Friday, July 1, 2011

2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600

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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-10 11:52 PM
    LCs from 2005 to 2007 from DOL DB(all Levels)
    2005 INDIA 4723
    2006 INDIA 27256
    2007 INDIA 16242

    All the data is avaliable on DOL website.

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  • grupak
    08-25 02:54 PM
    Sorry that the IO couldn't assign you a visa number.

    Lessons learned:
    (1) Keep Fedex delivery proof for receipt date in addition to I-485 notice
    (2) Keep the memo concerning July fiasco
    (3) Memo for AC 21 if it applies.

    I am surprised that the IO didn't have the memo for the July fiasco.

    2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600. 2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600
  • 2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600

  • paskal
    12-19 10:46 PM
    and you Iccleared!

    Thanks much for standing up here with all of us.

    I'm especially gratified to see members with 5 or less posts, even the FIRST post..adding their might to iv through this campaign.

    You all rock! let's keep going and make ourselves proud,
    (not to mention permanent residents :p )

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 04:17 PM
    This is very nice, but lets not make it EB2 India specific, other EB2 and EB3 has the very same issues. Let make it a bit more generic so that everyone can participate. 100 letters would not achieve anything 1000 would surely make a difference.


    Thanks for your suggestion .. BUT where are the affected EB3 folks? I've posted a link to this thread on several other threads .. and maybe 1 person from each cross-referenced thread bothered to check this out ..

    We need to act on this sooner rather than later .. how about the interested few of us do a conference call on skype or yahoo this weekend?

    One idea: In addition to this letter and Bawa's posters, we could enclose the list of the historical EB2 visa bulletin dates that you painstakingly drew up on the other thread? Could you post it here?



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  • thunderbolt
    11-11 11:14 AM
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic situation that I wanted all of your advice on. Thank you for your time in reading this long post.

    We had hired an Indian nanny in NJ who, we learnt after hiring her, is here on a tourist visa. We were paying her $350 per week cash, which is the standard rate around here for nannies (incl. citizens and people on GC). We had liked her when we met her in response to an ad on Sulekha, and we thought an Indian nanny would be good for our first child. She has been with us for about 3 months, and we were intermittently not getting a good feeling with her for some reason. We finally bought a small security camera and installed it yesterday. On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions. Needless to say, it has shocked, angered and extremely saddened us. I showed the video to a couple of friends and even they say it is unbearable to watch. This was just the first day of recording and it pains us tremendously to think what all may have happened previously.
    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore, but I want to know what legal options I have to penalize her to the fullest extent, so that she does not do this to anybody else�s small babies. She it seems had come here last year and taken care of someone else�s baby in Hoboken, and I can imagine that their baby also went through this. (This woman and her husband are a ~ 35 year old couple, who have a multiple entry ten year tourist visa; both come here for 6 months every year and work odd jobs like this. They apparently got a (unsponsored) tourist visa after showing a lot of landed property in India).
    I specifically want to know if I will have potential problems if I go to law enforcement about this- regarding have employed her (both of us are on H1B visas). I know we have made mistakes and should have done better due diligence in this, and there cannot be any more punishment for us than seeing our 8 month old � who cannot tell us about it when we come home- being beaten on the tapes. We saw this yesterday and have not told her yet. We want to weigh all options before we proceed, but from today onwards one of us is home all the time till Friday. Any advice or opinion is sincerely appreciated. Thanks for reading this long post. And, to all who are thinking of nannies or have one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.

    2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600. Photos of 2003 Mercedes-Benz
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  • deecha
    07-24 03:55 PM
    having less no. of hours in monthly payslip counted towards out of status?
    without payslip is counted towards out of status?
    I am not sure if it would be counted as out of status, but it would definitely violate the terms of the H1 visa, if your employer is not paying you at least the minimum amount specified in the H1B LCA.


