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Audi All Road 2002

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  • teky
    09-29 05:11 AM
    Experience with Air India

    It is with great shame I bring out this piece to you about how Air India is using the "India" tag by cheating its innocent citizens and show its ugly real face. I have never seen anything so unprofessional and have no hesitation to say they are the worst airline in the world.


    Father-in-Law (FIL) and Mother-in-Law with baby

    My in-laws were returning to India via Air India on September 24th from EWR (Newark, NJ) airport after brief US visit.

    Ticketing Experience:

    We started the whole process 1 month earlier and contacted Air India (1800 223 7776) about the booking. First we got an answer saying that the class we booked in is full and we have to pay another 40$ per person for another segment. For that we had to call another AI booking# and after 40 mins on the call could reach an agent. We
    got new confirmation #s and when asked for the basinet seat was told they could not see the seats and have a special request sent and asked me to call back in 3 days to confirm. We called like 5-6 times and everytime were told they cannot view the seats and when asked to see for seats in another segment or another date, we were told to
    re-book again and then ask for seats. How on earth could an airline not see available seats in its aircraft.They have taken customer service to new digraceful level.I roped in my brother in law to go to AI office in Newark and try with an agent directly. Even after
    going for 2-3 times directly to the AI office, my BIL failed to secure us the seats. After all the tries we were ultimately told to go to the Airport sooner on the travel date so we can get a basinet seat.

    Journey Day:
    On the date of the travel in-laws reached at 2:00 PM at the airport in hopes that they will get a basinet seat. The agent gave them a hard time and we had to go back n forth 2-3 times for getting the seats confirmed and have in-laws and baby seated together. I think the whole ticketing at the aiport is being handled by a third party who
    are doing a horrible job. My FIL in the meanwhile buys a gift at the custom notified shops at EWR.The flight which was to depart at 6: 20 PM was ready for take off when all of a sudden the pilot says there is a technical problem (God knows what would have happened had the flight taken off). The flight returns to the gate and the passengers are told to wait until they fix the problem. They wait for 2 hours and are asked to then wait in the
    boarding area until they really look into the technical problem. (In the meanwhile we hear on Indian TV channels that there is a Pilot strike going on in AI regarding Pilot pay package which adds to our tension). The Air India ( website is for show off only with few flight images and had no flight status. We immediately call the AI office in Newark who have no-clue what is going on. When I asked the problem they said it is confidential and cannot be told:(. Eventually all the passengers are told that the flight has been
    cancelled for the day and should return the next day and all the checked in baggage will be returned. My poor in-laws with baby had to return back and reached home at 3:00 AM in the morning.

    The next day:

    The next day the whole scene repeats again and we had to deal with the irritable AI ticket agents who say they are missing something at their whim. We were able to get a basinet seat this time also and happy we were all set for the 6:20 PM flight. This time we gave my FIL a pre-paid cell phone. The same thing repeats again. This time they wait in the boarding area and are told that the pilots have gone to repair the earlier (Sep 24) flight which had an issue. They wait patiently until 10:15 PM. We were all tensed here
    and were expecting the flight to be cancelled this day also. No body from AI was available this day to pick-up and explain what is happening. The call re-directs to India who have no idea about the flight status in US. My FIL eventually calls at 10:30 PM and said that they will be boarding soon.

    Frankfurt stop:

    The flight has a stop at Franfurt and the passengers were asked to go to another terminal
    for boarding the same aircraft. They had to go through the security check again and to my FIL's horror, the gift he bought at EWR duty free shop was not allowed and removed. When he showed the receipt they said that the gift has been bought in
    US and cannot be allawed into the aircraft. :(Air India where are you and what a Maharaja experience.

    Worst website ever:

    In the mean while we keep checking the AI web site which I think is one of the worst web sites I have ever been to. I think that this contract is also being awarded to some third party with crores of tax payer money. we were looking for schedules of flight which departed on Sep 25 from Newark airport and here it shows th schedule of the 24th

    Customer Service in Mumbai:

    We tried to track the flight (if flightreached Mumbai) by calling AI desk in Mumbai. They had no idea and after repeated calls could reach an agent who made some research and
    told that the flight has reached Mumbai and gave further schedule of the flight.

