Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bmw 545i Problems

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  • prasadn
    03-26 06:45 PM
    Didnt USCIS issue a Memo or something stating only one h1B filing per person?

    I believe this time around USCIS is planning to pick the lottery based on passport number. So, even if you have multiple applications from different companies, you will have to choose one among them.

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  • madhuvj
    09-18 12:13 AM
    Dude, i dont even know who GCStatus is. If you want i can give my IP address. Dont spread false news here, saying that GCStatus and I are the same and we are sending message from Same Machine. Here is my IP Address and I live in Pittsburgh. If you want, I can give you my I-485 receipt number for you to verify that Iam not GCStatus. If you want to talk to me, let me know, I will give my phone number. Now dont tell me, We are same person but different voice. lol... ( FYI.. that was a joke ).

    Again, I dont know who the hell GCStatus is.


    madhuvj or GCStatus,

    Thanks for your suggestion. But the problem is its not that simple. Here is why. If the same individual create multiple IDs on IV and post using multiple IDs, one for posting derogatory comments and others that are not derogatory, we can keep mum to a point, but then it just gets too frustrating. Like in this case, madhuvj and GCStatus is the same person posting from the same machine but posting as if you are two different individuals. Hence my posts. Please stop this and email/pm us your phone number and we will start the transition process. We are sure you will do a better job than us.

    You see, just like everyone else, we also have limited number of hours in a day. We can either spend our time looking at who is using multiple forum ids to post similar messages creating a false impression for other forum visitor, like the one projected in 'if i can be blunt' thread, or we can spend our time doing better things. Your actions are not helping anyone including yourself. Hope you understand.

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  • Aah_GC
    08-12 08:36 PM
    EB3 Guys,

    Take it easy... This is just for humour, to have fun at these times.

    No green card for you. Just work well for 6 years, enjoy life in US, enjoy sports cars by renting, not by buying, rent a big house, have a lawn and garden in back yard, grow your own vegetables. Have nice vacations like Hawaii, Jamaican islands, Vegas, Porto Rico etc.,Have fun in life. Do not go for green card. After 6 years, get nice job in India,own apartment near to office and ask your parents to live with you. Take kids to school . Have fun with them. Try to become director, AVP,VP,SVP,CEO,CTO and President. Do not go for green card. After you become director, buy a single family home and mercedez or BMW and have fun. Retire by the time your kids become earners. Grow vegetables in back yard. Do gardening and have fun. Thats how life should be. Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.

    This is just about the single most sensible post ever on this site. This holds good for everyone, not just EB3. Having fun is a choice and can be excercised in all circumstances. Thank you for the reminder.

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  • prasadn
    03-26 06:45 PM
    Didnt USCIS issue a Memo or something stating only one h1B filing per person?

    I believe this time around USCIS is planning to pick the lottery based on passport number. So, even if you have multiple applications from different companies, you will have to choose one among them.


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  • go_guy123
    04-10 09:31 PM
    As many are aware, there was a huge rush to buy and sell pre-approved labors during July-August 2007, when all the priority dates were suddenly made current. Tens of thousands of labors were sold by fraudulent consulting companies to many questionable GC seekers, who hadn�t even started the process till then.

    It is those substituted labors which are clogging the pipelines now. Just think, last month EB3-I stood at November 2001. Now it is completely unavailable. It can�t be possibly because so many pending labors with such old priority dates suddenly got cleared this month, and beneficiary of these labors filed 140+485 together. I seriously doubt that a candidate whose labor is pending since such a long time is even keeping that GC process alive. In all likelihood he/she must have moved on in life.

    There is only one explanation. These labors were already pre-approved. It is the attached I-140 on these labors that are getting approved rapidly. And the subsequent I-485 petitions on these applications are depleting the visa numbers.

    The reason of this post is not to start an argument about the ethics of labor substitution. It is just a FYI post to explain the seemingly inexplicable. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Yes true. A significant chunk of the old PDs now are cases of substituted labor.
    Labor substitution was acting like a time machine to go back in time and apply for GC.
    People paid as high as 10K to 12K for old labor.

