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  • eb3_2004
    08-20 02:33 PM
    It is not true. The orignal text in IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT says "Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraph (1), to qualified immigrants who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent or who because of their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business, will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare of the United States, an d whose services in the sciences, arts, professions, or business are sought by an employer in the United States.

    The item mentioned above is for EB2, meaning any spill over to EB2 is from unused EB1.

    for EB3 the ACT mentions the following

    Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), to the following classes of aliens who are not described in paragraph (2):

    The meaning is EB3 gets all unused from EB1 and EB2... This is the catch, does this mean spillover from EB1 after EB2 catches up (or) spillover from EB1 even if EB2 is not current..

    If they have done spillover from EB1 to EB3, even when EB2 is not current...we can give this a try.

    Sorry for the confusion...Just got excited and went over the allocation of visas from the ACT dbe

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  • nrk
    10-01 10:53 AM
    All the best.

    Since 2004 EB2 is cleared, I am seeing less number of posts being made on IV.Yay I became a senior member, will that mean I will get a green card?

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  • rameshk75
    09-16 04:48 PM
    finally my journey ended today !!!
    Below are my details.

    1.) priority date --> 03/30/2006
    2.) 485 approved on --> 09/16/2010
    4.) service center --> nsc
    5.) pre-adjucated yes/no --> yes
    6.) info pass yes/no --> yes (today - no help)
    7.) uscis contact yes/no --> yes(case assigned to io)
    8) service request yes/no --> yes (opened sr on 09/02/10 citing "outside processing
    time" and no updates on the case after initial filing)
    9.) contact senator yes/no --> no
    10.) recent rfe yes/no --> evl in 2009
    11.) ac-21 (employer change) no
    12.)ported case(eb3->eb2) yes/no --> no

    thanks to all the great folks at iv that helped me navigate through this journey. This has been a great forum to know the updates and issues faced by the highly skilled immigrants like us...
    It has also helped me in understanding the situation from the inception of my journey and helped me make my moves accordingly with one goal of getting gc without going through any hassles.

    And finally , i sincerely pray for all the folks in eb-3 to get some kind of relief soon, so you can get greened soon. And i would still support this great organization in what ever way i could.

    Thanks and best wishes to you all waiting :-)

    ps: For those of you who think visas are over, its not the case based on my approval received today afternoon. So hang in there, your day comes soon enough :-)

    -- congarts Reddy :):)

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  • saatiish
    09-28 12:17 PM
    I have taken an infopass tomorrow to get the I-551 stamp on my passport. Once that is done I will be mailing out the form I-90 for replacement.

    What is this I-551 stamp ? Is stamping that mandatory ? What kind of documents do you need while you go for this stamping ?
    If one does not plan on travelling until we receive the physical Green Card - would we still have to do this stamping ?


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  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 03:54 PM
    If someone is a customer of Teleblend, they should contact them and ask them to provide a matching world plan service. Or else you and your friends will switch to Vonage. You will be surprised how fast teleblend will come up with a better plan than Vonage. In this country customer is the king. Vonage is trying to tie you up with an yearly plan. Wait and get Teleblend or other company to give you a better deal and you will save more money. Vonage is banking on being the first and capturing the market for 1 year before others give a better deal. It had to do it because people were switching to Teleblend, Omma or MagicJack. Now it is time for customers to contact these company senior executives and ask them to give you a good plan if they want you to stick with the company.
    For now Vonage is good plan for who call India frequently and costumer service is good (atleast when you are their costumer). This will at least create some competition among the VOIP companies and Indian calling card companies. When some body comes with a better plan or service or Vonage is not doing good than we can switch to other. Competition like this between companies only consumers (like us) gets benefit.

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  • WaldenPond
    12-31 07:54 PM
    Hello Logiclife,

    The information you provided is very useful. Will go look for David Heenan's book.

    Here is the book that I am trying to read - 'Flight of the Creative Class' by Dr. Richard Florida. Here is the extract from this book -

    Chapter 4 – The Closing of America? - Page 112
    The rejection rate of H-1B visas (also called “high-skilled visas”), which allow professionals who are not U.S. citizens to work in the country for up to six years, increased from 9.5 to 17.8 percent between 2001 and 2003.