    Flight reaches Hyderabad:

    The flight reached Hyderabad after change of flight in Mumbai.


    Some of the luggage was missing. To our horror the bags we got had stuff from some other people's bags. Please leave the luggage Air India.


    What a mess Air India. You have taken advantage of the "always yielding" Indians who prefer you for a home experience. Please remove the word "India" nd the "Maharaja" symbol as you are no longer fit for that.

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  • RNGC
    12-03 02:20 PM
    Can't you write to Ombudsman regarding this interview experience.

    How can an IO be ignorant of the infamous july fiasco ?

    good idea...IV should write this to Ombudsman.

    We should also get a survey/feedback form from the IO for AOS interviews, POE etc so we can send the feedback to USCIS. The form should include date, time , IO name etc and survey questions...Only then USCIS can improve their service.

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  • jsb
    08-18 11:12 AM
    When did you get your GC?

    I had to be persistent with my complaint with the Ombudsman. Finally I got it later in the year. When I sent my complaint in, sometime in July 08, I thought I was among the few who were left out. But this thread suggests that there are a lot who were bypassed when they gave GC's to PD's in 2005 and 2006 last year.

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  • santb1975
    12-01 10:22 AM


    Audi All Road 2002. 2002 Audi Allroad 2.7T quattro
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  • grupak
    09-15 12:19 AM
    Here is the problem

    -- Grass root & state level efforts work only when there are a lot of grass root workers. For example independence struggle in india worked due to grass root efforts. But please try to understand that things are different here --- by definition, we are immigrants, our numbers are limited in this country.

    Okay. Its obvious that we need more participation from members for higher rate of success for IV campaigns.

    Simply put, groups working in isolated corners of the country are having no effect on the politicians, because each area has only a few people and the politicians are not seeing the combined effect.

    "Grass root efforts" may sound very trendy, but are actually leading us no where............yes we need it......but at the same time IV has to have a strong leadership who can show their strenght by doing phone / lettere campaigns.

    Actually I disagree with you on two fronts. Even with low member participation, whatever success IV had is to a large measure due to the member participation. Second point is your post seem to suggest, I might have misread your statement, that just the IV leadership alone can make the phone/letter campaign a success. How? I am not privy to IV core information but I would doubt that just the IV core calling and writing letters would persuade the folks in DC to change their position.

    My take is that the IV core can help come up with focused action items, and its by increasing grass roots effort that we can achieve the IV goals. IV core can also help with the lobbying activity, which again needs funds from the members. Increasing member participation in IV is the difficult part. Talk is easy.

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  • fatjoe
    08-25 07:36 PM
    People we have a question, throw us some light now that our application officailly falls under current dates....

    Our service center is Texas Center and the dates -
    Priority Date - Oct 18 2004
    485 Received Date - Aug 17th 2007
    485 Notice Date - Oct 16th 2007

    The current processing time for Texas Service Center is August 23rd 2007. Do they process based on reciept date or notice date? From the past experience we know that they donot process based on priority dates (We have been current for 3 times in the past and saw approvals for PD's in 2006 with earlier notice and receipt dates)

    I called uscis a couple of weeks agoand again today, I was told (by two different resp) that they go by Receipt date.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-14 01:21 PM
    :DI have just noticed my check got cashed yesterday.:D
    Texas service center, application mailed June 30, Received July 2, 10:35 AM
    I have also noticed that they are noting SRC *** nos in back of check, I have read my SRC no from online check image and get exact status :
    August 10, application received & pending...:)

    Did you send one combined check or seperate checks?

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  • madhuvj
    09-18 12:13 AM
    Dude, i dont even know who GCStatus is. If you want i can give my IP address. Dont spread false news here, saying that GCStatus and I are the same and we are sending message from Same Machine. Here is my IP Address and I live in Pittsburgh. If you want, I can give you my I-485 receipt number for you to verify that Iam not GCStatus. If you want to talk to me, let me know, I will give my phone number. Now dont tell me, We are same person but different voice. lol... ( FYI.. that was a joke ).

