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Ford Focus St 2012

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  • antihero
    04-15 12:21 AM
    What is the need of any sublabor demand ( per direction of this thread?) if they just retain 140 date ? There would no need in first place for any one to use it.

    The intent of a subst labor was to save the company time and money for obtaining another labor for the same position in case the original beneficiary drops out. Remember, labor was a company petition, not employee petition. The companies still would have wanted it even if it does not retain its original PD.

    The basic thrust behind the idea of changing the rules of PD allocation for subst cases is to push forward PD to july 07 level. Most of the subst happened in that month. we are not asking subst labor folks to quit the queue, just asking them to move behind.

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  • qasleuth
    12-09 04:22 PM
    In addition to moral blindness, your visual impairment also seems to extend to the physical realm preventing you from even reading the responses to your post.
    And you need to do better than just posting links to ACLU and other left leaning websites if you want to forcibly argue your point. Somebody in this forum was pointing out how the majority here seem to favor illegal immigrants. Let me point out that Apraio was elected democratically in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Apparently voters in his county have a different point of view about illegal immigrants and have no problems voting him again repeatedly.

    Ok. One last shot. You need to get better with your posting skills, don't type up comments inline and then call the other person blind :)

    The links which I posted have nothing to do with left or right. Skip the commentary if you so please, read the quotes attributed to the Sheriff.

    Like I posted earlier, I am not condoning the illegal acts per se, just how 'law' was being implemented.

    We can agree to disagree. We just don't look at things the same way. I am done here. Good luck. Peace !

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  • paskal
    12-19 02:45 PM
    and shukla was 75...

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  • pritesh80
    05-13 06:09 PM
    If my wife who is an MBA finance from Mumbai, currently working as a corporate banker with one of the top 5 banks in the world comes to the US on an H4 & decides to do a CPA certification, can she work on OPT until the H1B quota opens up next year???

    It will be ok as long as they give her an F1. Here is something from a website -

    Eligibility for OPT

    OPT must be in the field of your declared or intended major. The relation can sometimes be fairly loose; for example, a math major would often be relevant to a business job involving statistics, analysis of data, financial figures, etc. The determination is up to your employer, but they are well advised to be cautious. In case of doubt, it might be good for them to insert a mention in your offer letter subtly mentioning your major as being relevant to the job.

    Your employment must be commensurate with your educational level; for example, cooking fast food would not be commensurate with a completed Business major.

    You must have been in F-1 status at some point for at least 9 continuous months as a full-time student, not including high school. These 9 months can include summer vacation; one summer plus one semester might or not be enough. These 9 months can include time as a student in J-1, J-2, or other appropriate status.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 02:30 PM
    One of the Admin has modified the poll. Magician, we need to move 6 people's vote who opted to contribute $50!

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  • madhuvj
    09-18 11:55 AM
    I have given my phone number several times, even you can have it ( 412 915 9526 ) but the admin is not willing to call me. I believe GCStatus has sent his phone number too. I have been a member here since July 2007, based on the GCStatus credentials, he has created his ID just a month or so. Why would I all of a sudden fake my ID when I have such a good reputation in this site. You can visit all my posts.

    I hope you got convinced. If yes, please talk to our super Admin.


    Quote :
    Senior Member Join Date: May 2006
    Posts: 535


    Are you guys anonymous? Why is the admin asking for your phone number? Didn't you fill in your actual name, phone number to reach you in case IV needs your help.

    You have to be willing to help if you want to lead.


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  • rskanth
    07-06 05:34 PM
    Order Number: FNK1821176

    Order Date: Friday 07/06/2007
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: Emilio Gonzalez
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001

    Gift Message: Thank you for showing a little hope and then taking
    it away. We hope you enjoyed it.

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  • needhelp!
    11-21 02:44 PM
    That is not the right email id. Not sure if we can/should publish it anyways?



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  • ash0210
    12-19 10:05 AM
    As per this $20 drive, I tried to contribute thru my Visa Card & it was "repeatedly" prompting card# enter is invalid...I checked/ensured expire date/secure code & info which I entered is correct but repeatedlly it was prompting same message...Anybody from IV can help whats wrong with the web page?

    I tried to submit my request 3 times, does it mean that I have contributed 3 times?

    Thank you everyone for being a part of this campaign. We are seeing lot of support from members and contributions are coming in. The drought is ending with some showers, buts lets continue the showers so that we can have a good crop next season. Pls. continue this drive so that we can achieve our target. I will be updating the numbers soon.

