Tuesday, July 5, 2011

9 Reasons to switch Facebook Google Earth Plus

Can Google + (over Google) steals Facebook user? Yes, there are several good reasons to go to Facebook for Google +, easy to use data protection.

To the question "Can Google + beat Facebook?". The real question should not be very accurate. There is one place to another place. Google + more. The reason that Google called "Google Project +" + is that Google has become a central component of a common identity Google. This will change the company.

So a related question: "Can Google beat Facebook?" If it is placed so that the competition is much more balanced.

Of course, Facebook is a good start, but there are several good reasons for serious people to leave Google for Facebook +. There are at least nine reasons listed kompasianer, Oscar, PCWorld.

First Integration with Google services

To win its own majority of people use Google: Google is integration. This means that Google is Google + skills and equipment for virtually all of its online services to build everything from documents to video search. + Google is already integrated in most Google products.

This lets you monitor all events + Google (news, updates, etc.) to encourage the exchange of content with friends without the use of Google services. Millions of people use free services from Google (Gmail, documents, search, etc.). And the inclusion of these services with Google + can leave someone on Facebook.

Second friendship Better management

Google, however, that the notion of "circles" or circle, in line with the way they are friends in real life. We have all kinds of friends and communicate and interact with them differently. Facebook groups feature allows you to create a special group of friends, but in comparison with Google + Indeed, it seems impractical. In addition, Facebook is still new groups of functions (optional), while the circle is the cornerstone of the platform and Google.

Third Best Mobile Application
If you are a user of Android, we can say that in order to get content from your phone to a social platform for simpler, more pure, more functionality with mobile companies Google + applications. These statements were stable, but Google will continue to seek and find a way to join the body + Google's Android platform for social. Google hopes that its database of this size Android users as part of its use against Facebook, its mobile application. Although it looks good but a bit difficult to use

Fourth is easier to find things that are shared

+ Google Candles have an important thing for Facebook. Candles, where Google has its search engine can not be something you do not share the Facebook users to give an instantaneous flow of information in relation to friends. Because Facebook is not a search engine, the user must leave the place to find information that can be divided or waiting for friends to share with them. The question "How I can find something to be shared," said that only sparks.

You can restore data Fifth

Facebook is less secure processing of personal data known. Suppose you want some of your personal data appear in public, and it is very difficult to delete his Facebook profile was. In addition, Google provides all the information and not on Google + and the left. This is done through Google + is a "Release of Data". With just a few mouse clicks you can import data from Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google + thread, Buzz and contacts.

Six of the best photos Label

When viewing images on Google + can appoint people on their label, on Facebook, how. You make a small area around his face, and then enter your name in the box below, or choose to guess the name of Google +. But there is a dispute in which Google takes the privacy of the label image. If you label someone, it will be an entry like this, see "Adding a label that people have the label they say. Is to view photos and albums can be linked." On the other hand, Facebook has no homework, people who were called to warn them (perhaps only in the photo, not good) and give them the opportunity to directly remove (delete) the label.

Google has also decided a little embarrassed to use the software to recognize that now Facebook, is to automatically identify people in the photos loaded on an individual album.

Seventh Chat Properties of Solids

Google + has a role to move in the affairs of the conversation. Just a special video group chat with Google + party functions and a special group for the chat to create, it seems natural to do something fun, social networks. A similar case was the application Huddle mobile users access to the group text chat Android to run in place. Facebook does not offer the device.

Eighth distribution of the contents of the safe

Privacy of information has long been asking the social networking site for the user is at the level of data protection for all content that is shared, rather than a list of parameters that define early to determine all shared content. Google seems to know the demand and the construction of these features in Google +. For example, if you upload an article or share photos from your camera, Google gives me the opportunity to +, with friends, where I want to share content. + This is the benefit of Google.

Ninth Google to take better care of your personal data

From a social network that revolves around the responsibility for maintaining personal information. Facebook is a young fast moving company was going to be a knight in his movement, is not worried about the privacy of user data and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is much more mature the company is much more reliable than Facebook. Most, Google is working under the motto "Do not be evil."

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