    Again, I dont know who the hell GCStatus is.


    madhuvj or GCStatus,

    Thanks for your suggestion. But the problem is its not that simple. Here is why. If the same individual create multiple IDs on IV and post using multiple IDs, one for posting derogatory comments and others that are not derogatory, we can keep mum to a point, but then it just gets too frustrating. Like in this case, madhuvj and GCStatus is the same person posting from the same machine but posting as if you are two different individuals. Hence my posts. Please stop this and email/pm us your phone number and we will start the transition process. We are sure you will do a better job than us.

    You see, just like everyone else, we also have limited number of hours in a day. We can either spend our time looking at who is using multiple forum ids to post similar messages creating a false impression for other forum visitor, like the one projected in 'if i can be blunt' thread, or we can spend our time doing better things. Your actions are not helping anyone including yourself. Hope you understand.


    Audi All Road 2002. 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro
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  • bugsbunny
    12-10 01:47 PM
    Thanks for posting the link.

    1.4.6 A pregnant inmate shall not be restrained while in labor, while giving birth, or during the post-partum recovery period, unless requested by attending medical staff or as specifically directed by the Warden. If restraints are necessary in any manner under such conditions, they should be the least restrictive type possible to remain consistent with sound security practices.

    So the warden can still order restraints.

    The Sheriff or his officers are not Wardens. A Warden(the head of a prison) can order it if the inmate has demonstrated a history of assaultive behavior or escaped before. Neither applies. And the restraints have to be the least restrictive, not have both legs and hands shackled.

    Dude its apparent that you are a moron.

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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 01:47 PM
    Of all the people in the world, you chose to quote Hannity? I am worried about you dude.

    I can understand your concern......I am worried about myself sometimes too!!! :D but I am capitalist and so byt US definition would be republican.....

    next time I gotta think about someone great than a guy making money over his opinions!! :)


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  • sanju_dba
    06-09 01:03 PM
    Hi Guys

    I want to bring up one point very clearly. Guys there is no one in Washington DC offices talking about the difficulties we are facing other than IV organization members . We need to lobby the lawmakers
    3. Donate what ever we can ( 10 , 20 , 30$ etc..) to our cause in IV .

    Thanks Redds777!

    For this event we did fund raising and that helped the cause. for the Lobby efforts is there any number that IV want to publish and members will get inspired again!

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  • fatjoe
    08-26 01:08 PM
    Yes, they go by the receipt date, which appears on your USCIS online status - they are suppose to go by the date delivered to mail room / receipt date printed on your 797

    The Receipt date is the date when they actually receive our case in a Service Center. Notice date is when it got entered into the system. I-485 Notice shows both the RD and ND. RD should be August 17 for most of us, whose cases were transferred to various Service Centers. Online status shows the ND. The only confusion here is what do they go by(may be USCIS it self not sure how to prioritize - whether on ND or RD).
    Strictly speaking, if they go by ND and if the ND is after Aug-17 we may not be eligible for GC, as our(July/Aug 07 batch) cut-off dates is august-17-2007. This is what I was told by DAO when I attended the interview at the local USCIS office.


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  • punjabi
    08-14 12:18 PM
    I filed 485 myself and the checks were encashed yesterday. My petition reached NSC on July 2nd and I-140 was approved from NSC.

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  • a1b2c3
    12-04 10:05 PM
    This is happening due to bad US immigration policies which of course largely reflects the conflict between american working class/employees and the business owners/employers.

    Neither do the senators pass tough bills which can block out illegal immigrants not do they give the existing ones amnesty.

    The illegals are stuck in some sort of limbo and it creates some human rights violations such as this one.

    With legals, they issue green cards but not in sufficient numbers to satisfy the overall demand because of a popular american notion that jobs are going away to foreign workers.
    I think if these lawmakers had done a good job of anticipating demand properly and regulating immigration, it would have been less chaotic.


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  • msp1976
    02-04 01:40 PM
    Who can sue them? A non-US citizen?

    An organization?

    A US Citizen can ask for a PIL??

    I believe that even non-citizens can sue USCIS through an attorney...

    Anyone says otherwise ???

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  • pappu
    03-09 11:18 AM
    Would appreciate it if we are told what information are we asking for? I have seen many questions in different messages. It would be great if we can get a consolidated list of questions/information we will be asking.


    That is a good question. We will need to draft a detailed reply to USCIS when we submit the payment. In that reply maybe we should also draw some kind of table of data we are requesting. Some people can work on this. Do keep in touch with Nixstor , Needhelp! and anilsal for guidance and direction.