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  • kosars
    08-14 01:15 PM
    This is in reply to sam2006 above. I had an LUD on my I140 on 7/28/07 but my application was mailed to TSC directly.


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  • abhijitp
    11-19 07:05 PM

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  • nozerd
    12-18 07:56 PM
    Just made my additional contribution.
    Best of luck to us all


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  • truthinspector
    07-06 01:00 PM
    This is by no means Gandhigiri. Most of the other messages are negative too.
    I wonder what this is going to fetch. Plus the idea that USCIS is going to call up CNN once they receive 50 flower bouquets is hard to believe, unless CNN goes flower-sniffing ;-) at government offices regularly.

    Thats a pretty harsh message in my books...

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  • rockstart
    08-22 01:11 PM
    Sounds fishy, EB2 India China was over long back what they are using is EB1 & Eb2 from ROW to allocate to India China.

    Originally Posted by cableching
    I had a Fingerprint appointment for my EAD today at ASC, after the fingerptints, I went to the IO to ask about my Namecheck status, she's very nice lady, though I didn't have an Infopass appointment for any enquiry, she did offer to help. She showed me DOS Memo she just received about no more visas for India/China EB2 for this fiscal year. She did infoact show us the memo.

    She did check mine and my wife's Name Check. Luckily our name check is cleared and she told we have to just wait for the visa numbers.


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  • paskal
    07-10 10:51 PM
    I know I will get red dots for this since you are super moderator, but again IV is a free speech based org, I am a Masters (advanced education) from a very prestigious US university with full scholarship with 4.0 GPA and in EB3 employment category. Eduation and EB catergory are two different things, one would think that would be clear by now.

    the point is well taken. but the categories and priorities were created to be based on the jobs too.
    and there are people in EB3 with bachelors degrees only. so what? it's meant for jobs that need a bachelors degree. it is indeed your misfortune to be in EB3. and we all know that its a problem and that is why we are fighting for reform. however, the comments made by ns33 were inappropriate and needlessly divisive.

    look, i am not trying to pull down EB3 folks in any way form or manner. my comments were exclusively meant to explain the need for categories to my friend who has been whining on this thread about iv being about EB2 and the need to give EB3 Gc numbers AHEAD of EB2. that is hardly a solution.

    now, for the last time, if this does not stop, i will indeed close this thraed.
    it will be too bad though for the original posters and topic.

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  • SFSweta
    07-10 02:57 PM
    Hey you guys - ask not what someone else can do for you but what you can do for someone else...didn't JFK say something like that ;)

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that all the forums mention EB2 and very little attention is shed on EB3. I wonder why! Is it because EB2 recepients are more actively involved on IV? Or because EB3 recepients are quieter? Both these situations lend themselves to the bias towards EB2. And ultimately lead to one thing - more being done for EB2. I am EB2 and believe you me - I'm not complaining.

    Sadly though, the number of EB3 applicants is many many times the number of EB2. So, there's something to be said for participation and having your voice heard. It is no wonder then that we as a group are dismal at having our collective voices heard - we don't participate like our lives depended on it. And in this case our entire lives depend on what's going on...

    So, instead of bickering and blaming, why don't we awaken the giant that is EB3 India and China and have them participate as well...maybe we'll be able to kill many many birds (country limits, DC rallies, contributions to IV and lobbying activities, phone call campaigns, letter campaigns...) with just one stone....just thinking out loud...that's all...

    Any ideas?


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  • bsbawa10
    02-25 08:01 AM
    I really think we should have thought of it much earlier ..nevertheless it is not too late. I love the idea indeed. I do not think USCIS should have any objection to this at all unless they have bad intentions.

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  • maco
    08-09 09:17 PM
    No, I didn't go out of the country for stamping, coz i was under the impression that my visa was Change of Status from L-1 to H-1. Only now, i could find from the immigration lawyer that i don't have a valid I-94. My employer was napping too, all this while.