    Chapter 4 – The Closing of America? - Page 117
    By 2003, antiterrorism measures began to catch up not just with visa applications but also with requests for more permanent U.S. residence. Thanks to delays in the processing of green-card applications, only 705,827 people became legal permanent residents that year, down from 1.06 million in 2002. This decline is the steepest since 1953, when Joseph McCarthy stoked fears that Communists were invading the government and general population. Nearly half of those affected by the government slowdown in 2003 were foreign students, workers, and others already residing in the U.S. and hoping to become permanent residents. Such figures may understate the extent of the problem-which were backlogged to more than 6 million by the end of the fiscal year 2003. Of these over 6 million people whose legal lives as residents were put on hold, roughly 3.6 million have had applications pending for more than six months.

    The practical, everyday implications of such a wait can be exasperating. Without a green card, many immigrants are prohibited from traveling, denied the benefit of in-state tuition rates, or even put at risk for job loss and deportation if the wait goes on too long. These risks accrue not only to individuals and families but to the businesses that hire them and need their skills.

    There is lot more to share but I am not able to put all this on the discussion forum thread. Will add more to this later.

    Here is the link to Dr. Florida's site :


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  • ivar
    08-25 10:03 AM
    how can it be free..when you pay 25/month?

    I have vonage service since two years and i am paying 24.99/m since two years for unlimited US, canada and europe. They just added india in the international calling list so isn't it free? I am not paying anything extra for calling to india. I have been with vonage for quality and it is personal choice about which service you use and how much you pay for that. It all depends on usage and how much we spend on calling cards or calls to india. If you spend more than $25 on calling to india than this is a great plan if you have internet connection at home.

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  • trueguy
    04-08 10:06 PM
    See the May 2009 Visa bulletin and decide yourself. Is it worth just wasting our time on the green card processing?. Let us concentrate on getting the Citizenship soon. Support this idea in mass and make this as a first priority on IV agenda.. It is time to think...

    Lets send all our ideas to Ms Lofgren and others who are working hard on CIR this year. This is the time when we should act so they can implement few of our ideas.

    Lets send out letters to all the congressman/woman and have them put it in CIR.


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  • acruix
    05-17 05:07 PM
    My wife went to India on a vacation my PD is current what can I apply ?

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  • puddonhead
    09-03 12:36 PM
    I have sent 3 referrals so far. I will donate $25 for each credit to IV in addition to my normal monthly subscription once I get the credit for these.

    Acknowledging publicly for the sake of transparency :-).


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  • nrk
    10-22 09:53 AM

    Two of my friends still waiting for GC, they have PD August 2004 and Nov 2004, i will pass this information to them (They were not on this forum)

    Yeah, I believe we still have people from 2004 waiting (and that includes me!!)

    Here are some ways of contacting USCIS - Immigration: 12 Ways to Contact USCIS and FBI to Check Case Status (

    Good luck to all!

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  • akhilmahajan
    05-16 11:55 AM


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:40 PM
    No I am not!
    NOW, aren't you ashamed about your sorry job....

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 09:49 PM
    Sept 11 was saturday. How did it change to 'decision'? :confused:

    Anyway, Good luck! Hope you will get card by this weekend.

    Looked like a batch update.


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  • royus77
    06-29 06:10 PM
    My $0.02. This could be a pre-emptive measure on the part of AILA. There must have been some talk at the state department of mid-month regression. This might be a strategy to scotch that. Raise a ruckus and send a message that we are prepared to file a law suit. Who knows? We are mere pawns in this grand game. Whatever happens, I hope people keep some perspective and not lose sleep over this.
    - Sri

    AILA members already milked enough $$$ for this year ..they will be first happy if dates go back ..repeat clients:)

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  • prinive
    07-09 06:33 PM D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • digital2k
    09-09 03:48 PM
    This is great
    Inspire everyone...
    I called the members and most of the calls went to voicemail. Left a message urging them to support the bill. I also started posting this in our university Indian student Association group so that they can start calling. I thank IV for the telephone numbers.
    Please call all Numbers except co-sponsors ...
    Find people And ask everyone else also to call ...

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  • Green_Print
    07-11 02:39 PM
    This thread is for media coverage only, please add relevant posts.

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  • indyanguy
    09-24 02:45 PM
    Since the forecast is EB2-I will be current in a few years. Does that mean that someone with a PD of 2009 (EB2) would get the GC faster than someone with a PD of 2004 (EB3)?

    10-16 10:27 AM
    Hi I called TSC yesterday, when i tried to inquire about is my case is pre approved or not, it seems the representative does not have any idea about it. and he just opened a service request and gave me a number.

    Is this the way you guys get to know that your case is pre approved or not, or do i need to do some thing differently.

    05-17 05:07 PM
    My wife went to India on a vacation my PD is current what can I apply ?

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