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  • jalaj
    05-27 11:49 AM
    If she works for a hospital which can do a H1B for her then 'Yes', but if she wabts to start up of her own, she can not petition for herself. I haven't seen any hospitals having dentists on their payrolls. Mostly it is the ER staff like cardiologists, anestheologists, surgeons.
    hi thanks.but dentist visa is usually sponsered by companies(eg. western dental centers) or small dental centers who put dentist on their payroll,like they have a setup where 5-6 dentist work. i cant start up on my own as i dont have gc so has to be can i still get under H1B masters quota

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  • insbaby
    11-11 05:36 PM
    I wonder where does people come up with such detailed info from. federal felony, lose your property , wow!!!! Even big corps hiring illegals getting away with just fines. Law Enforcement do not worry about the immigration status of the person. I know 2 incidents where my friends got in to car accidents with illegals . the other parties had no license, No id and No insurance. In both cases the cops weren't even bothered about their immigration status even though it was clear that they are illegals. cops gave ticket in some pseudo name they gave and they got away with no trace left.

    Yes. Thats a little strong vocabulary. But he is not completely incorrect.

    When cops caught illegals, what you have mentioned is correct. The situation is very different when they see a legal, non-immigrant commiting a very small violation. You will see a more strong vocabulary from them which you could not get meaning in any dictionary. Of course, you can get out of this, but not by yourself, but after paying a lot to a lawyer.


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  • gc_vbin
    05-30 11:33 PM
    If it is just a name change from maiden to married (i.e. change in surname) you don't need a court order. All you need is your marriage certificate and a notarized affidavit to change the name on the passport.


    I am also trying to go through the process of getting my spouse's name changed. I got good information from all your posts, but I am trying to understand the order of steps to be followed:

    1. Place ads in newspapers in US and India
    2. Get the local court order
    3. Mail all the required docs to respective Indian Embassy in US along with court order
    4. Once passport received with new name, use the court order and passport to change names in SSN, drivers license etc.
    5. Once all of them are changed, send all copies to USCIS (New name will be applied with next stamping and for now we ll still carry old and new passports pinned togther)

    Please let me know if I am missing something and any details if possible.

    Thank you

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  • Administrator2
    09-17 09:54 PM
    Are you one of the admin or you know their secret locations?


    Please stop using condescending remarks. I have been reading all your posts and your tone is going from bad to worst. It is not possible to place all the threads on the home page. We make a decision to put threads on the home page that we believe are important for our effort. If you feel otherwise, that is ok. But it is not ok for you to use derogatory language. If you feel so passionate, why don't you start your organization and spend your time, energy and resources and advocate for the cause instead of posting derogatory messages for others. It is very easy to fire when the gun is on someone else shoulder. We understand and share the frustration with green card delays, but that does not give you license to use derogatory language. Everyday there is new thread asking for update, leadership, direction etc. It is not practical to reply to every such post on this forum. That too does not give you license to use derogatory language. In last over 2.5 years we have answered many thousands questions in forums, emails and phone calls. I have heard many a times from my fellow team mates that not once did anyone receive a Thank you note from someone after that someone was fully able to resolve the situation after receiving reply from my colleagues at IV. None of us spend time on this cause to receive a Thank you note, however, posts like yours makes us wonder that are we a community of thankless educated immigrants who are so obsessed with our individual case that all that we want is instant gratification to exactly know the current status of our green cards, without which automatically IV is at fault. Just so that you know, people spend 30 sometimes 40 hours a week over the period of years, just to read a post from someone like you. We received a call at 12:30am yesterday from someone asking about changing to another company because his current employer was not being fair. So when you mock, please make it clear that you are not the one standing in the line of fire and you are not the one who wants to stand in the line of fire. You just wants to be the one to mock and ridicule. If you are serious about taking the baton, please let us know your phone number and we will post it on the website so that people can call you when they have a question. Lets talk about passing the baton, how about we start from posting your phone number on the website, lets see how you take that challenge. No one is paid to work on IV. People spend time on this effort out of their good-will and passion for the cause. So please be respectful towards others for their efforts. And please stop being a pain in the neck and talk some sense if you are serious about picking up the baton. Email us your phone number and you will see it on the website within an hour.

    Now its time for you to go to all the forums of the world and say that IV Admin is rude and dictatorial or whatever.

