shows 33.33% of the $60K target as of December 11th.
    Friends I pledge a $500 donation as soon as the figures reaches 500 less than halfway ... i.e $29,500 and another again once the figure reaches 500 less of $60,000 i.e $59,500. Pappu or any of the core member please let me know once we touch this figures BY 31ST DECEMBER. Till then keep the marathon going.


    Core members if need be , put my pledge on the main page... would like see if this forum has ba**s to make me shell out the $1000 bucks.....


    Great anurak..guys come on lets make Anurak, spend that $1000 , please pitch in. guys and gals, this is our strength, we stick together and make this happen. For those who are browsing this thread, think no further. Open your heart and wallet and I am sure you all agree that this is a worthy cause. So, please lets join hands together to make the above challenger pay $1000. This is the right path and the only path to kick the retrogression get our GC next year.

    07-17 09:22 PM
    Hats off to IV core for sowing the seeds of today, 2 years ago. All the effort and sacrifice has come to fruition. Also, IV has got great media attention and has become a force to reckon with. Lets Party tonight.

    06-09 02:46 PM
    Thank you Sanju for donating for this event .

    Actually funds that are raised for an event should happen much before any such event because we need to lay the ground work for the event in DC . I dont know when our next event would be. IV core can comment on that after watching the legislative events in DC in next few months .

    What i was conveying was, to donate to the pool of resources and be ready when the bills start moving in the congress . IV would need to hit the road again at that time to continue the momentum from the lobby event and have our provisions included in the base bill. Regarding the dollar number, i dont know how much would be needed.

    On the day of the events you can get involved by actually hosting some members in your homes if u live in DC area . actually i hosted 3 guys from MI thsi time . that way it makes easier for the members on their pockets as they would have spent on air tickets etc.. there are many ways to be actively invloved in IV for our cause. you can motivate your collegues and friends do teh same for our cause. Rest assured that IV will use the money sensibly as i have seen in this event.


    Thanks Redds777!

    For this event we did fund raising and that helped the cause. for the Lobby efforts is there any number that IV want to publish and members will get inspired again!

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