    Thank you Anurakt for your previous contributions of $400 in the past months and this pledge for $1000. I am sure all our members have accepted your challange and will make sure to do their bit.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-11 08:21 PM
    I am working on another article and will have to get back to you'll about the letter tomorrow. I'm sorry about the delay but digital2k told me about it late this evening.

    Please keep the suggestions/ideas rolling in!!



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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 01:26 PM
    I'll contribute.

    Please vote. I will take voting results to pursue as it will be impossible to go through posts.

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  • casinoroyale
    02-07 09:20 PM
    Ok, been thru this also recently.

    As these days your photo comes printed in the passport unlike those old days when they used to affix the photo with gum. Hence, the new size 3.5 cm because i think they scan it and computer prints it.

    To answer your question, at NY the correct size is 3.5x3.5 cm.

    However, they are accepting 2x2's as well, but the downside is the computer cuts it to 3.5x3.5 cm hence showing ONLY your face without a little bit of neck or shoulder. This photo does not look good, i have seen this happen with the same guy that i mentioned in the above therad.

    I took both 3.5x3.5 and 2x2, they didn't care, but i gave them 3.5x3.5 as it was stressed in the NY webpage.

    Now, getting 3.5x3.5 cm photo is a PAIN. I went to PicturePeople and I had to find a really smart guy to do that job for me. At the counter, they just plainly refused to do that.

    :(I am planning to renew my passport from DC Indian Embassy counter.
    I was looking at their website for instructions and found that the passport size photograph required is (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm). But when I printed the application form from the website, Checklist at the end of the application shows the passport photo size as (2" X 2").

    I am confused as 3.5 cm does not translate into 2" in size.

    Gurus, Anyone who has recently renewed their passport at Indian consulate or DC embassy please share the information on what size of photographs were attached to application.

    Appreciate your time and help.


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  • wandmaker
    12-03 04:14 PM
    We have four full weeks, let us make this happen. I will pitch in 50 bucks for every 2500 that we reach.

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  • gc28262
    03-09 11:33 AM
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: gc28262)
    $25.00 USD for one month
    Effective Date: Mar. 9, 2009 $25.00 USD


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  • walking_dude
    11-30 02:40 PM
    Thanks hpandey. Others, please continue with the contributions. Let's strengthen IV to a position that it can push through our legislations.

    Sent 100$ via Paypal.


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  • vijaysr
    12-09 11:44 PM
    Hi, I am applying for a re-issue of passport to split my given name into Surname and First name (NO spelling changes.. just the name split).

    1) While filling the online application form, what do I need to fill in "Other Address" field? Is it my residence address in the US OR can it be same as the permanent address in India?

    2) How do I indicate my mailing address to the consulate to ship the passport back to me? (I stay far from NYC and I am planning to apply for new passport via FedEx).

    I applied online. Sent the required documents using FedEx, got my new passport back in 3 days. Simple.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-20 01:22 PM
    If I am not mistaken, you can start working for a new employer as soon as they apply for a H1 transfer. You have 240 day period, in which it must be approved. You should be ok, assuming that you got the approval within 240 days of July 1st 2004.

    Thanks deecha for your response , I am sorry that i was unable to frame the question properly.My question is traing period (July 1st 2004 to Aug 30th 2004 = 60 days) without pay on H1B is treated as Out Of Status??? Is this period(July 1st 2004 to Aug 30th 2004 = 60 days) counted towards 180 Days period (to be covered under 2445(K)) or not?

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  • chintu25
    03-09 10:46 AM
    Wait for today EOB .... if you do not get a reply from IV go for the Paypal account. Nothing wrong in that

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  • desi3933
    07-20 04:41 PM
    Can someone please clarify this to me?

    I'm really confused with the rule right now. Since my last entry was Apr 2007 and I worked only from July 2007, was I out of status?

    I've read this -
    Out of Status is counted only since last entry in US for employment related I-485. And Section 245(k) covers out of status upto 180 days.

    And I've read this from somewhere too -
    For a new H1B, a grace period of up to 60 days is allowed before you can start work after entering the country.

    which rule is correct? Thank you again

    Both are correct. What is your confusion?

    Not a legal advice.

    04-25 07:24 AM
    I completed my MS in Computer Science from US around 6 years back, was on OPT for a year & thereafter moved out of US & came back to my home town. Have been working here for 6 years now in the software field & have now applied for H1B under masters Quota. Was wondering if I am eligible to apply under this quota as I am neither a fresh masters graduate nor have any status in the US. Also, my lawyer has only filled out the I-129 form. Is there any special form that needs to be filled out to be considered for Master's quota?
    Please reply�:rolleyes:

    03-09 02:17 PM
    Thanks just now i contributed 25$ .... Go IV...

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