    All the best,


    2003 Mercedes Benz Cl600. 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL600 CL
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  • subba
    11-21 02:58 PM
    Because I am in the holiday mood, I was cleaning up my house.
    Decided to take all the change in the house to the coinstar machine. Am paypal-ing the resultant amount to IV.

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  • +ve
    05-13 09:19 AM
    If my wife who is an MBA finance from Mumbai, currently working as a corporate banker with one of the top 5 banks in the world comes to the US on an H4 & decides to do a CPA certification, can she work on OPT until the H1B quota opens up next year???


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  • wantgc23
    11-19 07:51 PM
    Google Order #137102237032515

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  • gcwait2k3
    07-17 09:20 PM
    Thank you guys for all your hard work


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  • gk_2000
    06-09 11:05 PM
    There is no doubt participation by all is very important. I have also emailed my regional politicians thru IV website and encourage everyone to do the same

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  • jsb
    08-26 09:06 AM
    I called uscis a couple of weeks agoand again today, I was told (by two different resp) that they go by Receipt date.

    Of course they go by receipt date, but question is what is the receipt date? Each center enters data, and places folder in sequence of when they, the Center, received the file (and decided to accept it). This date is close to ND, but may be quite different than RD on your receipt, sometimes by several months (due to noone accepting huge volumes of July/Aug07 filings, or for some reason disputing as to which center should work on the case).

    There are thousands of instances where cases were filed in July 07, but entered into the system in Sept/Oct 07. For all purposes, their RD is what you see online as "your case was received on...", which is close to ND.

    See my earlier posts in this thread. If you ask a center if they are processing cases based on RD or ND, they will always say RD, because that is true based on their defintion of RD.


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  • aeroterp
    05-22 09:13 AM
    Me too. Haven't received receipt yet.
    My lawyer applied for my visa an 23rd Apr under the masters cap. I haven't received The receipt yet. I am wondering if there is anyone on the similar lines. Please reply or is it only me with one such case. I know USCIS has said that they need till 2nd June to resolve the situation. My case is with the vermont center.

    I also have my OPT case pending there. It was filed in the first week of May. I have been told that it takes around 90 days for it but sometimes it also takes place early. Please advise.



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  • needhelp!
    09-07 10:08 PM
    We just need to make them work on our side.

    Why only 10 you tube videos when there are 23000 members in this organization?

    Why do I have to hand out flyers to complete strangers when 10000 visit the site everyday??

    AND Why only 100 votes to attend rally on THIS (, when there are over 300 active users at THIS very moment???!!!

    I think he is telling the truth. Otherwise we would have almost 100% attendance for the rally. But it does not seem like. So, i think we "so called higly educated and qualified" need to think about it.

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  • SA EB3 Retro
    08-14 10:07 AM
    Did the Checks get cashed.!!!

    Originally Posted by SA EB3 Retro
    Signature has all relevant information. I-140 was approved August 2005.

    07-07 03:10 PM
    The billing address is for the florist! They dont give it to the receiver! Yeah if Emilio really wants he can track you down (subpoena the florist etc etc..). But how many people will he track down? And what is he going to do? Sue you for sending him flowers? Of course that depends on what message you send along with the flowers :)

    thanks - :) I sent a decent message -:)
    Message sent with the flowers
    Dear Mr. Gonzalez,
    Legal skilled non-immigrants are sorry that you are having such a hard time in determining priority dates.
    All the best for future employment based visa estimates.
    Thank you for showing us the joy for a few days and then taking it away.
    - Patiently waiting !!

    09-11 08:32 PM
    I was just thinking and then this came up on me . How about sending a poster along with the letter campaign. I can contribute atleast three posters. They do not have to be full size posters ..can be just A4 size pamphlets kinds. We can just print them in color printer and send them along with the letters. These posters may make it to the press also as they will be funny and spicy for news. Actually, we can send copy of our letters to press as well along with our posters. If we make about 10 such posters, we can send one random poster along with the letter.
    Something like :
    feel free to edit and make better.

    Anybody please comment. I have done some hard work here. Do you like the idea ? should we go for it ?

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