Saturday, July 2, 2011

2010 Nissan Gtr Black Edition

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  • whatamidoinghere
    08-21 06:48 PM
    This is the reason I would not want to give the ASC info. People will start bombarding the office, like they misuse the POJ method calling for nothing.

    unbelievable.. cableching, why are you so concerned about ASC? just go home and sleep. I think you had your fun for the day.

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  • sri1309
    09-12 08:07 AM
    Anybody please comment. I have done some hard work here. Do you like the idea ? should we go for it ?


    I like your idea of the poster. I sent letters and cards so far, but didnt get this idea that catches quick attention more easily. I support you.
    I will be doing some posters myself, one of them will be a scene of not buying a 300K house, just because USCIS is not clearing my case. I am really one of them, and I know there are many many more who pay roughly $1500/month on rents, but are just waiting for this mess to be cleared to be sure, before taking such a step. Show it such that the economy also benefits in our posters. Not just what they can do for us, but also what we can, in case they help us.

    Can you please tell how I can create a new thread.


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  • widad2020
    03-09 07:44 PM
    Date of sign up: Mar. 9, 2009
    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: Unregistered)
    Subscription Number: S-5D136874F7844373R

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  • Milind123
    09-07 10:46 PM
    Numbers are the only thing that matter................wrong again.

    alterego - Good counter point on the numbers thing.

    Sheman - Think Rosa Parks (only one person). It the bus was empty that day, we certainly would be in a different world.


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  • innervoice
    09-09 06:18 AM
    Can someone please tell me

    a) Court order is required for name change or not, if yes then how to get it.
    b) How can we get an Affidavit from India, while we are here in US.


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  • grupak
    09-18 11:27 AM
    I am here to fight the USCIS. Unfortunately you being a thorn.

    If you want the leadership of IV, go for it instead of complaining about it. Invest the time and effort, and I will follow your lead if it makes sense and do my part.


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  • sanjay
    07-03 03:55 PM
    just ordered on costed me 29.99. to be delivered on Delivery: Tue, 7/10/2007.

    The Honorable Emilio T. Gonzalez
    Director U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20529

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  • kumarc123
    07-10 01:05 PM
    Hello All,
    i concur with the aspect of filling a lawsuit, as it will create more visibility and put more pressure on congress. As it is congress is under the gun for failing to act on a lot of bills. Even though if it does not create instant results, it will definitely lead to some type of change in coming months. I am sure if we all pitch in 50$ each, we can accumulate good amount of money. Also we can use Murthy Law firm to file a lawsuit. Lets not forget the amount of visibility Murthy law firm is getting from IV. If there is a law suite filed through them, then they also get to share the limelight.

    The point here is, we can get a discounted price on the service, also Murthy law firm is aware of our situation. Administrator what do you think?

    All EB3 guys, stop complaining about EB2-EB3, it is about EB community. IF EB2 get some direct benefit, then it will be rolled down to EB3 as well. Please let us not discuss issues which separate us. Right now we should focus on unity and creating a mass number of high skilled workers who can SHOW up on rally's.



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  • gc_dream07
    02-25 12:51 PM
    I like the idea. We had enough talk (positive and negative). Let us start working on it.

    How do we start? Where to start?

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  • sargon
    05-11 02:55 PM
    I totally agree. The point here is that substituted labors are not completely dead. It's like a toxic waste which is still poisoning the legal immigration biosphere.

    What most ppl here are asking is to rearrange the PDs of all apps in such a way that substituted labors move back in the queue. This will give the genuine labor folks a better chance.

    So just chanting that labor substitution is dead for past two years will cut no ice. All, please don't muddy the water with such statements. The real issue being discussed here is to re-sort the PD, not banning labor substitutions.

    Yes it was stopped in 2007. But it still has its shadow. Back in India Did you leave in area where there was shortage of water? All I said is do not call them as jealous. They have valid grievances. If they want they can fight.
    Profile is not needed for an educated guess. Any way I became a citizen last week.


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  • kams
    06-20 09:51 AM
    I just spoke to Indian consulate, NYC. The procedure to correct the last name is very simple. All you need is an Affidavit from the person (Signed in US, saying that you are correcting your name.), 4 photos and a copy of 797 or Visa. No need of advertizements, or Indian affidavit.

    Please note, this is applicable only if,

    In your passport Surname is Blank

    Given name has <first name><last Name> (and all spelling etc are correct)

    and you want it to be corrected to

    Surname <last Name>

    Given Name <First Name>

    They will issue a new booklet with corrected name. It's same day service in NYC.

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  • optimystic
    08-25 05:23 PM
    holy cow..if the visas are already U for this Month..

    I am thinking about the probability of the officer opening my case next month and then approving the case? I cant see that happening anyway..

    Very near yet so far..I guess now I clearly understand what that means. :cool:

    Good luck to all of you for your GCs ;)

    What does it mean that EB2 numbers became unavailable as of Aug 21st? !!!!!

    The Sept Visa bulletin ( states that India EB2 cutoff date is 01 Aug 06 !!

    If the visa numbers are indeed exhausted, then, the Sept Visa bulletin will be INCORRECT ! and the USCIS/DOS has to redact the Sept bulletin !!! Sounds like another fiasco brewing to me ! Call it EB2-I Fiasco ! You heard it first here. :)

    Would be interesting to see how one can legally corner USCIS with proper evidence that they bungled up. They could always keep all cases in pending state , saying they are still processing/waiting for data, examining details etc, and not have to approve any EB2 cases in the month of Sept..... But would be very difficult to hide it from public and AILA etc...

    They could then wait until Oct so new numbers get allotted, and then they can adjust EB2-I cutoff dates more carefully at that time.... gimme_GC2006 pray to god that , come oct bulletin, EB2-I does not retrogress beneath your PD ! All my best wishes to you.