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  • kumarc123
    07-11 11:07 AM
    Dear Mr. pascal,
    Given that you are the super moderator, how can you even hint that EB3 vs EB2 reflect skill level of employee - don't you know by now that category is determined by "job's Requirement"?!!!!!!

    Also your stereotyping of all EB3s as 3 year Indian degree holder is the most unfortunate - I only hope that rest of the IV leadership is not made up of that crappy idea.

    For the record, I hold US Master's degree and am really offended by your comment and your view point.

    For the rest of the members reading this topic, this is exactly why being EB3 on IV is becoming more frustrating by the day... especially when the super mods posses such views...

    I am sorry forthis is wandering away from topic, but everyone including super mod mr. pascal has done that on this thread.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Nss you really have some problem for which you should seek professional help. I am EB2, but I don't go around wining, why I am not EB1, yes the word is winning. I told you yesterday, we didn't make the system and yes I will take the credits for being EB2 because I worked diligently for it, taking student loans and working professional job.

    And that job title crap, take it somewhere else, because if that was the case there wouldn't be any Masters or PHD level education, neither there would be STEM. Give credits to our fellow members who come here and work diligently to gain higher education.

    And yes, I am sure lot of people will concur with me, the Indian body shop companies, who bring a lot of people from India, abuse the H1b system and file green cards. The EB3 category is a abyss of applications filed for these type of cases.

    Next time when you want to argue, keep your facts clear and handy.

    Lets drop this topic now, as it serves no purpose. The reason some threads focused on EB2 was because,

    1. Number of people stuck in EB2 is higher 2004-2006
    2. The back log can be cleared only when, the retrogression can end, I think the cake story didn't make sense to a lot of people.

    Lastly please don't post anymore EB2 or EB3, because personally I don't care about that and neither should anyone else. The only way we can bring about this change is through unity and working diligently towards our goals.

    All those people who are winning about EB2 or EB2, do some more constructive, how many people did you bring in to IV recently?
    How many friends and relatives you called yesterday?

    That is how we will will! don't let the divide and rule beat us again, we all read out history books.

    My request to administrator is to please bar membership to people who have such bad views, as it will not help to serve our purpose. NSS if you think we are creating a problem for you EB3 and not listening to you guys. You are more than happy to leave and fight your own battle.

    It is easier to complain, than to work patiently to bring upon a change. Don't break IV spirit.!

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  • axp817
    08-22 08:48 AM
    at some point the visa numbers are going to be all used up. The lucky ones would get their GC by then and the others will have to wait for a few months.

    Why worry over it? The line only gets shorter and shorter and everybody will get their turn sooner than later.

    As long as they don't waste any visa numbers, there is no need for any worry. Even their random processing order does not bother me that much, because demand for EB2 will be less than supply next year. Its time for EB3 to fasten the seat belts....


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  • arizona
    06-26 08:25 AM
    Yes, that would suffice as a name change in the passport. My situation was as follows.

    Surname: Y**** Z****
    Given name: X****

    I requested for an observation from SFO consulate and got it corrected to the following format.

    Surname: Z****
    Given name: X**** Y****

    I got this done through mail and these were the documents required
    1. Passport
    2. $10 Cashiers cheque
    3. Miscellaneous service form
    4. self addressed and prepaid usps envelope
    5. Cover letter

    I guess as long as you dont change the spelling of your name, you do not require an advertisement or affidavit for getting it corrected.
    Phoenix- I am in the same situation. could u please let me know how exactly should the cover letter be? I am also confused with the Miscellaneous form. which option should be selected in the form? please reply.

    07-20 05:22 PM
    I was confused because of this statement which is stating 60 days only -
    For a new H1B, a grace period of up to 60 days is allowed before you can start work after entering the country.

    One more thing I'm sorry. Last April(last entry date) when I came back after vacation, I transferred to a new company, after I got the receipt number they asked me to start working (that was around April too). Until now, I haven't received any approval yet. What should I enter in my present employer details, my old company or new company (wherein my transfer is still in process)?

    Thanks again.

    07-05 02:15 PM
    saying "I love you Emilio" for screwing up my I-485 app.

    Please dont wait for any one...just send the flowers on JULY10TH.


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