    Dude if u didnt have I94 how did u you work all these days?

    u should have got your I94 in chennai if u went for chennai

    let me make it clear

    as per my under standing if u didnt apply for change of status,then your h1 papers didnt have i94 attached with them when they were first released,they might have asked you to go for chennai for stamping

    which u didnt am i right?

    make your self clear buddy


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  • eldrick
    07-20 05:22 PM
    I was confused because of this statement which is stating 60 days only -
    For a new H1B, a grace period of up to 60 days is allowed before you can start work after entering the country.

    One more thing I'm sorry. Last April(last entry date) when I came back after vacation, I transferred to a new company, after I got the receipt number they asked me to start working (that was around April too). Until now, I haven't received any approval yet. What should I enter in my present employer details, my old company or new company (wherein my transfer is still in process)?

    Thanks again.

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  • hopefulgc
    09-11 04:58 PM
    count me in guys...lets get the ball rolling... its go time.

    Few big question we need answer tow
    1) Why is there no forward movement of dates if there is visa was available from this year/quarter's quota... what is up with retrogression?

    2) If visas were unavailable, why was the fucking date advanced to Sept 2006?

    4) Why was FIFO not followed during adjudication?

    3) How the Fuck long do they need to determine the backlog ..? we need USCIS to publish the backlog stats. Without that visa bulletins are pointless?

    Enough bullshit.. as some user suggested here .. we should just raise stink and ask for their resignation

    All the 485 cases filed are i their system, it s simple fucking sql query .. or a join at the best ... a blind monkey with hair on its breast could find an aswer to that question in a few mins.

    looks like it is me and you only sweet_jungle. I will still go for it. I think people have either gotten their gc and the left out ones have lost hope.


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  • belmontboy
    04-14 04:28 PM
    Nope it is not good
    Why do STEM graduates have to have it the easy way while we have it hard. The least the STEM graduate can do is wait for 2 years for visa

    Now you are telling the real reason :)

    2 yrs wait?? Its been 4 yrs and yet to file 485

    Fortunately you are one among the minorities that oppose this proposal. I am glad that IV has this proposal as part of its agenda

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  • eb3retro
    12-18 07:06 PM
    can we make this thread a sticky on the top..

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 09:41 PM
    Isn’t it odd that the timing of your rally coincides with the introduction of the Strive act?
    Granted you scored a point when you were allowed to file for employment authorization this July. If your one rally worked, do you really think other rallies will work too? The world of politics is driven by numbers; you do not have enough numbers to get any lawmaker interested. So wake up Macacas, admit it, you all are bunch of losers.

    So far as the skills are concerned, you have been harping on the theme that you are highly skilled? If the definition of highly skilled is a mere undergrad degrees then 75% of Adult Americans are highly skilled. I bet not even 5% of you have PHDs and you call yourself highly skilled. Huhhh

    And this for the leadership of your organization: You are wasting your time. If you are so desperate to get green cards contact me. We will see what we can do… One thing I believe though is this country needs people with leadership skills and not so called "Highly Skilled". So I will be more than happy to work with you. I am sure you have my e-mail address. At the least, I can help make the process faster for you, if so called visa numbers are available.

    04-10 03:37 PM
    In the very fisrt line of the AILA document it says that the counting is still on

    From the AILA Doc:

    USCIS can now announce that the cap of 20,000 on these exempt cases remains open and that
    USCIS will continue to monitor these filings.

    That means - US-MS petitions on and before APril 9 are safe and USCIS is still accepting US-MS applications


    08-11 11:59 AM
    Please dear god..... let them consider priority date instead of the notice date. Mine is Oct 15th 2007. Our priority dates were current for three times and our application never touched, all our friends March 2006 to Jun 2006 filers got their cards a couple of years ago....:rolleyes:
    I am so sorry for the EB3 filers...hope their dates will pick up the wind.....

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