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-19 04:57 PM
    If it is true, they have revised the process, and that is good. Hoever, it also depends on how the question was posed. If you asked whether processing is based on RD or ND, they will defnitely tell it is RD. One need to ask, which of two dates will determine case processing status, if your stamped RD is 3 months earlier than the receive date you see online. Note that the site tells you to contact them if your "receipt notice date" is prior to the published date, and you are still waiting. What is "receipt notice date"?

    I did cearly tell her - both my RD and ND and asked her which one. She said there were some delays during that time to send a notice date hence the gap and it doesnt count.

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  • InTheMoment
    08-21 04:37 PM
    Well, one does not know the exact pre-adjudication policy at the service centers i.e do they re-open a pre-adjudicated file after a certain time period or something in the several database changes that prompts it.

    One thing we need to remember and is certain is that, in the month of June and July 2nd of 2007, just before the fiasco thousands of GC's were issued (much much beyond the capacities of all I-485 service centers). This happened only because of pre-adjudication. I know several who had gotten RFE's in the year before and simply got their GC's quickly in June and July 2nd. (with EB3-I PD 03/04/05 as well !)


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  • jsb
    08-12 03:21 PM
    Even I was wondering same thing- Notice Date or Received Date. USCIS website says Received date is taken into account while looking at service centers processing times.
    Here is exact line-
    "IMPORTANT: If your receipt notice date is earlier then the processing date shown, we suggest you call our USCIS Customer Service Office at 1-800-375-5283 for assistance."

    Of course, I personally wish that Notice Date takes precedence as it is not our fault that one file just kept on sitting and in saga of moving dates and PD, each day makes a difference.

    Of course it is not your fault if your case was sitting upopened for months (mine was one of them too), but as a typical govt office, Texas Service Center would also say, they are not responsible until file physically came to them, and then opened it. They treat the date you see online as "...your case was received on...", as the receive date, which is quite close to ND (no matter what is on your receipt).

    If RD and and ND are too far apart, and your PD is current, but your case is not yet processed, Infopass might help, as the officer might request to move your case up. No harm in giving a try.

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  • GC_Optimist
    12-19 08:22 PM
    Contributed $25 dollars through Personal Check. IV team please confirm


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-27 05:35 PM
    This interview EXPOSED how un-informed and careless and whimsical are IOs in handling cases. MEMO should have been framed on their desks/mind....we don't have to remind these guys. In one moment they can deny as important a petition as AOS and just in a flash second they can approve it. They won't make any effort to dig out relevant info. It is like fliping a coin...plain luck when it comes to GC.

    God BLESS all those current...Amen!!!

    Someone gave a RED and left these comments...

    "yeah right..and they should come flip pancakes for u...anything else u want them to do inaddition to ur stupid and unreasonable demands?"

    Grow up ...and I doubt if you can call yourself 'highly skilled' if you can't reason out. God bless you

    LOL...I just gave u green..
    see there is a mafia of psychos on this site..:D:D

    some one gave me a red with the following text,



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  • wellwishergc
    12-19 02:53 PM
    20$ this time! Thanks.

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  • cableching
    08-21 06:06 PM
    I just saw this post and I would like to understand a bit more about what you read. So, I have two questions for you:

    1. What is your EB category?
    - I am EB2 India Sept 2006.
    2. What exactly did the memo say? Now be careful and think hard before you post.
    - I can't reproduce as it is, as I just had a cursoy look at it. I just went through it. I was more worried about my Namecheck, as she hadn't said she would let me know about my Namecheck as of the moment.
    When she showed it to me, I was expecting that the memo would be from USCIS, but it was clearly written at the top as Department of State?
    For instance, you may cover the following in your post:
    - Who was it addressed to?
    I don't remeber.
    - What was the subject?
    It was some thing like 245- xxxxx India/China
    - Was it about about EB or FB?
    It was about EB and she said it is for EB2 India/China
    - Did it mention any dates?
    Not Sure
    - Did it mention any country names?
    - Yes. India/China
    - Was there anything about what the adjudicators are supposed to do?
    I don't remember exactly. But at the bottom it URGENT was written three times. The IO said they just received it and it supersedes everything.
    - Which city/state was this?
    In Midwest.

    Your response will be very helpful.


    I really don't understand why people think I am lying????
    When I read the memo, I was more worried about my name check and whether she would check the status of it than about this, as anyhow my dates are not current. After showing the memo, she did offer to check the status.

    With all the experience our guys have with USCIS officers and staff, it's hard to belive an IO would be that helpful? But, she's and even the staff at this office is not as bad as others have experienced.

    I was even telling my wife about the behaviour and how staff at other offices behave.

    11-29 05:41 PM
    Here is something to read for you:

    IV in 5/2006:
    About 4000 members, 2800 of which had not contributed anything, and even then IV managed to pull off this amazing feat.
    This amendment was PASSED although the CIR bill failed to survive.
    In other words, if there had been a bill only to address EB GC reforms, there was a great chance YOU would be able to file for your I-485 even if your PD was not current!

    IV in 11/2007:
    1) IV has 25000+ members.
    2) The EB GC reforms proposed and passed as an amendment in mid-2006 are long overdue!
    3) IV has gathered a lot of admiration and attention after the flower campaign/ SJ Rally-> leading to the July VB reversal, and of course the DC rally!

    Even if 2500 of them pay $50 a month, IV would have a steady flow of $125000 a month for lobbying efforts.

    Just imagine what IV could accomplish in the next few months, if only people realized how important it is for them to sign up for monthly contributions!

    Think about it!

    11-19 12:56 PM
    the first 'bump' of my wwwlife

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